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I’ve been a fan of Yin Goh since my earliest days as a scrapbooker.  In fact, her templates were often featured in my weekly product posts back when Simple Scrapper was a daily blog.

Today Yin is an avid hybrid scrapbooker, creating most often with Ali Edwards products. As our February featured artist, her work inspired our latest style challenge inside the membership.

This episode explores Yin’s perspective in memory keeping, as well as the techniques that do (and do not) work well for her. I enjoyed ‘meeting’ her after so many years in same creative circles.

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[00:00:00] Jennifer Wilson: Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. I’m your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is episode 204. In this episode I'm interviewing Yin Goh for the My Way series. My Way is all about celebrating the unique ways memory keepers get things done. We're excited to have Yin as the February featured artist at Simple Scrapper.

Hello friends, let’s dive in to a few updates for this week. Personally, life has been very full with Emily playing for the 7th grade volleyball team at her middle school. I’ve been attending a few of our daytime member events to stay caught up with my memory planner and my personal goal of one layout a week. I’m happy to give up a few lunch breaks to have this creative time. I’m also trying to convince myself that I like Zevia just as much as Diet Coke, but so far I’m not having much luck. In more fun news, our family is currently addicted to Only Murders in the Building. I had a lot of fun participating in the Scrap School Summit last week and want to extend a warm welcome to anyone who is listening for the first time or checking out the membership because of that event. Collaborative activities like the Summit are so important for helping introduce small businesses to new audiences. The Everyday Storyteller book projects I did way back in 2012 and 2013 were an important milestone in my own. In terms of Simple Scrapper I just met with my program assistant Peggy to make sure we’re squared away for the next Finishing Day on February 18th and the start of our Organization creative journey in March. We’re also in the early stages of planning for some fun new things coming later in the spring. You’ll hear both Peggy and our community manager Amy together on a upcoming episode as we chat about how this year is going so far. They’ll also join me individually for these observation and reflection type episodes. OK, well I think that’s it for this week. As always, you are invited to learn more about Simple Scrapper membership at

I hope to see you inside of our creative community, And now, my conversation with Yin Goh.

[00:02:57] Jennifer Wilson: Hey, Yin. Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way. How are you doing today?

[00:03:00] Yin Goh: Hi, Jennifer. Good. Very happy to be here.

[00:03:04] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Can you share a little bit about yourself to kick things off? I'm really looking forward to our conversation today.

[00:03:12] Yin Goh: Sure. Uh, I'm Yin. Uh, I live in Singapore. I was born and lived here all my life. I live with my husband. We have two young adult sons, and, uh, yeah, I work as an accountant in a bank. Uh, And then scrapbook is my escape from everything. No. Well, it's my creative escape. Yes.

[00:03:35] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, well that's, yeah, those are two very different worlds for sure. So I, I can see how you might wanna have that kind of balance between very, very left brain things and more right brain things.

[00:03:45] Yin Goh: Yes, yes. Necessary escape.

[00:03:49] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm. So what's exciting you right now? We are asking our guests this year to share one non-scrapbooking thing and as well as one scrapbooking related thing.

[00:04:01] Yin Goh: Okay. Um, the scrapbooking related thing would be, you know, with December Daily on right now and, um, I think I'm late to the game, but I have suddenly taken a shine on the very shiny things like the gold foiling and all those things. And I've bought um, I've asked my husband to give to me, uh, for Christmas, the foil quill pen.

[00:04:27] Yin Goh: I think that's what it's called. Yeah. Cuz I don't have any cutting machine. I can't do all the other fancy things. And I bought the embossing gold powders and all that and yeah, I'm going to jump into that when I, when I'm home. I'm on the holiday right now. Yeah.

[00:04:42] Jennifer Wilson: Oh yes. I love all the shiny things, particularly when we're recording this, it is December and it's, it's kind of my excuse to just go all out.

[00:04:51] Yin Goh: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody's doing it. And I, I have to jump in.

[00:04:55] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah. So what's the non-scrapbooking thing?

[00:04:59] Yin Goh: Oh, well. Um, do, do you know what is kombucha?

[00:05:05] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:05:06] Yin Goh: Yeah. So I have taken to brewing my own at home and, uh, getting, uh, getting into the hang of it. I've tried all sorts of, uh, watching all sorts of videos and trying all sorts of flavors, and I even, um, exploded a bottle at home. Yeah. I wasn't at home where my son was.

[00:05:26] Yin Goh: And he said, mom, I have bad news. Your kombucha's all gone. I said, that's not the bad news. What, how did you clean it up? And all that. But yeah.

[00:05:35] Jennifer Wilson: Oh.

[00:05:35] Yin Goh: What I, yeah. Crazy about right now. Yeah. That is, it's been going well.

[00:05:39] Jennifer Wilson: Fermentation is dangerous. So.

[00:05:41] Yin Goh: Yes.

[00:05:43] Jennifer Wilson: Now I'm curious, do you, how does the taste compare? Do you like your homemade better than the store bought or not yet?

[00:05:51] Yin Goh: Uh, I think I haven't tried a lot of store bought, but I think mine compares pretty well. So the passion fruit one that I'm currently doing is, um, is pretty cool, pretty good is, is enough fizz. Uh, and the taste is great, you know, so.

[00:06:08] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, that sounds fun. Yeah, I really enjoy a good kombucha.

[00:06:12] Yin Goh: Yeah. Oh, that's good.

[00:06:15] Jennifer Wilson: So we also like to ask our guests about their storytelling goals, and we like to refer to this as your Bucket List. So these are the list of stories that you feel that are really important to tell, but for some reason you haven't captured them yet. So what is one story that is on your Bucket List?

[00:06:33] Yin Goh: Uh, well, this is hard to answer I think actually any story before 2005. Which is when I started really scrapbooking. It's, it's on my bucket list. Um, some of them I have started, um, like I've done quite a bit on my childhood. I have talked, I have done some heritage stories about my parents and how they met and all that. I want to, I do want to go even further back to my grandparents, how they came from China and set up home here. And, um, yeah. Even maybe one day I might want, I, I should tell sooner later is how my husband and, and me, how we met our, our on off and then on again, kind of, uh, relationship we are coming on to, yeah, 30 years next year. We just had celebrated our 29th anniversary, so Yeah. I need to tell that.

[00:07:27] Jennifer Wilson: Congratulations. Wow, that's, that's a lot of longevity there.

[00:07:31] Yin Goh: Yeah. Yeah. It's been, it's been good. We're lucky.

[00:07:34] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:07:35] Yin Goh: Mm-hmm.

[00:07:36] Jennifer Wilson: So this is a My Way episode cuz you're our featured artist for February, 2023. And to kind of give our listeners a little teaser about what makes you tick, I'm curious, um, what has been successful for you in developing habits around your scrapbooking? We are in our Habits creative journey here. Um, this is our two month container for discussion and exploration. And so, what's been, what's worked for you when it comes to habits?

[00:08:06] Yin Goh: Uh, okay. I, I, I gave a thought about this and, uh, I think that there are a few, um, habits or approaches that have kind of developed over the years that, uh, make, makes it work for me. And I might say the first one would be that I, I, I scrapbook every day.

[00:08:26] Jennifer Wilson: Hmm. Makes a difference for sure.

[00:08:29] Yin Goh: Yes. I mean, it's not like I have a lot of time. I, I work full-time and there's housework and everything, but I, like I say, it's my way of, um, relaxing, winding down. So every day I do have time. I mean, my children are gone, are grown up. So I, I just, um, spend, it could be 20 minutes, it could be even, um, it could be two hours, but. I just spent a little time every day. I could be just downloading photos, I could be printing them, you know, whatever stage of the layout I may be in. I I always do something. And that's, that's really worked for me. Yeah.

[00:09:11] Jennifer Wilson: Now I'm curious, is this typically in the evening or what, what time of the day do you typically, carve out this space for yourself?

[00:09:19] Yin Goh: In the evening after work, after the dishes are done and maybe the laundry is hung. Yeah. When my husband is watching TV and my, I, I, I scrapbook in the, in the family living room as well. So I'm just in my corner doing my thing. Yeah.

[00:09:33] Jennifer Wilson: Well that's nice that you can do it to, you can still be together, um, while still doing your own things. Yeah.

[00:09:39] Yin Goh: Yeah. We, we, we did it that, we planned it that way. So my, our, our tables are in the family room all together.

[00:09:47] Jennifer Wilson: Nice, nice.

[00:09:49] Yin Goh: Yeah.

[00:09:49] Jennifer Wilson: You mentioned that you started scrapbooking in 2005. How did you discover it and how has your hobby evolved in that time?

[00:09:59] Yin Goh: Uh okay. How I discovered it was, um, in our local library, we used to bring our children. We were pretty young then to the library every week. And one of those weeks my husband went to the magazine section and walked back to me and handed me, a couple of, uh, magazines and say, I think you might like these. And, and those were the Creating Keepsakes.

[00:10:21] Jennifer Wilson: Ah, yes.

[00:10:22] Yin Goh: Ah, yeah. So literally how I started was, yeah. You know, I was like, oh, what is this? And yeah, I think it didn't, it didn't, it's, it's, it's not stopped till now. Um, so initially when I, I mean, we have all been, I guess all of us have, um, always been doing some journaling or scrapbooking in, in our own way, you know, in our albums. But when I found the magazine and I read all the stories that everybody told on their layouts, I was really intrigued and I knew this was something I had to do. I have to do, I must do, I want to do. And, um, but in Singapore then there was no scrapbook store of any kind. So I went to buy some sketchbooks. I used wrapping paper or whatever I could find and, you know, make my own pages. Yeah. That's how I got started.

[00:11:16] Jennifer Wilson: And are you still like, kind of creating in the same way that you did back then? Obviously not with, I don't think you're creating completely in sketchbooks. So honestly, that particular format has kind of come back around.

[00:11:27] Yin Goh: Yes. Yes it has.

[00:11:28] Jennifer Wilson: With the memory planners and the, the, uh, the spiral bound sketchbooks people are creating in. So, you know, everything is always new again.

[00:11:37] Yin Goh: Correct, correct, correct. But so, but I went a big loop. So right after that I kind of discovered online. I went online and I found digital scrapbooking, and then it really worked for me. Um, so I did, I figured out how to do Photoshop on my own and so on. And because the kids were young, you know, the usual things you don't have to have scissors lying around and all, and that really worked for me. And I went that way, um, fully digital for I, I don't know, five, six years I believe. And, and until I even had, um, like a design, a template design store online myself and so on. So I went really big into that. But I think in 2012 I started, um, I saw Project Life. The pocket pages that, and I started on that and, and then I found Ali Edwards. I, I mean, I knew Ali from the creating, I mean, I don't know her personally, but I, I have known about her from Creating Keepsakes but in 2012 I found, or 13 I think I found her Story, Story Kits and so on. So, and then from then on, yeah, I think I went on for nine, nine years. I did Project Life. I loved it. And only. Last year or two years ago, I switched to Storyline Chapters and now I'm pretty much back to a, a kind of like pasting and cutting into the, sticking into a book again. Yeah. Kind of scrapbooking. You're right. I came all around.

[00:13:07] Jennifer Wilson: I love that though. And I, I definitely first discovered you when I was all digital in that same kind of timeframe. Um, and I've, yeah, you've always been known for your templates that have a lot of photos across two pages.

[00:13:20] Yin Goh: Yeah.

[00:13:21] Jennifer Wilson: Um, and yeah, it's just amazing to be able to get that many, um, images on a page and really tell a big story that way.

[00:13:30] Jennifer Wilson: So now, do you still create those templates? I'm curious.

[00:13:35] Yin Goh: Uh, not really. I, I, I was, yeah, I was working, I was working part-time for those like 10 years or so when I was doing all the templates. Yeah. So I, I went back to full-time and there was just no time. Yeah, I hope to, but there were mainly created for my own, I don't create a templates just for sale or anything, but they were all for my own usually travel albums by then.

[00:13:57] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:13:58] Yin Goh: Yeah, so they're all my own pictures and my own, I mean my own layouts. And then I just, um, put them into the store. But, um, I still have a lot of travel albums pending to be, to be started on. I want to do them in the photo, photo book, uh, manner. But, uh, yeah, they are now parked to, to one side until maybe when I retire.

[00:14:21] Jennifer Wilson: Oh yes. Well, unfortunately there's just not a time for everything.

[00:14:25] Yin Goh: No. No.

[00:14:26] Jennifer Wilson: We have to make choices.

[00:14:27] Yin Goh: Correct. Travel can wait. Um, I will do all my current scrapbooking for now. Yeah.

[00:14:32] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Well, and even your current traveling, like we need to travel is a bigger priority than to actually scrapbook the travel.

[00:14:40] Yin Goh: Yes. Yes. I do, I do. Um, I do, um, what do you call that? I do recall all my travels now on in travelers notebooks. So, so I, yeah. So I do not, um, I dunno if you the need to scrapbook at the entire trip, um, now, you know, like Yeah. To, do catch up on those right now. Yeah. So that's why.

[00:15:04] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, I like that. I like how you've kind of found something that works for you right now. Now, if you look at the things that you've created, maybe in the past six months or so, can you tell, go a little bit more into detail on the, the sizes and formats that you're working in and why those are working well for you?

[00:15:24] Yin Goh: So, like I say, I have now, I'm now for current scrap everyday scrapbooking I've been working in the Storyline Chapter books, the ones from Heidi Swapp. Um, they, um, the reason why I've switched from Project Life to them is mainly because I, I wanted to save a space. Like I needed to, I have, we live in an apartment. We downsized a few years ago and that there's just no space left to keep my albums. So I am trying to go smaller that, that's one. And um, and I also took, um, took an interest in junk journaling. I'm not sure whether. You.

[00:16:07] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:16:08] Yin Goh: Yeah. So, so I, I also enjoy, um, you know, just pasting and cutting and putting things onto an actual, like a book or a journal kind of page kind of style.

[00:16:20] Yin Goh: So, so, so because of all these, I, I decided to go there and I've been loving it. Uh, for some reason I also continued to do double page layouts in the, in the Storyline Chapters, maybe from my previous digital days. Um, yeah, but I have developed some, some way of working in it that I, that I enjoy. And, uh, yeah, I, I kind of, um, I pretty much can, can put an entire year into about two or three of those books right now. This year I think I can do it in two. So.

[00:16:57] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, that's good.

[00:16:58] Yin Goh: Yeah, that's good. I choose the stories and sometimes for everyday stories, it just makes all of them into a double page, like more like a Project Life kind of page where one photo is just a story. Yeah. And just, just squeeze them all in because I, I want to scrapbook them, but I don't want to, you know, go into too many books and albums at this point.

[00:17:18] Yin Goh: So yeah, that's what's working.

[00:17:20] Jennifer Wilson: You know, that comes up so often on the podcast with, uh, longtime scrapbookers really thinking about storage and, and, and how much space their projects take up. And it's, it's a difficult balance because we love creating things. And if, you know, space was no issue, we just have a whole room just for our scrapbook albums, but that's not something that most of us have.

[00:17:46] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah. So it's just, it's just, it's interesting to think about and to kind of figure out your own personal priorities of, of size versus, you know, uh, quantity, I guess, so you mentioned that you are loving the Heidi Swapp products. Um, would you say that's primarily what you're obsessed with right now? Are there other things, uh, other products that you're really loving too?

[00:18:13] Yin Goh: Um, yeah, I was recently, I discovered, um, that you can print on canvas paper.

[00:18:20] Jennifer Wilson: Mm,

[00:18:20] Yin Goh: So I have been a bit obsessed about that and I'm not sure what, um, whether you, you saw, but I made my own December Daily album this year. Um, using by printing.

[00:18:29] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes.

[00:18:30] Yin Goh: The digital Yeah. Ali Edwards December Daily products onto the canvas paper and then wrapping it over cut board to make my own album. So that's been fun and I like that. I mean, I'm basically, I'm pretty much a, very much a hybrid scrapbooker now. So I like discovering new things I can print on, you know, new texture, new uh, yeah, like vellum and transparency and all those good stuff. Yeah, so canvas paper is a pretty new fun thing for me.

[00:19:03] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, I think I love, I love texture like that too. And we'll definitely include a link to both, um, how you put together your December Daily album as well as you know how to acquire canvas paper as well in the show notes for this episode. I, I kind of wanna try that now, so.

[00:19:20] Yin Goh: Yes. It really prints, really exceptionally. Yeah. Surprisingly well. And yeah, and you can sew on it. Like now everybody is doing some stitching, you know? Yeah, that's another thing I want to try on the canvas paper in the page here.

[00:19:37] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, I love how I guess things have gotten even, it's almost the opposite of Project Life. If Project Life was the, probably the most minimal you could get, you know, originally it was even, no, no scissors, no adhesive, and now we're like doing all the crafty things. We're sewing, we're, you know, gold foiling. We're taking it almost to the opposite extreme.

[00:20:02] Yin Goh: Yeah. I guess, yeah. At least once a year for December Daily or for one, or, or maybe, I think some of you do October daily something. You know, somewhere where we can actually play and try all the crafting things is just, it's just fun. Yeah.

[00:20:16] Jennifer Wilson: So if we were to look through your library of work, whether it's pages, your albums, is there something that you think you use or do on most of your pages? Like something that's a, a signature flourish, or, uh, what, what kind of themes do you see?

[00:20:34] Yin Goh: Uh, I think, uh, okay. I, one I would say would be that I, I do handwriting. I hand write almost 90% of the, of the time. Yeah, I just like the handwritten look, uh, and I kind of feel like it's more personal or, and, and kind of like the thoughts seems a bit more unplanned or more, maybe more authentic. I don't know.

[00:20:58] Yin Goh: But, but I, uh, yeah. Yeah. But sometimes I do type it if I have a lot of things I want to say. Squeeze it in. So I do that. But the other thing that I find on a lot of my pages with people, people will probably find now is that I do a lot of flip ups and all that. And that I would say is never really intentional. It's always because I was planning out the layout and I wanted to look a certain way, and then when I'm done, I realize I have no place to write. And I have a lot to, I usually have a lot to say. So then, then I have to squeeze in a flip up somewhere, somehow. And that has, in a way, become something I seem to do almost every, every page now. Yeah.

[00:21:38] Jennifer Wilson: Oh yeah. That, that becomes just part of your process. I like that. And I like, it's become, I don't know. We've learned, I feel like we've learned so many techniques for creating flip ups. I, didn't know these five years ago and now I know probably four different ways to make them. So, um, it's fun.

[00:21:56] Yin Goh: Yeah. Pockets as well. Yeah.

[00:21:57] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah.

[00:21:59] Yin Goh: All the good stuff.

[00:22:00] Jennifer Wilson: Um, I'm curious about your motivation. So you mentioned that you typically scrapbook on most days in the evening after work as a way to decompress. Um, does your motivation to scrapbook kind of stay consistent or does it ebb and flow?

[00:22:17] Yin Goh: I'm pretty consistent, I think. Um, I'm, I'm also, um, very much a chronological scrapbooker, and then I have certain books like the heritage albums, the childhood, some of those things that I kind of dip in every time I get some inspiration. And, well, I don't think I, yeah, I'm usually pretty motivated. I mean, so many things, so much on the, so much inspiration from everyone.

[00:22:43] Yin Goh: Sometimes I'm inspired by the, the stories that some people tell or some. Um, some layout or some something. Some products. Products usually inspire me as well, and also my own photos and my own stories and.

[00:22:57] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:22:58] Yin Goh: Yeah. I don't think I have really had major dips or I have never paused, I think in the last 15 years and take a break. I didn't see a need to. Yeah.

[00:23:11] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah. That's impressive. Even when your, your kids were younger. Um, it's awesome that you were able to kind of really stay consistent with it. So is there something in this hobby, whether it's a supply, technique, a size, a format that you've decided is absolutely not for you? You gave it a try, but it's like, Nope, this is not gonna work.

[00:23:34] Yin Goh: I don't think there's any, well, I can't think of anything that I really don't want to try or have tried that I don't like. But because I want to keep all my albums as compact as possible, I avoid anything that is too dimensional.

[00:23:47] Jennifer Wilson: Hmm.

[00:23:48] Yin Goh: Except maybe in my December Daily, but otherwise I'm always going for flat. Flat, as flat as possible. Yeah. So

[00:23:57] Jennifer Wilson: That is so interesting because I just interviewed yesterday, Sarah Kee, she's @RedOakLines on Instagram and she's our January featured artist and her thing, like the thing that she's obsessed with doing is having adding dimension and she has to use foam adhesive on every single project to make it as like chunky and dimensional as possible. So it's just so interesting to see the, the contrast.

[00:24:24] Yin Goh: Yeah. Yeah. Whatever works for each of us.

[00:24:28] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah. No, but I love that. I love how you've figured out what's the priority for you.

[00:24:34] Yin Goh: Hmm.

[00:24:35] Jennifer Wilson: Now you've mentioned that you know, you, you've downsized your home and live in a smaller space, so do you have any like favorite organizing tips or solutions, um, that have helped you, keep things together?

[00:24:48] Yin Goh: Mm. I I, I think that would be, um, I, I, I pack up every night because I have such a small space. I do keep everything away every night. Um, so I have a, that's a home for, for everything. I mean, I don't have a lot of scrapbook supplies. I mean, I, I use digital a lot, so only print what I need. And other than that, um, I have, yeah, basically that's, that's a place for a drawer for everything or a, a shelf for, I don't have shelves. I have these, the Raskog cart you what do you call those? They compact the, the shelves in the cart so I know where everything is. And I don't have too much things. And I think that would, that would be my organizational tip. Yeah. Don't own, don't, don't buy too many things and make sure I know what I have and where they are. Yeah. That would be my tip. Yeah.

[00:25:45] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, and I love how, I think hybrid has helped with the, you know, the over acquisition problem of that you, as you said, you can print just what you need and, and for the project you're using it in. And then it's not taking up any space other than in the final project.

[00:26:03] Yin Goh: Yeah, yeah. Very much. Very much. It helps, helps a lot. Yes.

[00:26:09] Jennifer Wilson: So, where would you like your scrapbooking to be in 10 years from now?

[00:26:15] Yin Goh: That that would be the hardest question actually, for me. It is almost like, uh uh, what do you call it? Existential question?

[00:26:25] Jennifer Wilson: Existential. Yeah.

[00:26:26] Yin Goh: Yeah, because I mean, I, I go through this every couple of years. I mean, like you say just now, I have, we have done this for so many years. We have so many albums and sometimes we, we, I just have to ask myself, do I really need to scrapbook everything?

[00:26:41] Yin Goh: Do I need to keep every story? And I know that not every story would matter to my family or my children, and some do. Some of the heritage ones, especially, I have pointed those out to them. I say, they just tell you where you come from, who came before you. So keep these and the rest are where we went, what we did, and. But still, um, I love it. So as, as we all say, we do it for ourselves, but do I need to do so much? Do I need to scrapbook everything? Well, that there's questions I ask myself all the time. So maybe in 10 years, I'm not sure. I have thought that by now I would step down on my scrapbooking and, uh, maybe just do certain highlights of the year, kind of scrapbook or maybe just do one or one Week In The Life, and one Day In The Life. Stuff like that, you know, just to capture a bit of our lives. Yeah. So maybe in 10 years that's where I'll be, but, uh, no. Yeah. I, I, I, I don't, I don't know.

[00:27:48] Jennifer Wilson: It's okay. It's okay. One thing this.

[00:27:52] Yin Goh: Yeah. Honest.

[00:27:53] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, that's what, that's what we wanna hear. I mean, some people have really clear visions and others, you know, uh, are keeping the door open and, and don't see, you know, where things might head. I know you mentioned, you know, that you might do like a Week In The Life and a Day In The Life. One thing that I'm experimenting with this year is doing a kind of a year and review spread in my December Daily to help me feel like I kind of captured the highlights of the year.

[00:28:21] Yin Goh: Yeah.

[00:28:22] Jennifer Wilson: Cuz I didn't do a very good job this year of otherwise doing that. So.

[00:28:26] Yin Goh: That, that, that works. That's perfect as well. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe a year review or a month in review. So I just have 12 layouts a year. Maybe, I don't know.

[00:28:36] Jennifer Wilson: There you go.

[00:28:36] Yin Goh: Yeah, yeah. All, all, all ideas or good ideas. Yeah.

[00:28:40] Jennifer Wilson: I remember in those years, like right before Project Life, or maybe at the very beginning of it, there was, was it like Weeds and Wildflowers had these like kits that were really designed for doing like a month in review and that was like a thing. But this is like 20, 2010, maybe 20, I don't know.

[00:28:59] Yin Goh: Maybe before.

[00:29:00] Jennifer Wilson: Long time ago, .

[00:29:01] Yin Goh: Yeah. Yes, yes.

[00:29:04] Jennifer Wilson: So. Okay.

[00:29:05] Yin Goh: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

[00:29:06] Jennifer Wilson: If we continue on down the existential path, uh, what has being a scrapbooker taught you?

[00:29:13] Yin Goh: Uh, okay. Um, I think it has taught me to, to be an observer.

[00:29:20] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:29:22] Yin Goh: To observe. Um, otherwise I would probably rush through life. I'm quite a doer or a worrier and then a doer kind of person. But I think being a scrapbooker has, helped me to take notice, notice things, see things. Notice the moments, notice what we say, the things that we, not just what we do, maybe what we think, how we interact, um, whatever, you know, the moments that maybe make up life.

[00:29:59] Yin Goh: So yeah, I, I, I'm really glad, I'm really glad for what scrapbooking has, does, has done for me. And all the, yeah, all the, everything that I have noticed and captured that makes us, us, makes my family and makes me, me. Um, yeah, I, it's like I didn't live a rushed life, but I have, um, I have, I, I don't have the words for it, but yeah. I have seen and noticed.

[00:30:34] Jennifer Wilson: Beautiful thought.

[00:30:35] Yin Goh: I can't express it, but yes, that's the thought. Yeah.

[00:30:39] Jennifer Wilson: Well, no, I love that. The, the, the idea of not rushing through life and that memory keeping helps us do that. Because sometimes, particularly right now in December, it feels like we're just rushing through. Um, but even projects like December Daily help me take that time to, to not rush even if the rest of the day feels that way. So yeah, very lovely. Beautifully said.

[00:31:05] Yin Goh: Thank you.

[00:31:07] Jennifer Wilson: Yin, can you share where we can find you online and anything you might have new or coming up in 2023?

[00:31:17] Yin Goh: Uh, I am mostly online on Instagram now. Uh, my handle is yin underscore dgs, and DGS actually is short for designs, which is what my store just, uh, was called Yin Designs.

[00:31:31] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:31:32] Yin Goh: So it's yin_dgs. I still have the blog and the store up. Um, that's at, I think, and simply

[00:31:48] Yin Goh: But I haven't been updating the blog, so yeah. And I think I have a, yeah, sorry. I do have a YouTube now. A new, the new YouTube, which is also a yin, no, it's called Yin Pages. Yin_Pages. Yeah. I don't, I don't think I have, uh, I don't think I have anything new for 2023 coming up, just being me, doing what I do.

[00:32:10] Jennifer Wilson: That sounds great. I we're looking forward to it. We'll definitely include all those links in the show notes for this episode. Thank you so much for spending time with me.

[00:32:19] Yin Goh: Thank you so much for having me. This has been wonderful.

[00:32:24] Jennifer Wilson: And to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to Scrapbook Your Way.

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