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This month we’re celebrating the talents of Robin Adryan as our Featured Artist. You heard her this week on episode 46 of the Scrapbook Your Way podcast and members can see how our team interpreted her pages inside of issue #72 of SPARK magazine. Here’s what else is up over here:

What’s New with Me

  • I forgot my suitcase over Thanksgiving break and had some personal lightbulb moments about what I really wear. I also discovered some rad 90’s tees in my childhood closet!
  • After testing some printable pages, I ordered a Panda Planner to supplement my Trello project management. I’ll share more about this change in an upcoming podcast episode.
  • I am feeling both full of energy and stretched quite thin. I suppose that’s the name of the game this time of year. I’m trying to roll with it, alternating loads of coffee and loads of sleep.

What’s New at Simple Scrapper

  • I’ve started to redesign the website. I’m not one for massive, secretive overhauls that take ages, so you’ll see updates here and there over the next few weeks. This is my favorite kind of project for the holiday season.
  • We’re heading into 2020 with some really big plans and a lot of leaning on what we know works best. Bigger AND smaller at the same time is the name of the game for Simple Scrapper.
  • Even though we’re winding down the month and the year, we’ve got one more cool thing still in store: Holiday Photo Crush. Starting Thursday, December 12 our members will be invited to tackle December photos, create photo-focused gifts, and get ready for 2020 in this spirited online event. Join the My Simple Scrapper community.

These posts are some of the least viewed. If they are particularly helpful or interesting to you, I’d love if you left a comment to help me plan for 2020!

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  1. Natalie

    Curious about those 90s tees… and your planner plans!


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