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Amy Zwart is pure sunshine, often the first to cheer on Simple Scrapper members with a high five, genuine compliment, or thoughtful question. It was a no-brainer to ask her to officially join our team this year as the Community Manager. In this episode you’ll get to meet Amy and hear her perspectives on memory keeping and memory making.

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Amy Zwart 0:00

I like to scrapbook at night so then when I go to bed my head is still filled with other thoughts like it's almost too exciting. i'm like ok, calm down.

Jennifer Wilson 0:10

Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a Memory Keeper today. I'm your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is episode 173. In this episode, I'm joined by Amy Zwart, our new Simple Scrapper community manager. We chat about Amy's experiences in scrapbooking past and present in the style of our My Way interviews.

Jennifer Wilson 0:38

Hey, Amy, welcome to Scrapbook Your Way.

Amy Zwart 0:40

Hi, Jennifer.

Jennifer Wilson 0:41

I am so looking forward to this conversation, because you are our new community manager inside the membership. And you are a longtime member yourself. Very active, very supportive, and I just can't wait for you to bring even more of that enthusiasm to our community. Um, can you start by sharing a little bit about yourself?

Amy Zwart 1:04

Sure. Thanks for having me today, first of all, and so I'm Amy Zwart, and I was born and raised in Minnesota. So we're just coming out of the long, the long winter, of course. I've been married to my husband for almost 23 years now. So that's Jeremy. And then we have two kids are son Trevor is 14 and Jenna's eight, or daughter. And then we also have a pandemic puppy as we still call him, even though he's two years old now. That's our Beagle. So he's added great entertainment.

Jennifer Wilson 1:37

Oh, yeah, I am sure. Maybe he'll make an appearance today on the show.

Amy Zwart 1:44

You never know. Yes.

Jennifer Wilson 1:47

So I really wanted to do this my way episode with you, so that our larger listening community can get to know you a little bit better. But first, I'm curious what is exciting you right now in memory keeping?

Amy Zwart 2:01

Well, it's definitely not something new to other people. But right now I'm really excited about the sketches in Simple Scrapper. I'm working on this long term like Hawaii album. And I've pulled out so many different sketches for different stories and got the photos printed and all the things put together. So I've kind of made like little page kits from it. I think the first reality for me was realizing that it's not a all four by six photos, and you can't just cut them. So it's been a bit of a process. But it's definitely been invigorating, I would say.

Jennifer Wilson 2:38

Yeah, no, it's awesome to see you getting excited about the library and using it. We have well more than 600 sketches and layered templates. Now sometimes it blows my mind how many and how long we've been creating these. But yeah, it's cool to see that you're excited about that. And you know, you have been for a little while now.

Amy Zwart 2:56

Having them all come together that you know that you can search in full different ones. And they're all different. So it's been fun.

Jennifer Wilson 3:03

So we also like to ask our guests about their memory keeping Bucket List. So what is one story that you've not yet told, but feels really important to do?

Amy Zwart 3:12

So I think what's interesting about my scrapbooking is so much of it is project based. And so I feel like some stories get kind of lost or just aren't done yet because of that. And so I just thought, Well, let's think about a recent one. And for me, it was kind of this post pandemic, things that are changing, and when we got to return to going to a theater show. So we ended up seeing Frozen, and it was tickets that I gave my family for Valentine's Day of 2020 and then we got to go in October of 2021. So it was a long time coming to go see Elsa, but it was really fun. And it just made me realize like how much you know, we've done that. And you know, the memories we created by doing that and how good it felt to be back. And you know, there's like the tie in with like how things were so bad in New York. And now these are traveling theater people coming. And then who knows, it could turn into documenting other shows we've seen or different memories from shows maybe but...

Jennifer Wilson 4:24

But yeah, I like that connection to just our pandemic experience and thinking about the things that we missed, and maybe even the things that we didn't miss. But I know we're all kind of feeling rejuvenated by getting back out there and being around people again. Even introverts like me are like yay, like, I actually get to do things and go out there and feel just comfortable again, so...

Amy Zwart 4:48

Right, right, definitely. So different kinds of feel and just the excitement of it again, old things being new, I guess.

Jennifer Wilson 4:57

So in this My Way episode we're really just diving into your history in the hobby, the things that you're loving now, kind of everything about you as a Memory Keeper. So can you tell us how you started scrapbooking and how your hobby has changed?

Amy Zwart 5:11

Sure, when I look back, I think was basically my wedding that started it, but not how most people who would say their wedding because I knew we were gonna have a photographer and get, you know, photos that way. But I had this whole, like, nostalgic, you know, binder and I want to call it, of like all the plans and all the samples and different things. And I was like, I don't really want to throw this away. So I basically turned it into, you know, kind of a rough scrapbook, I would say so I could save this like planning binder I had. And then I think just the timing of being newly married and having, you know, time to do some other things. And Stampin Up is probably what got me first, you know, making cards and kind of doing crafty things. And then here Archivers was a big thing. We would get groups of friends to go, you know, we had our our Friday night kind of set up. You know, once a month and, you know, did that which also kind of coincided with doing some like, scrapbook, you know, crop weekends. You know, my sister and I are probably the two main, you know, that started or went back to the beginning and have had different friends join us through the years. But we started by going to this, like kids camp where it was like, you know, 150 women or something for a long weekend. And, you know, just once a year, but then that turned into, you know, a smaller group of, you know, 12, to 16 going to like, these houses that you could rent just for scrapbooking weekends and kind of its own little, little niche market, I guess. And I think the beginning was that and you know, I had space at home to scrapbook. But I don't really know that I used it. Like, if I was going to scrapbook it was like my stuff was all over the living room floor is like organized photos and, you know, planned pages. I had the what is it, Creative Memories like planner box, if anyone is familiar with that. And I would fill that thing up. And so I really started with chronological scrapbooking, you know, just events and different activities. We did build our house. So we, I documented like the construction of it. I took a lot of photos of that. So that was one of my earlier projects. And then 12 by 12 Travel projects, you know, it was kind of that really are things that I did. So that's changed into I have a scrapbook room that's actually functional. And I use it frequently, you know, especially with Simple Scrapper crops and you know, different times that I just kind of dedicate to go up there. And up there, meaning just It's upstairs. And then I've also, like I mentioned earlier, I do a lot more project based. I think I struggled with just layouts in the beginning because it was like this nonstop thing like you were never done. Nothing was ever finished.

Jennifer Wilson 8:23

Yes. For Sure.

Amy Zwart 8:24

So I turned, yeah, I turned more to projects. And then by the time I had my first son, I was super overwhelmed with how this chronological thing was gonna go in this whole big baby album thing. And, you know, I thought I was so prepared. And I did all these pages ahead like from showers. And there's a really cool like, family tree page, I did things because I was so proactive. And then it's just like, it's still not done. I don't know how you can stay on top of it. So the overwhelm with that was happening right when Project Life started. And so I have like the first edition of that and switch to pocket pages. And I've done it ever since then, although by no means are they all done. They're not completed annual albums, but there's a place for things and kind of a home for them. So then Project Life and then adding in different other projects like December Daily and Week In The Life as again, kind of these one off projects that could be finished. Kind of gave me a mix. But I really noticed that I missed just 12 by 12 layouts for the sake of 12 by 12 layouts. So...

Jennifer Wilson 9:42

For sure.

Amy Zwart 9:45

So the big travel album that I'm working on has been really fun to be back into it and then thinking about how can I do more Bucket List Stories and where do I put those and what does that look like? You know it's not a it's maybe not a project, but maybe it could be a project kind of put together.

Jennifer Wilson 10:04

I love how your journey has been kind of just just the kind of a very traditional journey you said you got married 23 years ago. So you've been in this for a while you've seen things come and go, you've seen Archivers go away. I'm curious, do you still like, have relationships with those women that you scrapbook with way back in the day?

Amy Zwart 10:25

Yes. And actually, you know, when I was thinking about this past, you know, one thing we kind of forget is that some of my closest friends we met because of those scrapbook weekends. Llike, you know, different groups get put together or different things. Ironically, a lot of them no longer scrapbook, but we can still get together and they work on other things, you know, so we still do have our two weekends. Yeah, we have two weekends a year that, you know, we go away and make sure to do that. Like I said, I still scrapbook. But other people, you know, may or may not. So, yeah, that's been a huge part of it. The social side, right?

Jennifer Wilson 11:07

Yes, yes, yes. And hopefully you get some of that with Simple Scrapper as well. It's a nice balance between, you know, creating from home and being able to still go out and have that in person experience.

Amy Zwart 11:19

Absolutely. And I think because my friends no longer scrapbook or not in the same capacity, I would say, I think that was the other like, fill in that Simple Scrapper and the whole community has done for me. And, you know, the timing with the pandemic is definitely related, you know, so I definitely stepped into a lot more crops and engagement, I would say during that. But it was happening for me before the pandemic too, because my friends were no longer, they didn't want to hear about new products and Ali Edwards this, you know...

Jennifer Wilson 11:55


Amy Zwart 11:55

Where things are at, because they weren't in it anymore. Right.

Jennifer Wilson 11:58

So you mentioned you're still doing Project Life and then you also do Week In The Life and December Daily. Are those then plus your your Hawaii album that you're working on? Does that really encompass the sizes and formats that you work in? What are those smaller size albums?

Amy Zwart 12:13

Yeah, so I would say you know, like, right now this travel travel album is a 12 by 12. But some of my other travel albums have been six by eight. And that's what December Daily and Week In The Life have been for me. I do some school albums that are 12 by 12. But maybe not as traditional layouts are just kind of a kid and there's a lot of like sample artwork and things that go in that. But those are the two main sizes I have. I'm not afraid to do like a little mini album if it fits or something like I did a small three by eight travel album that I finished, I think in January. And that was fun. It was you know, a unique size. But the photos worked for that trip versus, you know, I need the real estate of the 12 by 12 for beautiful Hawaii photos I have. So...

Jennifer Wilson 12:23

That's a great point is sometimes really the the types and the orientations and just the overall kind of quality of the photos you have may impact your final choice.

Amy Zwart 13:13


Jennifer Wilson 13:13

So I think you've already hinted at this, but whose products are you completely obsessed with?

Amy Zwart 13:18

Yeah, just based on the projects I do, you can tell him and Ali Edwards fan. And, you know, Project Life from back in the day. I'm kind of switching up instead of using like a core kit for this year, I'm going to use the Stories By The Month kit from Ali but haven't even started this year's Project Life. That's coming soon, hopefully, but otherwise, I was I was kind of laughing about this question because I'm the type of person that I'm kind of not brand specific beyond Ali right now. And I can, I can fill a cart with a whole variety of things. And you know, like, I sometimes kind of look at you know, just starting with some of the papers that are appealing to me and adding some of the coordinating kit pieces. Or sometimes I'm out there looking for a specific theme. Like I have some kind of idea that I'm trying to capture and so I might order some specific things that way.

Jennifer Wilson 14:18

So I haven't started my Project Life album yet either. And so I'm doing mine again in a photo book. But I have like a few pages set up maybe like one story documented, but really I am, I am similarly kind of behind and ready to jump in and kind of get caught up for the first part of the year. So we're in that boat together right now.

Amy Zwart 14:41

Good that always makes me feel better. And you know we had a we had an interesting discussion at a recent crop because I said I have my 2021 album like almost done. I you know we're at a good place as far as photos where I have have to kind of decide the whole December Daily versus Project Life what how to handle December in that album. But some of the women on the craft were encouraging me that I sounded excited about the 2022 album with the Stories By The Month kid and things and said, maybe you don't need to finish that first. And so I kind of left that thinking like, Ooh, I'm torn. Do I need to finish it? Like, that was kind of important to me? Are they different enough that they could be two separate projects, I haven't worked that out yet and figured out my my next plans, but it was good food for thought.

Jennifer Wilson 15:33

I like to choose something exciting to get the momentum going. And then when I'm ready to pause or take a break on that use that momentum to go back to something that maybe is more important,

Amy Zwart 15:47

Ooh, I like that approach. It's definitely a great way to...

Jennifer Wilson 15:51

So that might be a strategy.

Amy Zwart 15:52

Yeah, the momentum builder that, you know, but it's key, right? You need the momentum to do some of the things that aren't as interesting, maybe, or as exciting. But I also sometimes need a break from that exciting thing. Like, I can't describe it. But I think sometimes it's either like too much, or I got so many thoughts going on, you know, I'm the type that I like to, you know, scrapbook at night. So then when I go to bed, my head is still filled with other thoughts. Like it's almost too exciting, i'm like ok, calm down.

Jennifer Wilson 16:30

That's not a bad problem to have.

Amy Zwart 16:32

Right, right.

Jennifer Wilson 16:34

So thinking about the projects that you work on, and the pages that you make, is there something that you've noticed that you tend to use or do on most of your pages?

Amy Zwart 16:45

Um, I would say originally, I always started with four by six photos. So I think that's been kind of a switch up lately. But I definitely like a lot of photos. I rarely have the story that just goes with, you know, one photo. But I'm kind of working on that, because I like that sometimes too. See what else do I do? I like pattern paper is often a starting point for me.

Jennifer Wilson 17:15

Well that's okay, if you don't have more. It's I mean, sounds like you like a lot of variety.

Amy Zwart 17:19

Yeah, and I, I think stickers are probably a key element. For me, that's maybe one of like, go to things for my titles or, you know, adding...

Jennifer Wilson 17:29

Oh, for sure.

Amy Zwart 17:29

Text on the pages. But I don't know that I have a defined style enough. Sometimes that pulls me one way or the other.

Jennifer Wilson 17:37

For sure. I think we're all a little bit different in that regard. And I'm also always evolving over time. I feel like I kind of evolve with the trends. I just kind of go with the flow, there's always, I can always find something that I like. And so I'm just kind of letting what's available guide me.

Amy Zwart 17:53

Yeah, I like that. And, and I think I have enough of a stash that if the trend is gone, I usually still have some of it if that's, you know, what I did when I though of for that page, or what I wanted to put together.That I do kind of pull products for a page, you know, either like I said, I'm either ordering directly for that, or, you know, going through my stash. So I think that looks different kind of for every page. It's like well, what, what prompted me you know, for that idea or what? What came to mind for that page?

Jennifer Wilson 18:25

So when do you typically find the time and energy for scrapbooking? Is it during the day in the evening, you know, all the time?

Amy Zwart 18:33

I'm definitely a night owl and so I would say most of the times it's at night I think I like not being interrupted. But yeah, my household that seems to be the time that that works. Still not always a guarantee but but I am home with my kids at school. So I do have some time in the day. So Project Life kind of happens at my kitchen table. No one else is around.

Jennifer Wilson 19:02

Do you find yourself always staying motivated? Or do you have to kind of use some strategies to like really get re energized?

Amy Zwart 19:10

Like I definitely need to be reenergized. I if I get out of the, if I get out of the flow, it is sometimes hard for me to get back in. So again, this is where Simple Scrapper has really helped because I host a couple of crops in the week. And there are a lot of times when I'm like, Oh, I have that tonight. Like, do I have the energy for that or whatever? I do a Tuesday night one. But I'm always so happy that I go, I always enjoy it. I always get something done. You know, maybe it's not what I first thought or what I had planned but no depends who's on the call or what we're what we're doing it so it's always been productive that way. And then those things kind of motivate me after too. That now I have this setup, or I know what the next thing is to do. So I, you know, try to get back to it. I wish I did more scrapbooking in the day, like in my craft room. And so I'm trying to find, trying to find a way to work that into my my schedule and make it more of a thing. And I've recognized too, that I'm almost like a little bit too tied to the crops and the times that I need to find my own, you know, just have music on and just do the things in there that I want to do. And, you know, not worry about my dog getting into things or whatever. So yeah, I definitely still need that, that motivation or that spark and I'm, I'm aware of it, I guess and trying to figure out how I want to change it or, or add something. You know, like I mentioned those kind of one off stories, I don't really have a time that I dedicate to doing something like that. So I put them on my list, like I want to do these. But if I don't schedule it or kind of make a plan, then those tend to stay on my list like, oh, yeah, When's that going to magically appear?

Jennifer Wilson 21:12

I think that is something that we all face. And it's like, almost like going to the gym, if you have an appointment with a personal trainer, you're going to show up because they're going to charge you whether you show up or not. So when you're hosting a crop, it's kind of like the same thing. People are relying on you to be there. And so even if you're not really into it, you you show up and you get something done regardless.

Amy Zwart 21:37

Absolutely, yes. So unless my dog can hold me more accountable in the day, I need that outer accountability to to make that happen. You know, some of it is scheduling other things around it, you know, and making sure that you leave that open space, if that's what you what you wanted, you know, to kind of pick your day or time and go with it.

Jennifer Wilson 22:00

Or even like stacking things together.

Amy Zwart 22:03

Ooh, yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 22:04

Because there's something in your week where you can say before or after this, I'm going to work on just creating layout.

Amy Zwart 22:14

True. Yeah, that's a good one for me to watch for...

Jennifer Wilson 22:17

Because we all have kind of for some regular things that are outside of scrapbooking on our calendars. So can you pair something scrapbooking with one of those things as a trigger, to do that next.

Amy Zwart 22:30

So yeah, it is, yeah, that's a great one.

Jennifer Wilson 22:34

So we're gonna go a little bit more here in it to wherever your overall experiences and what has worked well for you. But I'm curious, is there something that well, there's a supply, a technique, a size, or format that you've decided is just not for you?

Amy Zwart 22:49

You know, I love the rage and what people are doing with traveler's notebooks. But for me, so far, the, the size and the restriction of not like being able to rearrange it, is kind of made that not not an option for me, or not an enjoyable option, I should say. And then I'm also going to say, what I'm going to call extreme mixed media where people are, you know, making their own backgrounds and things. Like I love the look of it, I like to see it, but I've never had a desire to like, do that, like or, you know, the art journaling side of it. Like and I don't really know why, like I'm, I'm the mom with the crafty daughter that likes to do all the glittery paint and, you know, all the things and we've always had that stuff here. And, you know, I'm not afraid to add like a Stickles kind of thing to my page or something. But I've never, never thought that the mixed media, you know, would be my my thing. Now, that said, I do have a couple of things that I've wanted to try, you know, like, almost more like an embellishment instead of the whole page. But...

Jennifer Wilson 24:09

Well, one of my favorite things recently has been doing like mixed media backgrounds elsewhere and then scanning them and then I use them as a hybrid background. So then I print them on my cardstock often with my journaling. And then I add photos and embellishments on top of that. So it ends up being like you get that effect without it being wet and putting possibly still wet things next to your photos. So it's kind of an interesting solution that I've found to give best of both worlds.

Amy Zwart 24:40

That is yeah, that's you're getting the look and feel with without the mess side or that imperfection. You know, like if the paper warped a little or you know...

Jennifer Wilson 24:50

Yeah, and then you also mentioned how you have like, all the craft stuff in your house. Like we definitely do too and had even long before I had Emily, but sometimes I feel like I'm kind of crafty on paper, like, you would perceive me as being a super crafty person outside of scrapbooking. And I'm really, I'm not. I don't do a lot of like just random other things like for gifts or home decor. It's really just about my scrapbooking and not about those other things, even though I did it certainly when I was younger. I think we just kind of focus our energies at some point, right?

Amy Zwart 25:27

Yeah, I think I would be afraid if I had too many other hobbies. You know, but energy and the supplies and other things. So I would say that you're too I don't, I don't have a lot of other, you know, hobbies in that way. I've, you know, done a little bit of cross stitch, probably more because of the pandemic. And what are the, like, diamond dots are diamond painting? I've done that is my don't need to think just, you know, follow the pattern kind of thing and have found that oddly enjoyable. So my daughter, she has a lot of craft kits, though. So...

Jennifer Wilson 26:12

Oh, really? Yeah, no mind does too. Oh, my gosh. It's amazing how, because they're great gift ideas. I've given so many as gifts myself, but they do kind of pile up.

Amy Zwart 26:23

I always joke that, you know, someday I'm just gonna have like the whole table set up with like stations, you know, just to use up some of those kits go from one chair to another when she gets home.

Jennifer Wilson 26:36

So that's a good segue into organization because I've had to come up with like, various organization solutions for all those kits over the years. It can be related to like supplies, photos, ideas, or just like home organization. Do you have any specific like favorite tips or solutions that really work well for you?

Amy Zwart 26:52

Um, one thing that I changed up this year, and I guess is maybe just an overall thing is to organize it where you use it. And I have kind of a flashback when I say this, that my mother and I used to store her like decor items, like seasonal decor, like, wherever she put it. So like, if it went on this little mantel, it was like tucked in a little drawer underneath that until it was like time to put it out. And I was like What, when I first saw her do that. But now as I do some things, just you know, based on function, having it where you're going to use it makes it easier to A get it out and do it. And you know, have it not be such a I don't know, such a complicated thing. I guess. So. My my latest example is I do Project Life at my kitchen table. And I'll have a little cabinet in our kitchen that has, you know, my albums on the bottom and little sliding door thing to cover up the junk that goes with it. But you know, keeps the cards accessible pens, adhesive, like you don't need a lot for Project Life. But yet, I never want to clear my whole craft table to put this huge 12 by 12 album on and you know, switch it up.

Jennifer Wilson 28:06

For sure. No, that's a great solution, though, to kind of separate Project Life from the other projects, too.

Amy Zwart 28:12

Yeah. And then I think my other like, product. My other product tip right now was that I organized my Thickers by color, like probably, you know, two or three Stash Bash years ago. And it's been amazing.

Jennifer Wilson 28:29

That sounds awesome. I, I've kind of done that I have my Thickers separated between like, black, white, neutral like browns, cork, wood, things like that. And then I have color. So they're divided into like two categories. But it helps because I'm usually thinking of one or the other. So that's always the best solution is how do you think about it? And do the minimum amount of organization that fits how you think about it. Sometimes you don't need to do more than that.

Amy Zwart 29:01

Yes, yes, exactly. And that has been one of my favorite tips, you know, from like Stash Bash things is, it doesn't have to be so down to the details. So you know, and, and I think it's just such a good reminder that, how you're using it, and how would you look for it, you know, should always be the top top filter for that. So I think for my Thickers that was exactly it is I was looking for them by color, and I couldn't find them easily, like it took too long. So now that they're by color, it's way easier and it it made like this huge quantity more manageable too. I did pull some out that were like smaller size that I use a little bit differently or maybe in those smaller albums. And those aren't really organized as well by color. So there's not as many but just having that size differentiation has really helped too.

Jennifer Wilson 29:59

Yes, yeah. So I love having the smaller ones kind of separate. I need to, mine are not organized by color at all. And that's I think that's the next step because I'm always kind of rifling through every single one to find something that might match better. So at some point, it just becomes a lot to go through every single little sheet of stickers.

Amy Zwart 30:21


Jennifer Wilson 30:22

So okay, kind of wrapping up here. Where would you like your scrapbooking to be in another 10 years?

Amy Zwart 30:28

It's like an alarming question if I go with, you know, the ages of my kids right now, but so the overall answer I have for that is definitely like, just still going. Like, I still want to be having fun with it, I still want to, you know, be having or making friends through it and allowing myself the time for it. I don't have lofty goals or plans for like, this is what I want to have done by then. Or, you know, I'm still gonna do Project Life or I'm not going to or you know, anything, decided that way and don't feel I need to. But I just really hope I'm still doing it that you know, the industry is alive and well to allow that. And having fun.

Jennifer Wilson 31:08

Oh, for sure. I love you're just approachable, relaxed vision for I think that's what we all need a little bit more of is how can we just enjoy this experience? And know that we are lucky to be able to be scrapbookers? And how can we celebrate that together?

Amy Zwart 31:25

Absolutely. Yeah. Celebrating together. I like that.

Jennifer Wilson 31:29

So Amy, what has been a scrapbooker taught you?

Amy Zwart 31:32

It's all about being able to notice the details and appreciate the little things. I think by nature I'm not a detail person, like I would say it'd be the worst, like eye witness at a scene or something, right? But being able to just see, you know, the way my kids have changed and the way you know, the world has changed or things. Just being able to appreciate that and take note of it has been important in my life. And then kind of side by side with that is being able to celebrate and plan and do fun things like you know, give yourself something to celebrate and enjoy and you know, have fun with it. Celebrate everything was kind of a motto my husband and I heard early on in our marriage. And I think it stuck with me, like all these years because you can always find something to celebrate. And you know, it doesn't take away all the negatives of life. But if you focus on the positives and the fun and if you create your own fun and magic, it's just that much more enjoyable.

Jennifer Wilson 32:46

Oh, what a beautiful thought to end on here. Amy, can you share where we can find you online? Are you on social media?

Amy Zwart 32:53

I'm actually not. So if you want to find me, it's in the Simple Scrapper community and that's where I share some things and connect with people and host some crops and plans some plans.

Jennifer Wilson 33:07

Sounds awesome. I hope are, some of our listeners will join us inside so they can get to know you better inside of our community. And thank you so much for your time. I am looking forward to continuing to collaborate and have fun with you.

Amy Zwart 33:21

Absolutely. Thanks so much, Jennifer. This has been great.

Jennifer Wilson 33:25

And to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to Scrapbook Your Way. If you've been curious about membership, it's a great time to check it out. Our next Finishing Day event is coming up soon. On Saturday, June 11 2022. This is a full day devoted to camaraderie and accountability towards checking off a project on your list. Visit simple to learn more and join us.

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We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


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