SYW120 – My Way with Diane Dziuban

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In this episode I’m interviewing Diane Dziuban, our June featured artist, for the My Way series. Diane’s creative style served as inspiration for our current member challenge!

Diane dabbles in a range of sizes, loves Disney, and enjoys keeping her stash organized. I loved hearing about her passions, motivations, and more in the latest episode of our monthly series.

Diane Dziuban 0:01

Listen to yourself and if you're not feeling it, that's okay the stories will be there when you're ready to get back to it.

Jennifer Wilson 0:07

Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. I'm your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is Episode 120.

Jennifer Wilson 0:29

In this episode, I'm interviewing Diane Dziuban for the My Way series, My Way is all about celebrating the unique ways Memory Keepers get things done. We're excited to have Diane as the June featured artist at Simple Scrapper, her gorgeous pages served as inspiration for our current member challenge. Hey, Diane, welcome to the podcast.

Diane Dziuban 0:50

Hi, good morning. Thank you so much for having me.

Jennifer Wilson 0:53

I am looking forward to getting to know you a little bit better, but can you kick things off and just share a few things about our about yourself with our audience?

Diane Dziuban 1:03

Absolutely, I am 54 have been married 34 years. Two grown kids. They're out on their own. My daughter just recently got married. I live in South Texas between right between Austin and San Antonio. So we've got the best of both worlds with those big cities. And I work full time at an elementary school. And I'm an administrative assistant there and my favorite hobby in the whole world is scrapbooking.

Jennifer Wilson 1:33

So are you in San Marcos, New Braunfels. I went to college in San Antonio.

Diane Dziuban 1:38

Nice, I'm actually Seguin out what kind of between New Braunfels and Seguin. Right there, but I work in New Braunfels. And yeah, so love it here. Love it.

Jennifer Wilson 1:49

Very cool. Yeah, no, I there's something really special about that part of Texas.

Diane Dziuban 1:55

Yes, I agree. We've only been here six years. We were in Alaska for 12 before this.

Jennifer Wilson 2:00

Oh, wow.

Diane Dziuban 2:00

Yeah. So so total change, but I'm very happy here, we love it.

Jennifer Wilson 2:06

Awesome. Okay, so what is one thing that's exciting you right now in scrapbooking, I love this conversation, because it tells you so much about a person's personality and their interest. But also, we get so many great tips.

Diane Dziuban 2:18

Yeah, there's a couple of things that I have really been excited about lately. And one is hybrid, scrap, scrapbooking. I have been teaching myself Photoshop and trying to get out there. And I don't know, it's just opened up a whole new world for me, just trying to learn that and I love it. It's just and I love seeing everybody's hybrid layouts out there. It's very cool. Another thing that it's not new, but new to me is stamping, I've always been intimidated by it. And so I've really been putting myself out there trying to practice and get better at that. So those are two things that I've just seemed to be drawn to right now that are exciting me.

Jennifer Wilson 3:01

You know, so fun to like, play with something new and develop your skills and the new technique, particularly if maybe you've been in acquisition mode of stamps and like, okay, if I'm going to buy this many stamps, I need to actually use them.

Diane Dziuban 3:13

That's like, you know me That is exactly true. I have so many I'm like, this is crazy. I gotta get using 'em. So it you know, the more you do, the better you get at it. So I love it.

Jennifer Wilson 3:24

Well, yeah, you're just definitely not alone in that camp. I hear that all the time. Because we love stamps. They're so cool. And especially today, you know, if you think back like a decade ago, there weren't as many really cool stamps.

Diane Dziuban 3:38

No, Exactly.

Jennifer Wilson 3:39

I remember going to Hobby Lobby and wanting like, really fun scripty sentiments on wood things that I could hang on my wall. Now that's the entire store.

Diane Dziuban 3:48

Yes, that is so true. That is true. And you literally can find a stamp for anything you need. It's it is it's amazing.

Jennifer Wilson 3:55

Yeah, I love how things have kind of evolved. And we sometimes complain about the fast pace of production. But that means we get really cool stuff that's on trend. And that's really accessible to what we want right now.

Diane Dziuban 4:08

And it's in it's pretty instant, like the whole, you know, COVID then everybody had, you know, the new normal and all these kind of things. It's amazing how fast it happens. So...

Jennifer Wilson 4:16

Yeah. So kind of switching gears to the storytelling side, we love to ask our guests about their Bucket List story. So a Bucket List story is a story that's maybe just a little bit bigger, a little bit deeper, a little bit more meaningful, it can be positive or negative. But it's really something that feels important to you to document so what's one story on your memory keeping Bucket List?

Diane Dziuban 4:40

I would say, as I mentioned earlier, my daughter recently got married but she got married this past October. So that's a you know, the whole COVID came into play and we were not able, they decided to go ahead and get married by the justice of the peace. So we were not able to be there. So we were on FaceTime with them through that, which is so crazy. But we are planning a wedding down the line. But you know, the whole story of how that year affected us and how we were able to celebrate, but it was different. I just don't, I'm working on how to tell that story. But that is a big one that I want to add, you know, dive deeper into and tell that story.

Jennifer Wilson 5:25

Yeah, there's, there's so many times in our lives, you know, even independent of the pandemic that were the, you had this expectation, you had a vision, maybe even a vision over years in your life and what something was gonna be like, right. And then it wasn't like that at all.

Diane Dziuban 5:39

It was completely. And, you know, they could, excuse me, they could have waited, they could have waited, and, but they were ready to get married. And it was it was a neat moment. But, you know, and it was just a deeper thing to go into with all of it, but it was it was totally different. But so amazing.

Jennifer Wilson 6:01

Yeah, yeah, I hear that a lot with like birth stories as well that, you know, you envision that it's going to go this way, one way and then it doesn't at all, but we're all good in the end.

Diane Dziuban 6:09

Yes, exactly. You plan and you plan and but you know, it's a it's a story that is very special, their their relationship and then the whole you know, it's just a special so I that is on my Bucket List to get that told.

Jennifer Wilson 6:22

Well, I can't wait to see though that page or pages or album or whatever you do with. So this is one of our My Way episodes where we get to kind of peek behind the curtain with one of our featured artists, and we're so excited to have you. Could you share a little bit about how you started scrapbooking?

Diane Dziuban 6:39

Yes, so I'm gonna show my age a little bit here. When my son was about four, I was in the grocery store. And I saw a Creating Keepsakes magazine. And I was like, oh, that looks interesting. Picked it up. And that was it. I was hooked instantly. So I, you know, I started baby books and kind of things like that. And I kind of put it to the side a little bit. My daughter was born. And I did another baby book for her and just just dabbled in, in a little bit of scrapbooking here and there. And then in 2011, I came across Project Life, and I never looked back. So I've been doing kind of the whole, everyday photo really just reached out to me, and I just love it. I kind of started in 2012 with my first Project Life and I have done one every year. And now just currently breaking into kind of deeper stories.

Jennifer Wilson 7:48

This is so interesting. I love hearing about people who really kind of go whole hog once, you feel something that clicks, you, kind of sounds like you just jump in and like you are all in.

Diane Dziuban 8:01

All in.

Jennifer Wilson 8:01

And you're going to go on this until it doesn't click anymore. And then or maybe something, maybe you didn't realize it wasn't clicking. And then you have this new thing like, oh, this is what I've been waiting for, but it sounds like you're you know, you commit.

Diane Dziuban 8:03

I commit I do. I love it. And like I said the just the everydayness of it. I I there's something about it. And I didn't realize you know how much it would mean to my kids, but they love looking back on those moments and, and I realize I would have loved to look back, you know, on some of the everyday moments and so it is truly special to me and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

Jennifer Wilson 8:43

So I'm curious your approach to Project Life since you started in 2011. How has that evolved since you you begin?

Diane Dziuban 8:51

Oh, it's totally when I first started I was really heavy on the let's see how do you say that you know just the the embellishments and I've definitely gotten, gotten way simpler with that. Just simple stories and a few embellishments. So I've definitely calmed that part down. I've changed. evolved a little bit it was all about the creativity at first and, and it still is but I want to just get those stories in there. So I've, I've simplified.

Jennifer Wilson 9:25

And so has that made it easier, faster, more fun, like how has that changed, like kind of the feeling behind it?

Diane Dziuban 9:33

It definitely easier, definitely faster. And I do have those moments where I'll kind of go a little more. And because I do enjoy that part. But it's for me, it's just I want to I enjoy getting I've worked on enjoying getting the story in there. And that was hard for me at first because journaling is is hard. So I love kind of reaching out branching out and doing that more.

Jennifer Wilson 10:04

I love, I know how you've challenged yourself. But also found that balance between feels like a juggle sometimes between balancing the the stories you want to tell and playful creativity. You know, you mentioned in the first segment about, you know, places you're dabbling and, and having fun with techniques. And that's where you can kind of get some of that creative energy out.

Diane Dziuban 10:26


Jennifer Wilson 10:26

But you also need to, you want to be productive at the same time, right?

Diane Dziuban 10:29

We want to, you know, you want to get stories in there when you're feeling that inspiration to get it down. And, and I do I do get a little more creative in December Daily, I let myself go a little bit more in that. I tend to be just in life a more, like you'll see in my scrapbooking, a lot of grids and linear. That's just kind of how I go. But I do enjoy that creative side. It's a little more intimidating to me, I guess. So I do reach out a little bit here and there and other projects.

Jennifer Wilson 11:03

You know, I feel the same way about December Daily. Like I don't use glittery anything most of the year in any aspect of my life. But, you know, I'm like, you know what, let's just go all out. Let's, let's play. Let's make it really about the product as much as it is about the story. Yeah, just for the fun of it.

Diane Dziuban 11:21


Jennifer Wilson 11:22

By January, I'm kind of I'm done. Let's make some grids.

Diane Dziuban 11:26

Absolutely. That is so me. Yes. 100%.

Jennifer Wilson 11:29

Yeah. Yes. Okay. So you mentioned kind of, you know, linear. And of course, we're talking about primarily pocket pages here. How would you describe your style?

Diane Dziuban 11:40

Just very simple. Pretty, you know, just pretty simple embellishments. You know, just linear, I guess basically, it's just clean, clean and simple is where I like to go.

Jennifer Wilson 11:55

How do you feel about color?

Diane Dziuban 11:57

Oh, I love color. Absolutely. You'll see. And in my pages I do use color. I think I probably go for color more than I do neutrals, actually. But I I absolutely have no problem using a lot of color. I love it.

Jennifer Wilson 12:11

I think that sometimes when we talk about clean and simple that and then having a brand called Simple Scrapper that definitely comes into the conversations a lot about what that really means.

Diane Dziuban 12:22


Jennifer Wilson 12:23

And a lot of your pages. Yes, I would call them that in their in their structure. And there may be a lack of too muchness, right, you definitely create kind of full pages.

Diane Dziuban 12:38

That's true. Yeah, that is true.

Jennifer Wilson 12:40

Yeah. And like some, especially with your Project Life spreads. I mean, they're full as, full of the product, and the photos as they are words too. So it's not, you know, one tiny little thing in the corner.

Diane Dziuban 12:52

Yeah, absolutely. That is true. That is true. I guess I think I see myself more simple than others. But maybe I'm not, you know, kind of maybe in the in the middle there. Found that sweet spot between the two.

Jennifer Wilson 13:07

Well, and I think there's also maybe I've talked with a lot and I had about how do I say this a couple episodes back, I had Iris Fox on the podcast. And she loves like, chunky, like felted, multiple layered embellishments. And she likes all the things. And I'm like, if it's thicker than chipboard, I'm probably not going to use it.

Diane Dziuban 13:29

It's too much. And I have a hard time just like knowing what to do with something like that. Yeah, so...

Jennifer Wilson 13:34

Yeah, it's like December Daily, sure, I'll throw some things on there. But most of the time, I'm like, I want it really like thin and streamlined and not have to worry about how it's gonna affect the the page protector and...

Diane Dziuban 13:47

And storing and getting too many albums. And yeah, that's all in my mind as I think, okay, a little bit simpler. Yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 13:55

So what's your structure for projects? Like, are you are you doing it and sitting down weekly? Or are you doing it monthly? And how is that I have been consistent over time.

Diane Dziuban 14:06

I used to do week by week, you know, I would do it weekly. And when my kids were home and had way more to tell, it's my husband and I now and so I do monthly. And I say that loosely because I do I just kind of catch up from the last time I did a Project Life really. I have no no real structure of like, oh, I gotta do this. I try to keep it within that month. But if it's one week or three weeks, I'm fine with it. I have no structure that way. And I'm, I'm finding myself now I'm trying to remind myself to take more photos. I'm kind of in a season of less photos. So my Project Life is is getting smaller. I'm condensing it, I guess so I'm challenging myself, challenging myself to get out there and get more photos but I do monthly on a loose basis.

Jennifer Wilson 15:01

Sure, no, that makes sense and I, and I love you kind of shared a freedom to switch it up. I think that keeps it interesting over time. You know, sometimes, I'm sure the products and this happens for me, they kind of inspire like, oh, I want to use this type of album this year.

Diane Dziuban 15:17

Without a doubt. Yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 15:19

Yeah. And then you're like, okay, and then that kind of guides, some of your other decisions. And the next year, you might maybe choose a different approach.

Diane Dziuban 15:27

That's right. Yeah, exactly. I started out trying 9 by 12 this year. And I just wasn't feeling it. I'm a 12 by 12 girl with Project Life. I don't know. I'm just that's where I'm at right now. So but I, I do have other size albums that I work on. But yeah, for that Project Life, I'm as far as size I stay with that. But I have no problem trying something different, switching it up a little bit. And that's the fun part.

Jennifer Wilson 15:55

We'll get to that other size in just a minute.

Diane Dziuban 15:57


Jennifer Wilson 15:57

So I'm curious, how do you stay motivated to create? Does your creativity ebb and flow? Are you feeling, are you one that's kind of consistently into it?

Diane Dziuban 16:07

No, I would say ebb and flow. I, there are times where I just I, I'll go a couple of weeks, not even coming in my scrapbook room. But for the most part. This is my relaxation, and I need to be creative. I love it. But as far as inspiration, I will kind of, you know, do the whole social media scrolling through. And usually if I start looking, I'm like, oh, I got, I got to create something, I'll get inspired by somebody that I've seen on Pinterest or Instagram. That's kind of where I get my inspiration from. But I typically try to to get in my scrap room and create something daily. So that's my goal.

Jennifer Wilson 16:54

That's awesome. I love it.

Diane Dziuban 16:55


Jennifer Wilson 16:55

And I think it's also important to kind of honor that. We are good, we're we're people, we have ups and downs. And without putting too much pressure behind it.

Diane Dziuban 17:04

Exactly. Listen to yourself. And if you're, you're not feeling it, that's okay, that the stories will be there. So you'll and you know, everything's there when you're ready to get back to it.

Jennifer Wilson 17:14

Yes, yes. So right now we are in kind of our Storytelling Journey at Simple Scrapper. Can you go a little bit deeper into how stories fit into either a process of creating a layout or how you build albums or work on your Project Life?

Diane Dziuban 17:29

So storytelling has been, that has been my number one goal this year. I am so just amazed by people that can just journal and get those stories out. And I I'm definitely reaching that way trying to get deeper stories told. As I as I've been begun doing that I've kind of created a story album. I'm much more comfortable in that story basis, and a six by eight. I don't know why that is. But it just seems more comfortable to me. And so I don't go real deep into stories in my Project Life, but I will, I have created that story album. And I'm fine, kind of almost trying to train myself, if you will, to get some stories out. It doesn't come easy for me. So I've been working on that and using product to help push those stories. And I think it's important. Like I'd said before, I would love to have an album of stories my mom had put into an album you know, so it's important to me and so I'm really trying to to get those down in in its own album.

Jennifer Wilson 18:44

I'm curious how the the time boundaries chronology of your story album compares with how you approach Project Life.

Diane Dziuban 18:54

It's just a I put whatever I'm feeling at the moment to tell that story. It goes in that album. So I don't it's not chronological in any way. It is, I do store them yearly as when I made them. But I'm I'm just getting them getting the stories in there. I'm fine with it. Just kind of just putting them in where they go.

Jennifer Wilson 19:16

Yes, yes. So yeah, last year, I started in a by 8.5 by 11 album called Stories I Told In 2020.

Diane Dziuban 19:23


Jennifer Wilson 19:23

That's the same for 2021.

Diane Dziuban 19:25

That's perfect. It does. It could be a story from when you were a child or that day and it's awesome.

Jennifer Wilson 19:32

Yeah, it gives it a lot more freedom.

Diane Dziuban 19:34

Yes, absolutely.

Jennifer Wilson 19:35

It feels really good to me.

Diane Dziuban 19:36


Jennifer Wilson 19:37

So you, cause we talked about traditional 12 by 12 Project Life. Are you using mostly Design A pockets or do you mix it up?

Diane Dziuban 19:46

I pretty much use Design A, I rarely will put another size in. So I'm pretty much a Design A girl.

Jennifer Wilson 19:55

And then for the 6 by 8 are you creating inside pocket? Are you doing any outside the pocket things?

Diane Dziuban 20:03

Both, do, I do both. That's where that hybrid comes in. And...

Jennifer Wilson 20:07


Diane Dziuban 20:07

I've been enjoying this year as a game changer for me was getting at home printer as well. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it's huge. And...

Jennifer Wilson 20:20

It is, it really is.

Diane Dziuban 20:22

And if you can do it, do it. Because when I'm feeling that inspiration, I can find that photo, get it printed, and I can just get it done. And it's just, I don't know, it's so cool. But I do enjoy doing those larger photos outside of the pocket and then putting a pocket page with it. That's kind of where I've been lately doing. So I do a little bit of both.

Jennifer Wilson 20:47

So when you do that, do you end up kind of adhering two back to back?

Diane Dziuban 20:52

I do. I'll wait till, I try to be aware. Okay, I've got this. So maybe I'll flip it, you know, on my next one, so that I can do those two back to back. But yes, I do try to adhere those and it so that it is a consistent, you know, when you're flipping through, you don't come across a blank page or something?

Jennifer Wilson 21:14

Sure. Yeah, you could do I mean, if you had to, you could use pattern paper on one side.

Diane Dziuban 21:17

Exactly, and I have done that. Yep.

Jennifer Wilson 21:20

So I'm curious. So that you mentioned that 9 by 12 didn't work for you? And I'm curious what like what are the attributes of that that really just didn't fit?

Diane Dziuban 21:29

I'm not sure, it just kind of I felt off with it. I guess because I've done so much 12 by 12 Design A I just that I questioned myself, maybe I I never feel I've done a couple and I've posted a couple on Instagram. But boy, they took me quite a while it just I don't know what it is. But it throws me off those different squares. I think I've just Design A is ingrained in me now. So that is another challenge I've given myself is you know, to try to work on those 9 by 12. Just because I love that size, smaller albums to store, it's you know, so it's, it's definitely throwing me off though.

Jennifer Wilson 22:15

In the beginning, there was a lot of, with the Design A that it was one photo and one card as a pair.

Diane Dziuban 22:22


Jennifer Wilson 22:23

But that doesn't, I don't think that's how you typically do it. Is it?

Diane Dziuban 22:27

No, not at all. I don't even I don't think that way. No, I will do I'm really funny about I'll do four 3 by 4s and four cards. But those cards will tell, it could tell any story. Maybe I don't even have a picture, you know, a photo for that card. So I don't, I definitely don't do that across the middle with the card for each story.

Jennifer Wilson 22:51

So it's more of just like an overall kind of puzzle for putting together.

Diane Dziuban 22:54

Exactly. It kind of is, sort of, I do different things here and there. But I kind of stay with that same same format. It works for me.

Jennifer Wilson 23:05

All right, because I was wondering if that maybe that was part of the 9 by 12? Because there's no kind of pairs.

Diane Dziuban 23:10

That could be, yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 23:11

But but if you're not if you do if you want to kind of in that mode, then then maybe not.

Diane Dziuban 23:16

I'm not sure. I don't know if it's just the sheer just the layout. I'm questioning myself with it. I don't know, I don't know. It's a it's interesting. So I'm gonna work on that and see if i can...

Jennifer Wilson 23:29

I think one thing for you when I tried it was that I missed having more space for 4 by 6s.

Diane Dziuban 23:35

That may be it too. I love a good you know, that's that's where my basis is, is those four by six. So that's very well could be what it is.

Jennifer Wilson 23:44

Interesting. Yeah, I love kind of teasing apart the why behind why some things fit and some don't because it's really important to understand that so you can make better decisions in the future. You know, I I've struggled a lot with pocket pages, that kind of just putting them together doesn't isn't as easy for me. And so I realize I can do mini books without pockets I can do full page, whatever size layout 3 by 8, 6 by 8. You know, I have to fit it to to my style and, and you know, as you do you. So...

Diane Dziuban 24:18

Exactly. That's exactly right. And it's just amazing. I see these 9 by 12 layouts out there, and it's they're phenomenal, you know, and so but I just it's not my comfort zone, I guess. So that's, you got to find what's comfortable for you.

Jennifer Wilson 24:34

Yes, for sure. So are there any other kind of formats or sizes that you are creating in or is it just 12 by 12 and 6 by 8?

Diane Dziuban 24:42

I do have quite a few traveler's notebooks that is, has been fun for me. I haven't done much recently with that, but earlier in last year, I kind of delved into that and I really find those fun. So I've got quite a few of those started here and there. I did that Ali Edwards, the Art of Noticing. So I thought that was a really cool fun project. And that size is a lot of fun. So I kind of throw those in here and there. And then I've recently did the the Life Crafted albums those size. And I'm doing an travel album right now with that. And it's been a lot of fun. That size is really cool as well. So I'm challenging myself with that one. And I think I can see myself doing more of that size.

Jennifer Wilson 25:33

How do you, do you work on kind of one thing at a time? How often do you switch to different different projects?

Diane Dziuban 25:40

I switch pretty often. I kind of joked about that on Instagram one time. On any given day, I go with what is inspiring me. And I've got quite a few started and going like a couple of travel albums. And of course, I've got my Project Life. And so I will definitely jump around and do what kind of I'm feeling that day because I kind of go, if I've got the inspiration to do it, I want to get in there and get it done. So I definitely am not a start to finish girl. I wish I was. I am pretty much with maybe December Daily, Week in the Life, those kinds of things. I try to get those done. But But yeah, I switch it around quite a bit.

Jennifer Wilson 26:24

I think it, well it's important to keep it fresh. And if you're somebody who, I don't want to say gets easily bored, it's not like we're really ever bored with scrapbooking. But you want something, I want to change of pace, then it's okay to have multiple things that you switch between.

Diane Dziuban 26:37

Right. And I find that if I've got new product, that'll do it too. I'll be like, oh, gotta use this, you know, so I'll find something to make, you know, do with that product, if it's inspiring me so that sometimes that'll happen, you know, like, oh, well, I'll switch from this. And let's play with this product for a little bit.

Jennifer Wilson 26:57

So what kind of products do you love and are really inspiring to you?

Diane Dziuban 27:01

I'm pretty much I would say I do the kits, I'll get, you know, subscribe to kits. And I'd like to stay in that format. It's easier for me I like that they're all you know, coordinating. So it's, it's definitely those monthly kits I get, I don't I don't purchase a whole lot outside of that. I do, I can go down a rabbit hole with the pretty 12 by 12 scrapbook paper. So I kind of try to limit myself to that. But most the time I'm working with some kit that I've gotten.

Jennifer Wilson 27:40

All right, so we have to know like, what are your favorite kits that you subscribe to?

Diane Dziuban 27:43

I subscribe to Ali Edwards, her Story Kit and her Stories By The Month. And I also get an Elle's Studio kit.

Jennifer Wilson 27:51

Awesome. And do you tend to combine those products together? Or do you kind of create with them separately?

Diane Dziuban 27:58

I typically, separate, they, but I have used them on the same layout. I don't have a problem doing that. But for me, I, I it's easier for me to do just that one kit. So I typically will do just that kit, but I have mixed them.

Jennifer Wilson 28:19

So if we sit down and we're to kind of watch you make a Project Life spread, what does that process look like?

Diane Dziuban 28:28

For me, it's it's definitely the photos first. So I'll spend my time printing those out figuring how they go. So I'm pretty typical of what you would think. You know, I print out my photos, I will get my kit that I'm working on. Now and I say kit but once I also have my stash, you know of previous kits. If it's not, if that kit's not working, I'll pull that out. I do my I'll get my cards in place. I'll get my story told. And then I embellish at the end. Sometimes I'll go in like, oh, I know, kind of where I want to go embellishment wise, first, but that's usually not the case. But I do want to get that story told first. That way, that if I don't get back to embellish it, I've got the important things in there.

Jennifer Wilson 29:24

Oh, I love that that tip. Because you know, a lot of pocket pages or even layouts for that matter. You know, you can consider them done without extras.

Diane Dziuban 29:34


Jennifer Wilson 29:36

Those extras are fun but they could still be done without them.

Diane Dziuban 29:38

Exactly. And if you never got back to it, and your kids and grandkids one day, they don't care. They're loved reading those words. So you know the embellishment is fun and it's awesome. But if you never got back to do that, it's okay. And it would be you've got those important details.

Jennifer Wilson 29:56

Yeah, and on the same note, sometimes it is the embellishment as you said they kind of inspires the direction of a page.

Diane Dziuban 30:02

100%. So it's cool how that happens. And, you know, and it's just there's no, no rules for it. Yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 30:12

I love how we've, we've trained ourselves. But the emphasis on story and the exploration of story that we've kind of been doing as a community, has helped us kind of view products in a different way and see how we can lean on photos, on products, on our memories, to find and craft that story. And there's no right or wrong starting point, it's whatever is inspiring you.

Diane Dziuban 30:41

Absolutely. And, and as far as the story, like, you're, you were saying, to me, I'm finding it so amazing, after all these years of scrapbooking and memory keeping, I'm seeing a photograph in a different way, because of the product. You know, say a cup of coffee, you know, before it's just a cup of coffee. And and I'm learning that, you know, what are my mornings like, like, what can that picture, how can I go deeper with that story? And I've just been learning that over this last couple of years, just how much a story of one photo can hold way beyond what you're seeing. And so I've really been, and that product has, you know, sometimes you'll see a product that'll just make you go deeper with that photo. And I think that is so cool. So amazing.

Jennifer Wilson 31:36

Yes, for sure. All right, kind of shifting gears here to organization. We want to hear about all your solutions. So how let's just start with how do you keep your photos managed.

Diane Dziuban 31:49

Basically, everything's on my computer, pretty basic setup, as well, as far as I've got year, and then month folders, and then I put those in, I will make separate folders for within that month of vacations. Just the easiest way that when I'm inspired, I know exactly where to find it. But I'm pretty, I don't, I don't have photos outside of my computer, really. So it's all kind of organized there. I'm slowly starting to learn Lightroom and bringing my photos in there and learning all of that, but I have, I'm not not there yet with that. So I have a pretty basic, but I am very, I find it very important to make sure you get those in those folders right away so it doesn't build up and get overwhelming. So I definitely keep them in those folders. And it's made it pretty easy for me.

Jennifer Wilson 32:50

Yes. And are you taking most of your pictures with your phone these days, most with a camera?

Diane Dziuban 32:55

100% with my phone. I do have my big camera and but I rarely pull it out. So right now it's all my phone.

Jennifer Wilson 33:06

It's, It's so interesting to kind of see how our big cameras have maybe been starting to neglected over the past few years.

Diane Dziuban 33:14

I know and I, I am, I love photography. I love it so much. And I worked, oh you know hard on learning my my big camera and I love that. But man, it's just it's hard to pull it out. And when you've got your phone that does amazing pictures right there. You know, so mine is definitely collecting dust.

Jennifer Wilson 33:36

Yeah, and it really I mean, it really does take amazing pictures. I mean, we've talked in a recent episode about how you know the new phones have 8k video and like I don't think I have any devices that could display 8k video, but oh yeah, yeah,

Diane Dziuban 33:52

It's phenomenal, it really is. It's just amazing. I love it. Yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 33:57

All right, so what about your supplies? How you know if you're a if you're a pocket page scrapbooker you have lots of cards from over time right? How do you keep those all managed? Do you keep your kits together? Do you break them up?

Diane Dziuban 34:11

I keep them together for that month or two and then I have no problem breaking them up that's you know, I'll put them I've got my IKEA storage boxes for my my cards and my embellishments. Which I'm I'm trying to decide if if we're going to do what Ali did and break up her chipboard, that that is a lot for me. I don't know I just think I'm like wow, could I do that but right now I have them all just kind of in a in a little box stored there and I have no problem mixing them. I do, I'll start instantly if I have a kit and there's just a card that I know I'll never use. I have a little stack that, of giveaway to so that it's not going in My stash and taking up room. If I know I'm never going to use this card, I'll kind of separate it at that time. And for a tip, my biggest tip is use your product don't hold on to it, because you, you know, like, oh, I love this, I'm holding it for that special thing, use it because something else special is going to be coming. So I tried to just, you know, use it, don't hold it. And I keep pretty minimal. You know, I try to use my product up as quick as I can.

Jennifer Wilson 35:30

Yeah, I remember that I was I kind of hoarded a few really special cards that had rounded corners, and then now we're in this phase. We're not rounding corners anymore. And I'm like oh shot, I should have used those very special cards.

Diane Dziuban 35:42

Yeah, there's always you're gonna, there's always gonna be something that we're like, oh, you know, you want to hold on to but it you know, use it, use that product. So that was that would be my biggest tip because I try to not hold on to a lot. And I do typically go through my product pretty often. Because your tastes change, things change. You know, so I try to keep it pretty streamlined.

Jennifer Wilson 36:10

Yeah, well I love it, I love the tip about letting go of cards, you know, you'll never use because I think sometimes it's like, well, it's one card. It's not taking up that much space.

Diane Dziuban 36:20

It goes with the kit. We got to keep it together. But no, you know, you're not going to use it. Just yeah, move it and it's not taking up that space. It's, you know, you're not every time going through and go oh, yeah, no, I don't want that. You know, it's just not taking up that space.

Jennifer Wilson 36:34

Yeah, because it's gonna take time for you to reject it every time. You are flipping through things.

Diane Dziuban 36:38


Jennifer Wilson 36:39

So it's important.

Diane Dziuban 36:40

Yes, it's a little things. But that adds up over time, you know? So you know, your product that you've got right there, you're, you're ready to use whatever is there.

Jennifer Wilson 36:49

What about your ideas? Do you do anything to kind of keep track of layout ideas, storytelling ideas, you know, things that you've gathered from over time,

Diane Dziuban 36:59

I do have a notebook. You know, I've gone through several notebooks, but I do I will write down ideas as I think of it, or sketch. I'm not a big sketcher I kind of just wing it when I start to do maybe a 12 by 12 layout or something. I wish I can sketch it out. But I do just basically just a notebook has worked for me, training myself to go back and look at said notebook. You know.

Jennifer Wilson 37:30

That's sometimes harder?.

Diane Dziuban 37:31

Yes, I can write all day long. But if I don't go back and check it, you know, it's wasted time. But I do I try to make myself look and go oh, yeah, but I did want to tell that story. And but I'm not a big pre-planner in a lot of ways I'm learning as I get my kits, just from watching others trying to get the right, those ideas right then. But that comes hard to me for some reason. So I but I do try to keep things written, written down. And I'll try to take a look at it pretty often to keep it fresh in my mind.

Jennifer Wilson 38:08

Oh, for sure. Yeah. And I think it's it, there's a balance there. Because some of the best ideas you have, or not that you have, that you acquire, they stick with you, when you take a class, some of those ideas kind of get ingrained within you and you don't know exactly where it's gonna come out there. There's a, there's a value in the consumption that we do. That doesn't necessarily have to be kind of recorded for a checkbox later.

Diane Dziuban 38:32

Right. It's, it's like you said, it's in you. That's something you're like, oh, this feels good. This feels that I like this technique. And then you just do it more and more. And then it's just there. You don't have to record it, like you said.

Jennifer Wilson 38:45

So I'm looking at an Instagram photo from January of this year. And I will include the link specifically to this photo in in the show notes for the episode. And it's just you know, it gives a good picture of your space with you have a what I assume is an IKEA Kallax or Expedit.

Diane Dziuban 39:01

That's it, yes.

Jennifer Wilson 39:02

And so can you talk a little bit about how you've kind of, you know, you seem to have a nice balance between here's my stuff, but also this is attractive to look at.

Diane Dziuban 39:12

Right. Well I that's, that's important to me, I want to not feel overwhelmed when I come into my space. I want it to be comfortable and feel creative. So you know, I've got I'm definitely a container I've got things contained, to keep it neat and orderly looking. And I try, if it doesn't, if I'm getting full and those little storage containers, then I start weeding it out and getting rid of what I'm not using. So I try to keep it very basic. And I've got a couple, I've got another storage that the Kallax unit to my right with all my printers on it and my paper and so I try to keep neat orderly work right at my fingertips. But I do like to add a little bit of things I'm loving. And, you know, I'm a huge Disney fan. So you'll see Disney all in my room here.

Jennifer Wilson 40:08

I'm noticing a lot of Disney here,

Diane Dziuban 40:10

You'll see that a lot of my scrapbooking. But so I I kind of melded both, both worlds there. But yeah, I try to keep it limited to that, that storage shelf and keep myself pretty limited.

Jennifer Wilson 40:26

So I'm curious kind of going a little bit more into that the Disney side of your creativity? Do you just do say you're taking a trip in the next few weeks? You know, would that go into your Project Life? Would you do a separate project for it?

Diane Dziuban 40:40

I tend to do separate projects for that. I might put one or two in my weekly, but for some reason I like to keep those separate. And that's that 9 by 12. I mentioned I started this year doing a past trip. And it's been slow. But I do keep keep them separate. Just it's just a way my mind works. It's just easier for me. And I like to be able to look back on a certain trip and there. It's all right there.

Jennifer Wilson 41:11

But you would still be using pocket pages for that?

Diane Dziuban 41:13

I do. I still, yeah, I do. It's just my comfort zone. I do some when I first started doing my Disney trips, I've got a lot of 12 by 12 layouts. But then my albums were a lot bigger because you're using less photos. So I like to get more photos in because I take a lot of pictures on our trip, a lot. So it's easier to get more in with the pocket pages to me.

Jennifer Wilson 41:42

Yeah, because you have I mean, some that are 3 by 4. And yeah, there's just it it is a great way of getting more photos into your albums.

Diane Dziuban 41:50


Jennifer Wilson 41:51

Are there any particular products that you've kind of leaned towards over the years for supporting your Disney stories?

Diane Dziuban 41:57

I'm not really, not a particular I kind of just use what I have on hand and make it work. I I do you have some, you know, Disney punches, kind of to use along the way to support. But I keep it pretty minimal. And I use kind of what I have just the colors. I just use what I've got on hand.

Jennifer Wilson 42:21

I was thinking that maybe the Elle's Studio would lean very Disney focus maybe a little than muted colors.

Diane Dziuban 42:27

Lot brighter colors.

Jennifer Wilson 42:28

Than Ali's stuff.

Diane Dziuban 42:29

Yeah, absolutely. You're very right there, I will kind of pull those cards. Definitely more than I would go with an Ali card, for sure.

Jennifer Wilson 42:40

And then kind of going away from Disney here. But one thing that I'm also noticing in your space is that you have many different colors of albums.

Diane Dziuban 42:49


Jennifer Wilson 42:49

And is this you know, you were in a blue phase for a while and then you went into a black and white phase? Or is there a significance to the colors?

Diane Dziuban 42:57

When I first started, I there's some aqua blue that all my daughter's younger years are in. And I kind of at the time went with what their favorite color was. Though. I've got some orange that are my son's. And but as of late, if you'll look. Well, I say that, but I just chose a butter yellow for this year's Project Life. I just like color. So I have no problem.

Jennifer Wilson 43:24


Diane Dziuban 43:25

I have quite a few black and white. But I kind of go for color with my albums. I think it's fun and pretty.

Jennifer Wilson 43:30

Yeah. Well, I love it. And it's even if you were to maybe say I only do black, I think that I would struggle personally with will eventually the style is going to change. So it's not really going to be exactly the same. So we might as well just pick the color and make it fun.

Diane Dziuban 43:30

Yes. Just go with it. Now, I would say if if my albums were stored in our living area, I might go a little more neutral, obviously. But part of my scrap space has always been, they've always been in the room I work in. And I just like the color. I think it inspires, you know, so...

Jennifer Wilson 44:08

Oh, for sure.

Diane Dziuban 44:08

Yeah. So I think I just kind of go with what I'm feeling.

Jennifer Wilson 44:13

I'm curious if, are you as tidy elsewhere as you are in your creative space? Because I find this varies among people.

Diane Dziuban 44:20

I am and that goes back to that linear mind and that everything has its place, you know, so I feel like I am across the board. That's just kind of my personality.

Jennifer Wilson 44:31

Oh, for sure. Yeah. And you know, there's something about even with the 12 by 12 pages because you know, those albums are hefty. But something about the pocket page cards, the supplies are fundamentally you know, smaller, more petite, maybe a little bit more manageable sometimes then...

Diane Dziuban 44:47

Right, you can store quite a few cards in in just a little bit. You don't realize, but you're right. There, there is a lot less space than maybe some other products would be I tend to not use a lot of bulky. I do have like wood veneer and I have some things like that stored, but I rarely pull them out. I just kind of, the bulk part, I'm, I just don't do so it's easier to store those those kits, you know, just it's a little more streamlined.

Jennifer Wilson 45:21

Yeah. Yeah. All right, so I'm curious, what is your biggest lesson learn from your memory keeping experience so far?

Diane Dziuban 45:29

I would have to say that to me that I've learned just how important it is. You go through and you do these pages, and you write these things down. And I've been doing it for years. Just recently, my daughter has, you know, I want, can you show me this picture? I have a funny, just how important it is to them. And I didn't even realize just how much it means to them. But she was telling a story to her husband as she drew a picture when she was eight years old, and at school, and it said, my parents tell me I'm a princess or think I'm a princess or something along those lines. It was hilarious. And she was telling her husband about it. And that, you know, can I see that picture? Can I see that note? And still, she's 21 years old. And it's so important. And if you're just in the daily like doing it, you don't realize. But it does mean something. And it's it's important, and I just realize how important that is to get those stories down.

Jennifer Wilson 46:36

Well, this has been so fun to get to know you better. Can you share where we can find you online and anything you have new or interesting coming up?

Diane Dziuban 46:44

Sure I'm @snapshotsdocumented on Instagram. And coming up, I'm hoping to start maybe trying to do a little bit of videoing. That's kind of coming up. I've got a couple of exciting things in the next couple of months, design wise. And basically I'm just plugging along and getting those stories told and hoping to try to get maybe some videos of my albums out there.

Jennifer Wilson 47:16

Awesome. I can't wait to see that. And we'll include all your links in the show notes. And if you know you may be releasing videos before this episode goes live, we will include that as well.

Diane Dziuban 47:25

Awesome. Well, thank you.

Jennifer Wilson 47:27

Yes, this has this has been so fun. Thank you for your time. And to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to Scrapbook Your Way. If you like the podcast, you'll love being a member. When you join you'll get access to weekly Zoom crops, bimonthly retreats, and a huge content library. You can head over to /membership to learn more and join our creative community.

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