SYW176 – A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

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When I started Simple Scrapper in 2008 forums were on the way out and blogs on the way in. Little did we know that audio and video content would soon become part of everyday life. Paperclipping and The Digi Show were some of the first audio shows in our industry and today there’s a range of scrapbooking podcasts that deliver creative conversation to your earbuds.

After we last chatted on episode 133 of this show, my friend Veronica Milan decided it was time to bring her own voice to the table. In this episode we catch up on her vision for podcasting, her values within the memory keeping community, and of course, her creative passions right now. We also dive into her love for memory planning and how it plays a specific role alongside her Project Life pocket pages.

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Veronia Milan 0:00

We're always documenting other people and our kids and their lives and their points of view. And I feel so strongly that I wish that I had that of my parents, so I keep thinking my kids will eventually want that about me.

Jennifer Wilson 0:16

Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a Memory Keeper today. I'm your host, Jennifer Wilson, Owner, Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is episode 176. In this episode, I'm catching up with Veronica Milan about her new podcast, her most used app, and how she distinguishes Project Life and memory planning and her personal creative practice.

Jennifer Wilson 0:45

Hey, Veronica, welcome back to Scrapbook Your Way.

Veronia Milan 0:48

Hi, thanks for having me, Jen.

Jennifer Wilson 0:50

Yes, I'm so excited. Our last conversation ended up being kind of short. So I wanted to have you back on just to catch up and see what's going on in your creative world. But can you remind our audience who you are, what you do, where you live and all that?

Veronia Milan 1:04

Yes, I'm Veronica Milan. I live in central California and with my husband of almost, I want to say 17 years. Good Lord. We have three children, two boys and a girl. I have a 16 year old, a now 12 year old and she's almost 11 she's counting down the days. This is, this is a birthday month and she thinks the whole month is her birthday. Um, we do have one pet. We have a cat named Nilo. I think the last time we spoke. I didn't have a pet. And yeah, that's basically it.

Jennifer Wilson 1:45

So I don't know if I had gotten my cats yet either. So we got two kittens in September, I think. And they've just been Oh, no, they were born in September. We got them in November. So yeah, they've been growing like crazy. They're like 10 and 12 pounds already. And they were they were newborns. So

Veronia Milan 2:05

We got him. I think he was a couple of weeks. I mean, he was tiny in August. So I think we're, we're around the same time. Yeah. And we spoil him rotten. And he's a rotten cat.

Jennifer Wilson 2:19

Oh, yeah. It's so much fun. So I can't believe we didn't have a cat for so long. So because it's yeah, it's just a makes home life even greater.

Veronia Milan 2:29

Right. I know. My kids are so much happier. And they had been begging for a cat for years. And I'm like, nope, nope. I don't want any pets. Nope, you know, but we caved. We're like, look fine. And now I'm the one that's like, I'm like where's mama's fur baby. So...

Jennifer Wilson 2:47

You remember all the baby talk you did for your kids?

Veronia Milan 2:51

It comes back.

Jennifer Wilson 2:54

So what's exciting you right now in memory keeping and the scrapbooking world?

Veronia Milan 2:59

Wow. So well, I guess all the the running projects have always been super exciting for me. And I as you know, I have I've learned all from you. How to be a great podcast host. So I started a podcast myself. And that's pretty much it. In the creative world. It's just keeping a constant schedule. I I'm I'm also on design teams, which I said for sure. I think I said it last time when they interviewed me. I'm like, I don't do design teams. And slowly you know, people ask me oh, you know, will you be on this team? And I'm like, okay, sure, you know, and so I I've done that. I'm on three separate teams. I'm on Cocoa Daisy, A Cherry On Top and Freckled Fawn.

Jennifer Wilson 3:49

Oh, that's so fun. I saw Freckled Fawn just came out with a new 12 by 12 kit too.

Veronia Milan 3:53

Yes, she's doing, her and I go way back when I had a business. We did CHA together, hung out together. She's a mom and pop shop. So she is just a lovely person all around. So she Yeah, she asked me she's like, Hey, can you do it? She I think people have noticed that I do Reels. And so then you know, it pops up on their feed. And she's like, Hey, wait a minute. I didn't even know you were crafting because for a while I kind of wasn't doing anything. So now we're back.

Jennifer Wilson 4:23

Yeah, I think we all go through seasons of one thing is more of a focus than the other. And I love that we have so many options today to always meet our interests. There's never a lack of things to make.

Veronia Milan 4:37

Right. You're right. And there's so many different sizes, so many different styles of of creating that you can, I can get bored really easily. I mean, I've said it a million times I've got ADHD and so I can easily just be like, Okay, I don't like the size anymore, or I've tried the TN size. And then I find like oh This is too small to confined. And now I'm back into TN. Like currently, like I love this size and like we're where you all my life. So...

Jennifer Wilson 5:11

That's how I feel about 12 by 12. I was like, I'm never doing 12 by 12, again, eight and a half by 11 or smaller. And then all of a sudden I do something. I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is so fun. It's so amazing. Why have I not been doing this?

Veronia Milan 5:24

Right? You go back to the space and you're like, hey, like, what? Because I hardly do any layouts. I've been doing pocket pages and mini albums. And I'm like, I don't want to do any layouts. But I'm sure I'll jump back in.

Jennifer Wilson 5:37

I'm sure. Yeah, for sure. So this is our Storytelling creative journey at Simple Scrapper during May and June. And we always love to ask our podcast listeners, what is on your memory keeping Bucket List? So this is one story that you've not yet told. But it feels important to tell.

Veronia Milan 5:53

Oh, wow, well, I just missed that story. So forever, I kept thinking that I had written down the story of how I met Albert, for my kids. And I didn't. And it was kind of shocking, because I'm like, Wait, where's that story? Like, did I put it in a Project Life? Where is it, I know, I wrote that story down. And it was all just in my head, because I had never written it down. And I created this book out of an old vintage book. And so that's kind of like still a running story. I still have photos in there and still working on it slowly. And I think it's because it brings back so many crazy memories of the way we met. And because Albert and I met online, and back when we met that wasn't a thing. You know, we didn't have what we have now where everybody can meet online, and then you know, become, you know, they get married and stuff. And so we used to say, we met at church, okay, we're gonna tell our kids we met. Because it was just so weird, you know, back then. So I ended up making this album for Albert and I the way we met. And it's in a little vintage book, I went on a mad hunt for this book. And so I told or, I'm telling the story of how we met, how we dated, all of the good stuff is in there. And I think I was holding off on it. Because I didn't want my kids to find it and like, read those stories, nothing bad. But it just they weren't at that age, to even ask those questions. And the way it came up with my son, who is now 16. And of course has interest in girls now. And he's like, asking more questions about dating, and how do you date? And I'm like, oh, no, I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready for it. So I was telling him well, this is the way I met your father. And you know, this is how long we we talked and all of it. And so then it was like, I've never written this down. And I think it needs to be told somehow. So that's a story that I'm currently still working on.

Jennifer Wilson 8:01

I'm so glad that you're working on that. Because that's just something that's so rewarding and will be meaningful to your kids someday. And I love that you found kind of a fun way to approach it too. So that's neat.

Veronia Milan 8:14

Yeah, there's a lot of hidden pockets in there. And I'm like, if you don't find the story too bad, that's on you for not opening the pocket. There's Yeah, I'm just I'm still I don't know why little like hesitant over it like, Oh, I think it's because I was raised so strict. And I feel like all those subjects are taboo. Like, you know, first kiss first. I'm like, oh, no, we shouldn't talk of that, like so weird.

Jennifer Wilson 8:44

Yeah, no, like, I definitely have not scrapbooks that my first kiss with my husband, and my now husband, was in an airport. And so like, it feels a little sneaky. I don't know. Like it's important part of our story. And every time we're at that airport, we always like reminisce about it. And so, yeah.

Veronia Milan 9:05

Yeah, I grew up, so I'm Mexican American. My parents are very, very strict. Like, they I mean, even to this day, I still in everybody knows this, you shudder from your parents. You're like, oh, like I shouldn't be doing that. And when I was dating, Albert, one day, he came over, and I lived alone in my own apartment. Now mind you, Jen. I was very independent. I had my own car, my own apartment, my own job. You know, I was going to school part time. I was very much an independent girl. And I still had this fear of what would my parents think, that oh my god boy's in my apartment, like, I was 25 What are you thinking woman? But at the time, like I had dated guys before. And it was so funny because they never understood it. They'd be like you're over 18 woman stop acting like, you know, you need approval of your parents and I'm like, it'll never end, that never ends. You always have to, you know, think about what your parents would think. And I hid Albert in the closet. Because my mom came over, it was like, oh, no, I don't want to even have to ask her. Like, you know, I don't want to talk to her about it. I don't want her to ask me questions about it. Like, why is he here? You know, it was like, Oh, no. So I was like, get in the closet. And he was like, Are you serious? And I'm like, Yes, I'm serious. Get in the closet, like, hurry. And see those types of stories are in that book. Because I remember now in hindsight, I'm like, Man, you were a weirdo. But you didn't do those types of things. Like when you grew up so strict, even today, like there's still things that I'm like, my parents would never approve of that, like. So. Those stories are in that book.

Jennifer Wilson 10:55

Yeah, like I you know, it is it's about how you were raised and what you're used to, and what your parents expectations are. And we all have kind of slightly different experiences. But my husband, he had kind of a similar experience to yours. And he has got so many different stories of like, his dad didn't speak to him for three months because of something that he did. And, but when we got married, I moved here. And we moved in about two to three weeks before our wedding day. And I wasn't going to go live somewhere else because I was moving across the country. But we had, I have two step sons. And so he slept on the couch for those first two to three weeks, until we got married. And then he moved back into the bedroom. So we did it the you know, the way even though I don't think his mother ever stopped by during that time, but even just with the boys, he didn't want to, you know, give an inappropriate impression, I guess.

Veronia Milan 11:52

Right? Yeah, yeah. If if his mom had stopped by you'd be in the closet to Jen.

Jennifer Wilson 11:58

Yes. So I wanted to talk just a little bit about what's new with you this year? What are your creative projects? what's working well, and what's maybe not working as well?

Jennifer Wilson 12:12

Yeah, so I have a lot of running projects. It is my third year doing a memory planner. And, I mean, it's been so fun, because I feel like, I don't know, I think that in the past before, like, I was always busy with either promoting my business, promoting something, you know, working for someone, and promoting product. And I feel like the memory planner is finally a place where I get to tell all the story. Like the little small mundane things about myself. And it's, I mean, it's the weirdest thing, like, you know, I will post things like new vitamins I'm taking, you know, shows I'm watching and, and I, when I look back at them, like I've looked back at my my old memory planners, I'm just so excited. Like, I could go back and sometimes I'm like, What was the name of that item it and then like, Oh, I know where it's at. So my memory planner, and I'll go back and I'm like, yep, that's the name, you know, and then I'll order it on Amazon. So I find that the memory planner, because I have this question a lot, are there like, what's the difference between your memory planner and your Project Life? And so...

Jennifer Wilson 13:23

Good question.

Veronia Milan 13:24

Yeah, and the two projects that I have, that are running are the Project Life and the memory planner, and the memory planner is all for me. It's almost like a graphic novel about my life. And that's where I put all of my interests, all of my opinions, and I'm very opinionated. All of that goes in there. Like the shows, I'm watching the music, I'm listening to, what's in my purse currently, you know, what's in my refrigerator, my cart, all the things that I, that are all about me. And I, I always found that that was so interesting. Because before I would say like, Oh, that's so vain to like scrapbook about yourself, like, in that much detail, you know? And I now when I think about it, like I wish, because I don't have that many pictures of my mom or my dad. And I wish I had some sort of story behind like the 10 photos that we have of them. Yeah, because there's nothing, it's just like the date. Or, you know, sometimes it's the age. And that's it. And so you're just kind of like, oh, but you know, why were you wearing that? Or why? Why are you standing in front of this house or you know, and there's no story behind it. And so I decided, you know, three years ago, I'm like, I'm going to tell bits and pieces of my life from my point of view to my kids. And they may think of this book like meh, but it's really a way for me to process life as well. So I really loved the memory planner and I don't think, I can't see myself I actually bought extra memory planner Just because Crate Paper came out with this memory planner, the the template of it in 2019. And then they swapped the format in 2020.

Jennifer Wilson 13:24


Veronia Milan 13:24

Yeah. And it messed up my groove. I was like, wait a minute what's going on? You can't do that to me. So then I went back and I bought the 2019. I believe I have like four it in a bin because I don't want to lose that format. I love the classic format.

Jennifer Wilson 15:28

Sure, sure.

Veronia Milan 15:29

And I found that Happy Place, their paper got really thin. And so I can't stamp on there, it bleeds through.

Jennifer Wilson 15:38

I have heard different things about that that Happy Planner like the paper got a little thinner. And then maybe they fixed it in some of the new planners like the most recent collection. But I have heard some some different rumors and rumblings about that.

Jennifer Wilson 15:51

Yeah, so I, I made sure I cover my bases. And I went and bought Crate Paper ones from Joann's with a coupon. I'm like, I'll just every week I'll buy another one. And I'll just keep them stashed, you know, so I have years to come. Because I don't see myself ever ending, that the planner, like the memory planner, all about me. And the Project Life is more for my kids. I rarely put anything behind the photos, I'll just put the date and their name, kind of like old school, you know, and then I'll slip those in the album because I imagine years from now, they will just want the photos and they'll take them. Maybe my daughter might want a card, you know, a three by four card with some embellishments on it. But for the most part, I think they're just going to take the photos if they want those photos. And that's why the Project Life is more of a family a collected album. And the planner, the memory planner is more my life, just my life alone.

Jennifer Wilson 16:51

Oh, I love this distinction. And that you have very clear roles and functions for these projects, which also makes it easier to justify doing both of them because they're fun for you.

Veronia Milan 17:02


Jennifer Wilson 17:03

And yeah, I I've, I would say 80 to 90% of the guests that I've had on this year. And I don't know, maybe it's because, you know, I mean, most people on Instagram, but everybody's doing some sort of memory planner, you know, and it's such an interesting format. I've actually not really tried it, except for one week in January, maybe four years ago. But I've thought about maybe even just buying one book and doing it just for that period of time, my objective is to say do 16 weeks or even 16 weeks over the course of the year in lieu of like Week In The Life or Day In The Life. Just to get that snapshot, right, even if I don't feel like I could kind of keep up with it long term. So I'm so intrigued by it.

Jennifer Wilson 17:50

Yeah, you know what it does too, it kind of holds me accountable that take more photos, because normally, I wouldn't take that many photos. And like I said before I had this really bad stigma of like, You're being so vain. Veronica, stop it, like, you know, and it's like, Stop taking pictures of your food, like, you know, and because I would do that like, and then I'd be like, Oh, I'm too shy. I don't know what to write about. I don't know where to put it, like, where am I gonna put this picture of my cheeseburger, you know? Now, like, I will do it freely. And I'm like, I am taking pictures of my sushi, my cheeseburger whenever I want. You know, because it also it holds me accountable in all areas. I will see like, Oh man, I ate crappy that week, you know? It's like, yeah. And it's a reminder of like, Yup, I ate out like, you know, four or five times that week. That's bad, you know. And it'll also show me like, Okay, I was on this oatmeal kick. I'm on an oatmeal kick right now. So I love pecans and blueberries. And I have pictures of that. And so I'm like, oh, yeah, like, it just kind of, I don't know, it gives me just that snapshot of my, my point of view, which we don't, because as moms, we're always documenting, you know, other people and our kids and their lives and their points of view. And you know what we think about their life. And I feel so strongly that I wish that I had that of my parents. So I keep thinking my kids will eventually want that about me, you know? And if they don't, that's fine. You know, my 80 year old self will thank me when I forget things and I'll be like, oh, yeah, I remember this, you know, so I still feel like there's that's still my favorite project. Like I still love it so much. And I haven't haven't grown tired of it. So I think I'll just continue it until I don't like it anymore.

Jennifer Wilson 19:44

I love that. That's a great philosophy. So you've mentioned on Instagram, there's one question you get more than any other and it's related to working primarily on your memory planner. So can you tell me what that question is and what your solution is?

Jennifer Wilson 19:56

Yes, it's always how do you size those photos that small? Like that's the one question over and over how you get your pictures that small? Because the classic planner is a 1.4 by 2.4, little tiny picture. And I love to give it a little rim of a white around it. Because I just like that, that look. So people always ask like, how do you get that small? And the simple answer is I use an app called Print to Size. And I used to use the Selfie printer. And I found that the Selfie printer was not giving me my full four by six space because they're perforated at the ends. And then it would cut off the photo. And I'd be like, wait a minute, so then I'd have to cut on the side of the perforation. It was just a mess to me, like, I'm so anal when it comes to things like that. And I'm like, oh, even irked me that I had to leave that perforation there. And so I kept thinking like, there's got to be a better solution, there's got to be a better printer out there, there's got to be something out there. I was, you know, then I went to like Walgreens and CVS and their quality of prints was so awful. Like even Costco they would, they would develop dark. And I'm like this isn't the color I want. So I wanted more control of what I was printing, I wanted to be able to see it, I wanted to be able to like, see it right. And I of course I want instant gratification, you know, I wanted to print. And so I was looking everywhere. And a friend of mine said, Oh, I use Print to Size. And so I bought the app there, it's $2 for the app. And I realized that you can use any size on that Print to Size but I use the eight and a half by 11 for the size of the the photo paper. And you can, you can stick so many it's like a little puzzle, you stick as many photos as you want on that size. And I found that that had the most room for those little tiny planner photos. And so I just stick them all on that big sheet of paper. And I have to use HP photo and photo paper and ink because I've tried to be a cheapo. I laugh, I'm like I've tried Walmart paper and it just didn't work. Like the colors were not the same. And I've tried cheap HP ink for my HP printer. And nope negative commando don't do that. I learned the hard way. I was like, Ooh, this ink is horrible. So I just subscribe to the HP ink subscription that they have. And so I never run out of ink. They know when my printer needs ink, and they just send me the ink in the mail. So that solves that issue.

Jennifer Wilson 22:54

Oh, that's awesome. I don't think, I wonder if Canon has anything like that. Because I am this way about my Canon paper and ink because it comes out the best.

Jennifer Wilson 23:03

Yes, yes. And I mean, I've tried it all. Like I was trying to like save money here or there. And I'm like, Stop doing that. Like you have like, just roll with it. That's just how much it costs. And so the the HP ink that comes to me is perfect, because, you know, it goes with the printer, obviously. But I never run out. Whenever I think, before you know you don't know you're in the middle of a big project. And then you realize your ink's gone, you got to go out to Office Depot wherever you need to get your ink. And then sometimes they don't have it. You're like oh my god, like you know, you're wasting time. So for me, it all just made sense to have it all at home. But that app seriously was my lifesaver because I just put all the photos on there. And I could mix and match. Sometimes I only have like two weeks of memory planning. And then a couple of photos that I need for a Project Life. And so we'll mix and match on that same sheet and print them all out.

Jennifer Wilson 24:01

Oh, very fun. So what printer did you end up getting?

Jennifer Wilson 24:03

I have an HP Envy it's a, I always say it's a cheapy one, but I don't know why the pictures are so crisp there. It's from Amazon. It's like $150 and so I thought, okay, it works for me. It's way better than the Walgreens, CVS or Costco photos. Like they're crisp. And people will comment on that. They're like where are you printing? Why is it so crisp? Why are your picture so clear. And I'm like it's just a cheapy printer like a cheapy HP printer.

Jennifer Wilson 24:33

So that's amazing. So I'm so glad to hear that I will, I will definitely include a link in the show notes to the printer size app as well as that printer.

Veronia Milan 24:41


Jennifer Wilson 24:43

My printer is like very massive. So I am been looking for maybe something a little bit more compact for some smaller projects.

Jennifer Wilson 24:51

Right and see I just use, I separate it, everything is like in categories. I swear it's my ADHD I have my photo printer that prints and that's just strictly photos. And then I have a laser printer where I do everything else, like anything.

Jennifer Wilson 25:07

Oh, yeah, for sure. Yeah, we have a laser printer downstairs. So I'm constantly, we used to have it networked and then it will lost it. So I just email things to my husband saying, hey, print this print this out because I don't want to use up my precious ink on regular stuff.

Veronia Milan 25:21


Jennifer Wilson 25:23

So okay, so you mentioned that you've been making lots of Reels. I'm curious, like, what, what's your goal with this content? What kind of themes do you choose? And do you have any tips for those who want to create more Reels, whether it's for fun or to grow their following?

Jennifer Wilson 25:39

Yeah. So like, okay, at the beginning of the year, I wouldn't say I make like resolutions or anything like that. But I do set like these goals for myself. They're always just personal, my own weird goals. So like, last year, I wanted to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram. It was like a goal of mine. I didn't know what the purpose was for that. But because I was like, at 8000. I was just like, at the end of the year, I want to reach, I've done this all my life. So I just set these goals. And I reached it. And I was like wah, wah, wah. There was nothing great about it. Nothing here, you know, you're kind of like, okay, I've reached 10,000. Now what? And so it was nothing fantastic to reach that goal. And I thought, okay, next goal, like what else can I do? And I wanted to be able to, because I used to not do Stories. I used to do nothing except for the posts. And my son who was like a video guru. He's the 16 year old. He's, like, very artistic. He would make Reels for me. Like when I needed a Reel, I'd say like, here, I needed to do this, I needed to do that. And then he'd be like, okay, like, step aside, and then he'd make it and I'm like, Oh, cool. Well, then I started asking him, like, how did you do that? And how did you edit that? And what and he's like, it's super simple. He was trying to teach me how to make it. And I was like, Oh, that's too much. It's too much for my brain. I can't handle it. Okay, so then at the beginning of the year, I told myself, like, you can do that, you can make a Reel, like, if make a Reel and I'm like, I can't, you know, so here I am fighting with myself, like, No, I can't do it. I can't. Same goes with the YouTube channel that I have. I hate hearing my voice. And then I like, I will beat myself up, I'm sure people will can relate, like, I hate my voice. And then I'm like, Oh, my gosh, my hands have wrinkles on him, you know, I hate my wrinkles on my hands. You know, it all started tearing myself up. And I told myself that Reels were going to be my my new goal. I was going to make Reels. And I was going to make three months of consecutive Reels, just to see what happens because I had read somewhere that your following goes up with Reels. And let me check this out. Because I had noticed at the beginning of the year, people weren't commenting as much on my posts. And I was like, Where did all my people go? Like, you know, you had a consistent following of people who would comment and talk to you on online. I'm like, where did they go? Like, why? Why did people stop commenting? Like, you know, and so, like anything us women, we want validation, we want a purpose to why we're sharing and why we're, we're putting all this effort in. And I thought to myself, I'm I'm jumping ship, I'm not doing Instagram anymore, because I feel like I'm just doing it for no reason. And, of course, you know, I beat myself up and I'm like, you know, you're doing this for your family stop trying to like, you know, please others. But at the same time, I was like, What's going on Instagram? Like, what are you doing? Why are you not showing my posts to people? And I started like reading up on it. And it kept saying, like, you know, Reels are the new thing, because they're keeping up with Tic Tok, we all know that. And so I was like, okay, they just like Reels. I'm gonna see if it actually, if that actually does have any kind of effect, like, you know, Reels, versus posts. And so I decided I was gonna go on this journey of like, I'm going to test this thing out, like, I'm going to post. And then I'm also going to do Reels. And I'm going to do Reels consecutively, to see what happens during that week. And see this is my nerd coming out in me. So I'm like, I'm going to analyze this. I'm going to figure it out, you know, so I did a week of reels. And I was like, oh, it's true. You know, like, the Instagram would just push my Reels. And then I would post and I'd be like, Look at this pretty picture guys, and nobody would comment and I'd be like, Wait a minute, what? So then I started making more Reels and I was like, let's see how long I can last with this. And I am on Reel number 72 or something like that.

Jennifer Wilson 30:08

Oh my gosh, wow.

Veronia Milan 30:10

So I'm on a Reel kick. And it hasn't grown old, but I'm sure it will, because I'm starting to get tired of Reels. I've been putting more photos in. It's annoying, it's annoying that I have to be that I feel like I'm this puppet on a string for Instagram. So I'm like, you know, what? If you don't like my posts, I don't care anymore. Like, yeah. So...

Jennifer Wilson 30:35

I mean, it's hard. Like there's there is that kind of, I don't know, secret pressure to to do what's going to create more community around the things you're talking about and continue to have engagement. It's it's a really tricky tightrope to walk.

Veronia Milan 30:58

Right? Right.

Jennifer Wilson 31:01

I because you want to have fun, you want to enjoy the process, but not everyone likes, basically you're creating very short videos. So...

Jennifer Wilson 31:10

Yes, and you know, they are long videos. So what you do is you record yourself, the process videos are the hardest ones, because you are creating an entire video. And then usually they're like 30 minutes long. And then the really annoying part of it is, is that Instagram is portrait. And YouTube is landscape. You can't even use that same video for YouTube, you know the process video and say, hey, you know, here, you can't do that, because it'll cut off and you'll have the black ends on the side. So you have to pretty much just create for Instagram, you of course can use it on Tik Tok. But you're pretty much creating just for Instagram and not YouTube. So it's an entire process video silent, because I put music over it and it's only a minute. So then you've got to go edit the Reel. I know it sounds like a lot of work. And I'm sure your listeners are like oh, woman stop doing that. Then when you edit it, you have to speed it up, because Reels are only a minute. And you're cramming in 30 minutes editing out pieces from your video. So it's a lot of work.

Jennifer Wilson 32:33

It is.

Veronia Milan 32:33

And you're cutting out pieces, and then speeding that entire 30 minutes, 20 minutes, by the time you've cut pieces out. It's like 20 minutes of work into a one minute Reel.

Jennifer Wilson 32:46

Well, you have to make decisions about what's actually going to tell the story of this 30 minutes in that one minute segment. So...

Veronia Milan 32:53


Jennifer Wilson 32:55

Have you figured out any like tricks to make it to make it easier, to make it more fun. Are you asking your 16 year old to help?

Veronia Milan 33:04

Not anymore at all. So I do this all on my own. I learned how to do it. And see the same thing happened with like the podcasts. I kept telling myself I can't do this. I can't do it. There's no way, I hate my voice. I can't Nope. And at the beginning of the year, I told myself there was three things that I wanted to do, was start a podcast, show my face, or talk more online to like build that community. And the third thing was do more meetups. So like I meet people in the community and meet with them. And so I've haven't shown my face. I have not shown my face at all because I beat myself up. And I'll say like, you know, no, you have too many wrinkles on your forehead like no, your hair is horrible. So I I've done that to myself. And so I'm slowly working on those three goals throughout the year and they're just my own personal goals. They have nothing to do with anyone out there. It's just all for me.

Jennifer Wilson 34:09

Well, we should do an Instagram Live the week that this episode goes up so you can put your face out there so people can see how adorable you are.

Veronia Milan 34:18

I'm like oh yeah, I know. That's, that's the one thing like, you know, people say like, oh, you know, YouTube is gearing more towards like they want people to show their face and I was like no, negative not doing that. So I'm like Tic Tok as well and like no, you're not gonna find me dancing. That's why I feel like Reels is my safety zone. Because it's just my hands working, you know?

Jennifer Wilson 34:41

Well, and I think this is I mean this you're not alone in having this discomfort whether we're talking about putting yourself on social media or just putting yourself in your scrapbooks. And you know you were talking before that it felt a little vain to scrapbook only about yourself In certain projects. And I think there's this that there's different societal messages, there's the way you were raised. There's so many different factors that come into play that can make us feel a little insecure. Yeah, about showing ourselves and being vulnerable.

Jennifer Wilson 35:15

Right. Right. You're right. So slowly working on that.

Jennifer Wilson 35:21

We're all we're always all working on that. I think. So. But you did take the brave step of launching a podcast. Can you tell us more about it and what some of your goals are with the show?

Jennifer Wilson 35:31

Yeah. So I started A Storytellers Podcast, and I really wanted to focus on so I was on your show in August. Was it August, I believe, but it was before October.

Jennifer Wilson 35:44

It's like pre October Daily. So probably August or September? Yeah,

Veronia Milan 35:48

Yeah. And I really fell in love with the way you do things like,

Jennifer Wilson 35:55

Oh, thank you,

Veronia Milan 35:56

Like so inspirational. So like, motivating and like, I kept telling myself, okay, if anything, this is the way, you know, I want to take notes. And if there's ever a time where I want to create my own podcast, I want to do it like Jen. And I kept telling Albert, like, oh, Jen knows how to do it. Like, oh, Jen uses this. And he's like, Who is this Jen? Like? And so I, you know, took note, and I said, you know, I want to do this, and I had been thinking about it, but I was like, No, I, I kept talking myself out of it. And I kept saying, there's no need for that. Nobody wants that. That's just lame. And so I talked myself out of it. And in January, at the end of December, I'm like, you know, here are your goals. And I kind of do like a little vision board of pictures. And I put a, a mic, podcast mic on there. And I'm like, that one's funny. Because I'm not going to do that, you know, I'm not going to start a podcast. And so I'm like it, I'll just put it on my vision board. And at the end of December, I was like, I'm doing it, I'm doing it, like, just jump and do it. And so I did, I started it and with the with a goal in mind of that is that I have 10 pictures of my childhood. I have no stories written at all about me, from my childhood. My parents don't have anything, my husband's parents don't have anything, we probably collectively have 40 photos between us all. My kids have no way of knowing any of that. There's no stories written down. And I keep thinking unless you tell me the story, and I write it down, you know, I've had to ask my mom some stories, and then I write them down, then we don't know the stories behind any of us. And I kept thinking, like, what stops us, us, like me, what stops me from writing those things? When I have all the resources, you know, my parents didn't have the resources, they were poor in Mexico, they didn't have pictures, and I'm a photographer, you know, they didn't have any of that. So what is stopping me from writing my story? And, you know, I thought about that over and over. And I'm like, what stops us from doing that? And like, you know, are we shy? Are we? What is it? And so, you know, I really thought about it. And I thought, you know, there's different stages in our lives. Where, of course, there's more stories to tell. And there's just stages in our lives where we don't want to tell the story, you know, for whatever reason, trauma. There's, there's just, you know, all these reasons, and I thought, Okay, I want to create a podcast that shares from our perspective, of course, the creative storytelling, scrapbooking perspective, of how we we tell stories of different stages and walks of life. And how we can help each other out in encouraging each other motivating each other inspiring each other to tell those stories, because every stage is completely different. Like I remember when I had my kids, they're 13 months apart, my last two during that stage, I have zero pages, nothing written down. No scrapbooks, nothing. I took like four years off because I was too busy. You know, craving sleep, you know?

Jennifer Wilson 36:10

Yes. Yeah. For sure.

Veronia Milan 39:39

There's no way like, you know, I was craving a shower and not not writing a story down. And we have these remarkable people in this community that, you know, they bust out a baby. It's like, they popped it out, like, you know, yesterday and the next day they're writing stories, you know, and I'm like, what you're making? You're making a scrapbook Like, you just had a baby, like last week, and I'm so inspired by people that can, you know, work through traumas and work through whatever is thrown at them in life. And they still write a story down. So I was like, you know, what you need to share with, you know, the whole population? How are you doing it in each stage, to continue to be motivated and write these stories down? And I thought, okay, how else can I like, do it without showing my face? Because there was a point where I was like, I should probably put it on Stories, you know, and have people like, interview like the way the BFF Sticker girls do it. And I was like, Nah, because then that would mean that I have to show my face. And I'm like, Okay, check that off. No, no, thanks. And I thought, okay, a podcast. I'll talk to people and have these real conversations with them and talk to them, you know, and ask them, How do they do it in their, in their lives at this stage? Because I want to know, and I'm sure other people want to know. And so that's how it started. And that's where it comes from, you know, it's and I don't know how long they'll do it for, you know, it might just be a short little mini project, and I'll be bored of it. But for now, I really want to focus on how do people tell their stories? And why they're telling their stories? And how can they motivate us to do it when we're stuck?

Jennifer Wilson 41:30

Yes, that's the important part for sure. We often will get stuck in our own unique ways, too. And so I think that's really an opportunity to, to, to really see yourself in someone else who's been stuck in the same way and was able to move past that.

Veronia Milan 41:44

Right. Right.

Jennifer Wilson 41:45

Yes. And I'm so thrilled for you, this has been so exciting to watch this show come come to be. I mean, I'm always asked, Can you put out more episodes in a week? No, I physically cannot do that.

Veronia Milan 41:58


Jennifer Wilson 41:59

But so I love that we have a growing number of shows in the industry. And just you and I have chatted with there's just this spirit of collaboration and support for one another is important to both of us. And so I'm just curious, what you if you have more thoughts on that, why is it important to you?

Veronia Milan 42:16

Right, you know, I've had some situations where it's like, people are not very welcoming. And, you know, that's happened throughout the entire time, right? I had my own business, my own brand, my own manufacturing company. And even then, I wasn't welcome. There was some people, you know, they they get really, what is it threatened, they feel a little threatened by you coming into their space, which they feel like their space, right? And you were not like that. And that's one of the things that I mean, I've sent you messages and really felt like you are, if people didn't know you, you honestly have you know, blinders on and you're like, let's go, I have a goal in mind, you have a goal in mind, and I don't care, I'm staying in my lane, you stay in yours. And I feel like, that's the way we should all work is that we, we do have our own set of goals. And it is okay to every once in a while, you know, high five people along the way that are right next to you, in that aisle like woo, go girl, because we're missing the whole bigger picture. We all have certain talents and certain gifts, that we each give this community because it's a lot of work. Podcasting is a whole lot of work. And you think like, oh, how hard can it be? You'll just get a mic and I'll talk into No, there's no, there's appointments and editing and you know, making sure sounds okay. And there's all these things that you should be high fiving people along the way, they're, they're trying to figure it out as well, you know, and you have a lot of experience in this. And so for you to be like, you know, welcome aboard. And high fiving me it was, I felt like, yes, that's the way I want to be, you know, when someone asked me questions, you know, I don't know how many times I will DM people when they asked me a question, whether it be scrapbook related, podcast related, whatever. And then I'll respond with Oh, I got it here. I did this. I went on Amazon. I you know, here's the link to this in here. And they're like, Oh, you just shared everything with me. And I'm like, why wouldn't I?

Jennifer Wilson 44:34

Yes, yes. No, 100% agree.

Veronia Milan 44:37

But some people don't. And I'm like...

Jennifer Wilson 44:40


Veronia Milan 44:41

But that's not what our community is about. You know, we hear over and over women empowering women. And I don't believe that until your actions speak louder than your words. Because you can keep saying that over and over. And then behind the scenes, you're not very empowering. You know, you're ignoring those DMS and not risk wanting to people and not helping them. And you know, so to me, I felt like you were the only one. I will put that out there the only one that high fived me along the way. And I'm like, what? That's what it was like, Jen, we shall collab.

Jennifer Wilson 45:17

Yes, yeah, no. And that's I know, the community that I want to be a part of is one where we are high fiving each other and encouraging it because if we don't, then this industry doesn't exist anymore, right? If we only if it's only just, you know, one big box manufacturer who makes everything, then eventually it will just peter out. So they, they as the manufacturers, they need us to be doing things to be talking about the products to be using the products and, and keeping people interested and motivated and empowered to tell their stories. So yeah, I'm still high fiving you all the way.

Veronia Milan 45:59

Right. I just met someone at a scrapbooking store in Southern California. And she said, You know what, what got me was that I DMed you one day and I was asking you about like how you make your pictures this size, blah, blah, blah. You gave me the app gave me this, you gave me that. And she goes why? And I said all because I welcome everyone into this vortex that is going to suck all your money dry. I'm like the more people that I have, that I can talk to about this hobby. Because they're, you know, I have friends that I don't talk to them at all about this, I've sisters that I don't talk to them about my podcast or my scrapbooking because they can't relate. So the more I people I can suck into this, the better for me, you know, I don't feel like an oddball. So yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 45:59

Well and I also think with with podcasts, because for better or worse, we're still more on the cutting edge than than not. It isn't a silly, newer format. And it's my hope that we can bring younger audiences into the fold and show them that we do have so much variety, so many opportunities to do things differently. And it's not, scrapbooking is not necessarily what you think it is. It certainly can be and you can certainly love that so much. But it can be so many different things too.

Veronia Milan 47:14

Right? You're right I that's I'm trying to get my daughter to like it.

Jennifer Wilson 47:21

Actually, my daughter just asked if she could if I would help her create a Pokemon scrapbook. So we'll figure it out.

Veronia Milan 47:29

That's probably what my daughter wants. She's obsessed with Pokemon.

Jennifer Wilson 47:34

Love it. So Veronica, this has been so delightful. What are you also you working on this year? Will you be doing October daily and December Daily again? What's on your creative agenda for the rest of the year?

Veronia Milan 47:46

Yes, I always create. So there are summer books I, I create them in the Life Crafted album, and Citrus Twist kits. And then I also create an October daily and then a why call it like a December memories book. But I'm thinking that this year, instead of going daily for the October I think I'm gonna make it into a memories. Because I'm pulling the pressure off of me. I felt like I always have to like go, go, go, go go. Like it has to be daily. And the more I talk to people in the community through the podcast, I'm slowly releasing that pressure of it doesn't have to be daily, and it doesn't have to be created in October. And it is okay. If I don't even create one, which I know people are gonna say no, you have to make one. But I'm trying to take away the pressure of I want to create more just to create and less for Instagram.

Jennifer Wilson 48:53

Yes, yes, yes, no, I love that. The project I ended up doing was not what I started. But I ended up mining many past years of Octobers. One of the things that we do in October, because particularly last year and the year before, we weren't really doing that much yet, or at all. And so it made much more sense to just look back over the past decade and do a project that way. So there's always a way forward, including sometimes opting out and saying, This is a great idea, but it's not for me right now or this year. And to just keep going with what is filling your bucket at the time.

Veronia Milan 49:31

Right. I agree. I did that with the December, with the Disney album. I kind of just compiled all the years or Disney trips and put them in one album. And like, I love that.

Jennifer Wilson 49:42

Yes, for sure. So can you remind our audience where we can find you online? Anything new you have anything you have planned for the rest of the year in terms of your podcast or your more of your business life?

Veronia Milan 49:56

Um, no, just I'm creating just for fun. That's my my goal, my goal is to continue to, I'm going to jump off of the Reel. Of the daily Reels that I've been creating. I don't want to do that anymore, I want to maybe just do a couple a week. And only fun ones. I don't want to feel pressure to create. So I'm definitely going to start gearing my life towards more fun stuff for myself and less for I don't know, following whatever it is that my mind thinks I need to be doing. But I do have an Instagram I'm Veronica_creates. And a YouTube, which I've been posting on there. Again, just to like, check things out in a different you know, in a different platform. I'm like, what to like over here. It's like, imagine me opening the door to a room I'm looking around me like okay, I don't like it in here and I shut the door. I like Instagram the most. So that's where you can find me.

Jennifer Wilson 51:02

I definitely like Instagram a lot too. And I often appreciate that it shows me things that I'm interested in like so my my recommended tab is always like scrapbook stuff, planners, curly hair. And then like a few occasional celebrity pictures.

Veronia Milan 51:23

That's funny. I appreciate that.

Jennifer Wilson 51:25

It knows me and you know, for better or worse.

Veronia Milan 51:28

It's true. I have the same thing. I mine is always food, scrapbooking, and like mom's stuff. I'm like, Oh my gosh, it's all me.

Jennifer Wilson 51:38

Yes. Well, we'll include all the links that we mentioned in conversation in the show notes for this episode. Thank you again for spending time with me.

Veronia Milan 51:46

Thank you for having me.

Jennifer Wilson 51:48

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