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Scrapbooking has taught Linda Jordan to pay attention to the little details in her life. It has been an important tool for personal reflection and growth over the years, but her main goal is to keep the hobby fun. In this episode Linda shares what makes her creative process work, including approaches for planning, organization, and experimentation.

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[00:00:28] Jennifer Wilson: Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. I’m your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is episode 217. In this episode I'm interviewing Linda Jordan for the My Way series. My Way is all about celebrating the unique ways memory keepers get things done. We're excited to have Linda as the May featured artist at Simple Scrapper.

[00:00:58] Jennifer Wilson: Hey Linda. Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way.

[00:01:00] Linda Jordan: Hi. Thanks for having me.

[00:01:02] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, I am looking forward to our conversation today. Can you start by sharing a little bit about yourself so that our audience has some context?

[00:01:12] Linda Jordan: Yes, of course. So my name is Linda Jordan and I live in upstate New York. I am a single mom. My daughter is a senior in high school. And so we're going through the whole college process right now, I also have an orange cat who shows up in most of my scrapbooks. And during the day, I am a full-time tax attorney for the state of New York.

[00:01:39] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, okay. Wow. Lots going on for you right now. We have an orange cat too, and he is sometimes He's so sweet, but sometimes he's so dumb too.

[00:01:52] Linda Jordan: Mine too. I think it's an orange cat thing.

[00:01:55] Jennifer Wilson: I, yeah, that's what they say for sure. And upstate New York, that's a place that I have not visited and it's on my list. Um, my husband did some travel for work there in like the Finger Lakes area. Now I realize like everything outside of New York City is upstate, I guess . But um, it's a place that I definitely wanna visit sometime.

[00:02:16] Linda Jordan: Yeah, I'm in the Capital Region, so the Finger Lakes aren't too far for me. Maybe about an hour. It is really nice.

[00:02:22] Jennifer Wilson: Nice.

[00:02:23] Linda Jordan: In the fall, the rest of the year, and I could take it or leave it.

[00:02:29] Jennifer Wilson: So Linda, what's exciting you right now, I'd love for you to share a scrapbooking related thing as well as something outside of your hobby.

[00:02:37] Linda Jordan: Well outside of scrapbooking, it's finally warming up. We were just talking about upstate New York. It is bitter cold winters, and that is just something I hate. But we're finally getting into spring and I'm so excited about that. I'm so excited about the flowers and the warmer weather and I'm looking forward to getting out and taking some pictures.

[00:02:57] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes, yes. Did you grow up in the area?

[00:03:02] Linda Jordan: No, I'm actually originally from California, so.

[00:03:04] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, that makes a lot more sense then.

[00:03:06] Linda Jordan: Yeah. The cold and the seasons are, are new for me, but I mean, I, I shouldn't say new. I've been in New York for 10 years, but I'm still getting used to them.

[00:03:18] Jennifer Wilson: For sure. And then what about inside of scrapbooking?

[00:03:22] Linda Jordan: Yeah. For scrapbooking, I'm really excited for Week in the Life that's coming up at the end of this month. I'm gonna be documenting along with the Ali Edwards community and putting together an album. I have done that project, I wanna say 10 times before, and so I'm very excited and getting ready to prep my album and get that project documented.

[00:03:44] Jennifer Wilson: Oh yes, for sure. That's definitely a big one in our community and so many love it. I have actually never done a full Week in the Life album, but I've always taken photos and done something for it, whether it's a single layout, a spread or something. So it's super fun to see what, how everybody handles it.

[00:04:03] Linda Jordan: Yeah, I feel like it's a great project even if you don't put together an album. Cause I get so many great photos from it.

[00:04:11] Jennifer Wilson: Yes.

[00:04:11] Linda Jordan: And I use them in all my other projects for months. I'm using them for, uh, all sorts of things.

[00:04:18] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah. So many times it's been that, like one week a year where I actually bring my big camera around with me versus just my phone. And so it's always some of my favorite photos. So that point is spot on.

[00:04:30] Linda Jordan: Exactly.

[00:04:32] Jennifer Wilson: So Linda, we also like to ask our guests about their memory keeping bucket list. So do you have a story that feels really important to tell? Can be big or small, but for one reason or another you have not yet told it?

[00:04:45] Linda Jordan: Well, so right now I'm kind of living the story, but I'm not, I haven't done it yet. I wanna document my daughter's senior year of high school. So she is getting towards the end, getting towards graduation, and I haven't really touched her album since her junior year. It just seems so big and important and I don't want to miss.

[00:05:05] Jennifer Wilson: I bet.

[00:05:05] Linda Jordan: Any of it.

[00:05:07] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes, yes. Do you have any particular kind of creative visions for what you want to do, or you're not that far yet?

[00:05:15] Linda Jordan: Um, I, I'm gonna do a mixture of pages. Some will be pocket pages, some will be traditional layouts. It's kind of my, my typical scrapbook style for an album, and I'll probably mix in some Story Kits and other types of projects in there to kind of tell the overall story of her year.

[00:05:36] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, very fun. Very fun. So this is a My Way episode where we get to learn more about you as a scrapbooker, as a home photographer, creative. Um, but right now at Simple Scrapper, we are specifically talking about storytelling. So I always like to kind of jump right in with a, with a juicy question. So how do you approach capturing stories for future scrapbook pages?

[00:06:01] Linda Jordan: So this is a question I love because this is something that people ask me about all the time. And I have changed my method over time. But the way I'm doing it now is I'm using a planner.

[00:06:13] Linda Jordan: I have a Hobonichi Cousin Planner that I'm obsessed with. I'm also a planner in addition to scrapbooking. But I use it to kind of jot down notes throughout the day of everything that kind of happened and some little stories that I wanna tell and I kind carry around with me and I find time to just, you know, add notes. Pretty much every day, multiple times a day usually. And then I have it as a reference to look back on whenever I do get around to telling those stories.

[00:06:42] Jennifer Wilson: Now I'm curious, are you trying to make this cute and attractive, or is it solely like a functional type of activity?

[00:06:51] Linda Jordan: Um, it's kinda cute and attractive, but that's not really the main focus. I do add, you know, some washi tape sometimes and you know, a little bit of doodling, but it's mostly just to write down my notes. And I think I really just add the decoration because it makes it more fun and more exciting for me to add to it. But the main focus is to capture those notes so that I have them when I look back for scrapbooking.

[00:07:18] Jennifer Wilson: Awesome. Um, I'm guessing you might have a photo or two of those on your Instagram that we could link to.

[00:07:23] Linda Jordan: Yes, I definitely do.

[00:07:25] Jennifer Wilson: Okay. So I will do that in the show notes for this episode cause I think our listeners will be really interested in that process.

[00:07:32] Linda Jordan: Great.

[00:07:34] Jennifer Wilson: So could we go back a little bit and could you tell us a little bit about how you got started scrapbooking and what that looked like for you back then, and maybe how that has shifted over time.

[00:07:45] Linda Jordan: Yeah, so I have been scrapbooking pretty much my whole life. I really started, I wanna say my sophomore year in high school. But I have always been artsy, always been into crafting and whatever project I could get my hands on, as long as I can remember. I think I started. actual scrapbooking because I wanted something to do with my photos.

[00:08:08] Linda Jordan: Back then you only had, you know, prints, prints of your photos cuz they were from film. I had like boxes and boxes of them and I wanted something to do with them. So I would make kind of collage type scrapbooks. My style has changed so much since then. It's been, you know, over 20 years and, you know, it just, it's evolved a ton over time. I think the industry has evolved a ton since then. And a huge piece of that I think is the internet and being able to see other people's projects and see all sorts of inspiration all the time. Um, when I first started, I pretty much just kind of did whatever I wanted and I didn't share my pages with anyone because that just really wasn't a thing back then.

[00:08:53] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:08:53] Linda Jordan: And once the internet came around, you know, you're sharing your pages, you're seeing other people's projects, and it, it has a huge influence on what you do in your own projects.

[00:09:05] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, for sure. I think there's so much of a, a speed now, I mean, throughout the world with, with all things online. But the speed of of, of being influenced to try something new, try a new technique, and you know, once you see it on a couple pages, all of a sudden it's everywhere. And, um, yeah, it's really fun that that can happen so, so quickly these days.

[00:09:29] Linda Jordan: Yeah.

[00:09:30] Jennifer Wilson: So today, what sizes or formats are you usually creating in?

[00:09:35] Linda Jordan: So I create in all different sizes and formats I have never been someone who can just keep doing the same thing over and over. I lose interest really easily. Um, I think the only one that I guess I could say that I go back to over and over would be pocket pages because I do Project Life and I've done that consistently every year since 2013. So it's.

[00:09:58] Jennifer Wilson: That's impressive.

[00:10:00] Linda Jordan: It's down my 11th year. So I do have those pocket pages. But I think that I can keep that one fresh because I change up my style of what I put in the pocket pages. And I supplement it with traditional layouts, mini books. Uh, most recently I've been doing some bound books, like travelers notebooks or journals. yeah, I pretty much do everything.

[00:10:26] Jennifer Wilson: Now, what size are you using for your Project Life this year?

[00:10:30] Linda Jordan: Nine by 12, which is actually the first time I've done that size. Previously, I always did 12 by 12.

[00:10:36] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, so how are you finding the 9 by 12 size?

[00:10:39] Linda Jordan: I really like it. Um, I, I switched primarily because I found that most of my photos are vertical these days because I'm sharing a lot of my Instagram stories. And so I was struggling with the 12 by 12 because there's so many of those horizontal four by six pockets.

[00:10:56] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:10:57] Linda Jordan: And with the 9 by 12, I can do almost entirely three by fours, and so it's much easier for me to just kind get my photos to work with the spread in the layout.

[00:11:08] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, that makes so much sense. I think that type of those decisions regarding photo orientation and the supplies, that's kind of a stumbling point for a lot of folks with Project Life, and so I think that could be a fun solution for those who are always finding that incompati compatibility between their photos in the pocket direction.

[00:11:27] Jennifer Wilson: So.

[00:11:28] Linda Jordan: Yeah, definitely.

[00:11:30] Jennifer Wilson: So whose products are you completely obsessed with these days? What's going in your shopping cart?

[00:11:36] Linda Jordan: Pretty much Ali Edwards everything. have a subscription to all of her kits and I use her products on pretty much every project I make. Even if I'm using other products from other companies. I tend to find, you know, one or two of her things slipping into each page I make.

[00:11:57] Jennifer Wilson: That's really fun. So Linda, if you had to look through your pages besides seeing Ali's handwriting and her products, um, what is something that you use or do on most of your pages?

[00:12:09] Linda Jordan: I think that's a hard question because like I said, I switch up my style so much and I try so many different styles. But I think the one thing that I gravitate towards the most would be alphabet stamps. And.

[00:12:22] Jennifer Wilson: Oh.

[00:12:23] Linda Jordan: I love alpha stamps I love stamping large phrases and words, and I do that on a lot of my projects.

[00:12:32] Jennifer Wilson: That's fun. That's always make, especially those big phrases, make like a huge impression and really kind of add some drama to your pages. Those are always really fun.

[00:12:41] Linda Jordan: Yeah, it's one of my favorite go-to techniques for sure.

[00:12:45] Jennifer Wilson: So I'd like to talk a little bit about what your life looks like and how scrapbooking fits into that. So when do you typically find the time and energy for scrapbooking?

[00:12:56] Linda Jordan: I would say the weekends are the most consistent, but I also kind of fit it in at different times and places. I'm very lucky in my career that I have a very flexible schedule, so I have some weekdays off. Some weekdays that I don't have a very busy or stressful day where I get out fairly early in the afternoon and then I'm able to work scrapbooking into that time right there.

[00:13:22] Jennifer Wilson: Nice. Nice. Now, what about your motivation? Does it stay pretty consistent over time, or do you go through ebbs and flows?

[00:13:32] Linda Jordan: Uh, I definitely go through ebbs and flows. I think everyone does, don't they?

[00:13:37] Jennifer Wilson: You know, I've, I've asked this question of so many and I would say maybe like 60 to 75% do. But there is a larger than I expected portion of people who really stay very consistently motivated, is just kind of part of who they are. So that's, that's definitely been surprising for me.

[00:13:57] Linda Jordan: Yeah, that is surprising. I think I'm always motivated to create something, but there's some times where I just want to sit in my scrapbook room for 10 hours straight and make everything, and there's other times where, you know, I wanna do a little bit here and there, so I'm always wanting make something. But it definitely fluctuates.

[00:14:18] Jennifer Wilson: Do you have any strategies that you use when you, maybe you're like feeling a little blah or can't get inspired. Is there anything that you turn to to, to jumpstart?

[00:14:28] Linda Jordan: Yeah, so I kind of try to stay on track because I do a lot of planning for my scrapbooking. So I will plan out my projects ahead of time, and I tend to have some options of projects I wanna work on. So if I go into my craft room to sit down and scrapbook and I look at my list of projects that I wanna work on, if there's maybe five or six on there. Usually one of them is sparking my interest at that point in time. Um, but sometimes if I'm not really feeling that creative, I will work on something that's kind of tangentially related to scrapbooking, but not an actual layout. Such as, you know, I, I organize my stamps, I do a lot of organization with some of my other products. I might watch a scrapbook class and take some notes, sketch out some pages, that kind of thing to kind of get the juices flowing.

[00:15:19] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes. There's so many things like, as you said, tangential to scrapbooking that we often find ourselves in, but being intentional about kind of using those as springboards to a motivation, I think is a great idea.

[00:15:32] Linda Jordan: Oh yes, it definitely helps a lot.

[00:15:35] Jennifer Wilson: So I'm curious in all of your experimentation with all the sizes and all the formats and you know, trying different supplies, have you decided there's anything that's just not for you?

[00:15:48] Linda Jordan: I would say the answer to that is probably no. And I, I think that's because I've been scrapbooking for so long that my interests have changed so much over time. And if you had asked me that question 10 years ago, I would've said digital scrapbooking is 100% not for me. And then one day I just saw some layouts that inspired me and I had to try it. And you know, I've made a few digital photo books that I absolutely love. So, I think everything just kind of comes around at some point, and even if it's something looks like it's not for me at one point in time, eventually I might wanna try it.

[00:16:27] Jennifer Wilson: So you're a never say never type of person.

[00:16:30] Linda Jordan: Yes, definitely.

[00:16:33] Jennifer Wilson: So I'd love to talk about organization. Do you have any like tips or solutions that have really worked well for you, either in your scrapbook space or even elsewhere in your home that have just made a difference?

[00:16:47] Linda Jordan: Yeah, I have a lot of scrapbook related organization in my scrapbook room that I have actually shared a lot of it on my YouTube channel. Um, one that I think works really well that a lot of people have responded to is my stamp organization system. I've pretty much created a catalog of all of my stamps where I have labeled each of them based on the manufacturer and the size of that stamp. And then I have binders where I stamp out all of the stamps that are related to a theme and then make a note of which stamp it's on so I can locate it. And then when I'm crafting, rather than flipping through all of my stamps, I can just open in my binder and say, you know, I need something related to the outdoors. And I can flip to my outdoors page and see all of the stamps that I have that are specifically on that topic.

[00:17:37] Jennifer Wilson: Oh wow. That sounds so fun. And do you ha, do you find that it's kind of sped up the process by doing it that way?

[00:17:44] Linda Jordan: Yes, it definitely speeds up the process while I'm scrapbooking. And it also helps me use my stamps because before I did this, I would tend to use the stamp that I most recently purchased, maybe like the ones that I had purchased in the last couple of months, and then I forget about them.

[00:18:01] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Or maybe you hit a purchase somewhere and then you realized, oh, I've never used that. Cause uh, it just got tucked away somewhere.

[00:18:10] Linda Jordan: Yeah, especially with the subscription kits where you get a stamp every.

[00:18:13] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:18:13] Linda Jordan: Month. It's hard to kind of keep up with them or remember which ones you have. And then when you're crafting, if you flip through all of your stamps, that just takes so much time that I just wasn't doing it.

[00:18:26] Jennifer Wilson: And what kind of like rhythm do you have for updating your system with those new purchases?

[00:18:32] Linda Jordan: So that is one of the things that I work on when I'm not feeling motivated to scrapbook.

[00:18:36] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:18:37] Linda Jordan: And I pretty much, I will put my new stamps that come into my craft room a aside in a stack until I have usually maybe about 10 to 12 sets. And then I label them and go through the process of adding them to my binders and then putting them away in my stash. And while I'm doing that, while I'm working on putting my binders, I usually will be watching TV. I might take them in the living room and watch a movie with my daughter. So it's something that I can work on extra times when I'm either not motivated to scrapbook or I don't really have the time to scrapbook, cause I'm out in the living room doing other things.

[00:19:15] Jennifer Wilson: Sure, sure. Yeah. I think some of that multitasking can be really helpful for, especially for things that maybe don't require a lot of brain power, cuz you've already made the decisions for them.

[00:19:25] Linda Jordan: Exactly.

[00:19:27] Jennifer Wilson: I'd actually love to hear a little bit more about your planning process. I know you have a class at Ali Edwards on this, and we'll include that link in the show notes, but could you give us like a few ideas of, of how you do things and, and why it really works well for you?

[00:19:42] Linda Jordan: Yeah, so, uh, first I'll talk about that class. So I do have a class that's called Plan, Prep and Play, and in that class I'm talking about all sorts of things, not just my planning process. My planning process and my project design process and some tips and techniques for using your supplies and using up an entire kit.

[00:20:03] Linda Jordan: So there's a whole bunch of different things that I cover in that class. Uh, for my planning process, I think I kind of, and I do this in that class too. I split it in kind of two categories. So I have my planning as far as what projects am I going to work on and what steps do.

[00:20:20] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:20:20] Linda Jordan: I need to do to complete those projects. And then I also have the planning where I'm designing a project and kind of figuring out what stories do I wanna tell with this kit, or what projects do I want to, how do I wanna put a project together? So I kind of treat those two types of planning separately, if that makes sense?

[00:20:39] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, totally. Yep.

[00:20:41] Linda Jordan: So I do, for the first one for planning, kind of what I wanna work on. I set monthly goals, and I tend to share these on my Instagram. Where I will lay out all of the projects that I might wanna work on in that month, and kind of all of the pages that go in each one. So for example, I'll put, you know, Project Life, and then I will list out the weeks that I need to do and the kit I'm gonna use for each week. So I have it there on a bullet list to kinda look at. And then as I'm scrapbooking throughout the month, when I'm ready to sit down and do a project, I will look at that page and say, oh, you know, I have this one to do. I can work on that, and that will, then I'll check it off so I know that I've completed it. As far as planning my actual projects, I think that a lot of that depends on the kit I'm using in the project. But for something like Ali Edwards Story Kits, I do have a binder that I keep. Where I plan specifically for each kit, five or so projects that I wanna do, and I will sketch them out and write down story ideas directly related to that theme. And then when I'm ready to work on that theme, I will pull out that binder and look at the different projects that I have planned out and choose one that is inspiring me at that moment to create.

[00:22:00] Jennifer Wilson: Hmm, this is sounds so fun. I'm, I'm a planning geek myself. And so I love organizing ideas in different ways and kind of separating these two kind of thought processes I think can be really helpful. Cuz sometimes we try to jam everything together and wonder, wonder why it doesn't quite fit. Um, but by really thinking about this is, this is how I need to capture these ideas and process them, and then this is how I need to do these other ones. So that's really handy.

[00:22:25] Linda Jordan: Thanks. Yeah, I think, and I, I go through that a lot more in that class at Ali Edwards too. Where I kinda separate the two. And I think for me, when I am feeling creative but not high energy, where I don't really feel, feel like pulling out all the supplies, that's when I know it's time to kinda sit down and sketch out those project ideas and kind get them.

[00:22:47] Jennifer Wilson: Yes.

[00:22:47] Linda Jordan: Down on paper.

[00:22:50] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Yes. And I often find that kind of doing that can bring the motivation back if you just start taking those baby steps towards making a page.

[00:22:59] Linda Jordan: Yes, definitely. That works a lot for me.

[00:23:03] Jennifer Wilson: So stepping back, big picture here. Where would you like your hobby to be in another decade?

[00:23:10] Linda Jordan: Um, that is a interesting question because I, I don't really have that long term of goals with scrapbooking. I think, you know, this is something I do for fun. It's something I love. So I really have no idea where I will be in 10 years because the goal for me is to keep it fun. So if something.

[00:23:28] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:23:28] Linda Jordan: Is not fun anymore, I will switch it up. I think that the only thing I could say is that I will definitely still be scrapbooking. I just couldn't imagine my life without scrapbooking as a piece of it.

[00:23:42] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, I love that. And I'm sure so many of our listeners agree with that, that, you know, seasons of life will shift. The products we use will shift, but you know, we are all, many of us are in it, uh, for the long haul.

[00:23:57] Linda Jordan: Yeah, and there's just so many different ways to scrapbook.

[00:23:59] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:24:00] Linda Jordan: That it's so hard to say, you know, I'm gonna keep doing, you know, traditional layouts forever because, you know, you might lose interest in that or your style might change, or you know, the products you're interested in might change. But it's that overall, just thought about scrapbooking itself, is what is really drawing you to it. Not necessarily, you know, the traditional layout, but you know, getting your memories down on paper.

[00:24:26] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes, yes, yes. So, looking back over, uh, what sounds like most of your life, what has being a scrapbooker taught you?

[00:24:36] Linda Jordan: Um, for me, I think it's taught me a lot about paying attention to all the little details in life. Especially, you know, doing Project Life, which is, like I said, something I've done for 10 years now. I've done almost every one of those years, I did a weekly spread and, you know, there's not always a lot going on in my life. I have one child and she's a teenager now, so she's not, even always present in my album because she is, you know, out doing her own things. So sometimes it's just me and my cat finding the little details, um, to capture, to take photos of, to document. It really, you know, makes life just that much more fun. I also think that.

[00:25:16] Jennifer Wilson: Hmm. Yes.

[00:25:17] Linda Jordan: Something for me as a scrapbooker, because when I first started, I did this as you know, I'm just gonna document this is what happened in my life. And now I do scrapbooking so much more in depth where I'm doing a lot of personal reflection, a lot of personal growth. I'll document things that haven't happened yet, such as goals. And so I think that for me, scrapbooking gives me that a outlook or that opportunity to kind of self-reflect and work on my, my own person and being a better person in general.

[00:25:54] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Yes. Now I'm curious, do you do One Little Word?

[00:25:57] Linda Jordan: Yes. That is something I have done since 2015.

[00:26:01] Jennifer Wilson: Okay. Okay.

[00:26:03] Linda Jordan: I have kept a word pretty much every year. Um, this most recent year, I haven't really been as inspired by the project. I still love my word. My word this year is Fun. Which I think has been a great word for 2023 for me. But I haven't really been keeping up with the project itself, with the album. And I think it's just, you know, one of those phases of my scrapbooking where I'm probably going to kind of incorporate a word in something else such as a journal going forward.

[00:26:35] Jennifer Wilson: Well, and I think sometimes we can find that we've, we're doing what needs to be done elsewhere and so maybe we thought we were gonna do a specific project, but somehow we've satisfied that in another way.

[00:26:46] Linda Jordan: Yeah, exactly. That's kind of where, how I feel about the One Little Word project, because when I first started that project, my other scrapbooking really was just, you know, this is what happened in my life.

[00:26:58] Jennifer Wilson: Mm-hmm.

[00:26:58] Linda Jordan: And One Little Word was that one project where I did do that self-reflection, and kind of documented, you know, my thought process more than just, you know, the facts of my daily life. But now that has kind of morphed into all of my projects, and so I don't feel the need to really do the One Little Word class content anymore.

[00:27:19] Jennifer Wilson: Sure. I think that makes sense. There's a lot, I think others will resonate with that thought process and experience as well.

[00:27:27] Linda Jordan: Mm-hmm.

[00:27:28] Jennifer Wilson: Linda, this has been really, uh, a fun time to get to know you, to use your word. Can you share where we can find you online? Anything you might have new or coming up later this year?

[00:27:40] Linda Jordan: Yes. Um, I'm on Instagram and YouTube as LindaLovesCreating and I am sharing just kind of all of my projects as I make them on both of those platforms. I tend to share a lot of scrapbooking and planner related content. And pretty much whatever I'm inspired by at the moment. Right now that's gonna be coming up soon, a lot of Week in the Life content and possibly, hopefully I'm gonna be putting together my Day in the Life album pretty soon, as well, too.

[00:28:11] Jennifer Wilson: Awesome. Well, I find your stuff always very inspiring and I'm sure our listeners will as well.

[00:28:17] Linda Jordan: Thank you.

[00:28:18] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, thanks for spending time with me and to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to Scrapbook Your Way.

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