SYW267 – Shifting from Spring to Summer

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What happens when you making noticing a priority? This year my creative colleague Helen DeRam has joined me for an exploration of the natural seasons and we’re here with an update as we shift from Spring to Summer. There’s no one way to approach this project and that’s the beauty of it.

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[00:02:01] Jennifer Wilson: Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. I’m your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is episode 267. In this episode I'm chatting with Helen DeRam about the transition from spring to summer and our observations thus far on a year-long seasonal memory keeping project.

[00:02:31] Jennifer Wilson: Helen, welcome back to Scrapbook Your Way. I am so excited to chat with you today.

[00:02:35] Helen DeRam: Thanks, Jennifer. It's great to be back.

[00:02:38] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, as many of our listeners know, you are the one who edits our episodes, so you will get to listen to this one twice. Um, it's something that I am deeply appreciative of. It certainly has opened up a lot of time for me to make sure that I'm taking care of our members and doing all the things I need to do in this busy season of life.

[00:02:58] Helen DeRam: I'm glad to do it. It's, I, I get to listen to the podcast early, which is always exciting. And, uh, yeah, I enjoy doing it.

[00:03:06] Jennifer Wilson: So today we are going to focus on the end of spring and the transition to summer as it relates to the Aligned class. And I will link in the show notes the previous episode we did on this. But first I want to make sure we're doing all the regular things. So Helen, what is exciting you right now inside of scrapbooking and in your life?

[00:03:29] Helen DeRam: in life, I think I'm, I'm excited for summer. I'm excited to just try to slow down a little bit. I don't know if it's possible. There are a few things going on this summer. Um, but springtime is always just so busy with trying to get everything done in the yard and it's been busy at work and other places. So I'm hoping for a slowdown. So I'm excited to slow down. Um, I think you probably feel the same way, but I don't know if you have a slowdown coming up or not, but.

[00:04:03] Jennifer Wilson: I do. I do. It's yeah, it's just definitely different pace during the summer.

[00:04:07] Helen DeRam: Yeah, yeah, that's good. Um, As far as scrapbooking goes, I'm excited, actually, because I've been, most of my scrapbooking has been for the seasonal albums that I'm doing, and I'm excited to dive into my summer products. So I've been, um, purchasing some products that, um, um, You know, that are definitely more summer looking.

[00:04:32] Helen DeRam: So I'm excited to kind of dig those out. Honestly, I bought them several months ago and I kind of put them away. So it's going to be like, um, like Christmas opening up a product that I bought that I don't even remember what it is, but I'm looking forward to that. Yeah.

[00:04:46] Jennifer Wilson: You know when you pre-order things, I think that happens a lot. You just have to trust that your future self will be just as excited as the one that pressed the buy button.

[00:04:57] Helen DeRam: Yes. I'm looking forward to it.

[00:05:00] Jennifer Wilson: So one of the things I'm excited about is really small, but I just got a pair of over the ear noise cancelling headphones. Kind of in anticipation of summer. I had had, I have like little earbuds. Mine are, Oh, are they Beats or Bose or something? I don't remember, but they are noise cancelling, but I can't wear them like all day.

[00:05:22] Jennifer Wilson: Like I can wear them for a short period of time. Uh, but then they start to hurt my ears. But I am like highly aware that today was the last day of school for my daughter. And all of a sudden there's going to be all these like teen girls in my house, in and out the door, all summer long, eating all my food. And I want to support them in doing that. But I also do need to work. So I am excited to, um, have these noise canceling headphones just so that I can kind of be in my little bubble. Um, and she can text me when, when she needs something. Um, and I will, I will definitely link this pair in the show notes.

[00:05:59] Jennifer Wilson: I did a lot of research because I'm such a research nerd. I spend way too much time Googling things. But this was like a pair that was highly well reviewed, but still, um, very, very affordable. I think they were 40 to 45 dollars. And then I also got a case. So the total was like 68 or something. So for, you know, Yes, you can buy some that are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and up. I've seen some that are even over a thousand dollars. But that's not in my budget at the moment. And, uh, yeah, I'm just glad to, to have these so that I can keep working on Simple Scrapper and all the things this summer.

[00:06:36] Helen DeRam: That's a great idea. Good idea. I hope they work out for you.

[00:06:41] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, me too. This is actually my first, my first day using them. They arrived yesterday. Um, and they're just, they're very comfortable. They're not like pressing on my ears. If anything, like, it's like, wow, do I have a small head? But, um, I hope that means they're just going to be really comfortable throughout the day.

[00:06:58] Jennifer Wilson: In terms of scrapbooking, it's been, it's been a weird year. That is for sure. It's just, this season of life, it is a lot with my daughter's very busy sports schedule. Um, I've been taking some photos, not as many as I would like. But we are going on a like vacation that's partially funded by my work at the university. So that's, it's always nice to get some of your trip paid for. Um, we're going to a conference as well. And I pre ordered some summer theme supplies from A Cherry on Top. I think it's the new Paige Evans line. And I think it's like an adventure y type line. And I want to do like a really fun, quick mini book when I get back.

[00:07:49] Jennifer Wilson: Um, so I'm going to try to do, um, the Day One app on the trip. So that I can have some journaling ready to go. So that is a barrier that's kind of crossed off. Like if I could just write three sentences every night, I'd be really happy with myself.

[00:08:05] Helen DeRam: Yes. You can do it.

[00:08:07] Jennifer Wilson: And yeah, I'm just, I'm excited to, for a little bit of a change of pace and to have like a fun scrappy thing to really like wrap it all up in the end. So.

[00:08:18] Helen DeRam: Yeah. Are you making the mini book or did you buy a little book?

[00:08:23] Jennifer Wilson: I think I'm going, I don't know. I haven't decided yet. I might make it. I have, I'm interested in doing like a sewn binding Coptic book type thing that, um, she likes to do. But I also do have a three by eight album. Um, I think it was from the Ali Edwards kids kit from many years ago that Emily had no interest in. Maybe she would now. Um, but she didn't when I bought it. And so I have a couple options. So I want to lay it all out and then, you know, make the decision.

[00:08:56] Helen DeRam: Oh, exciting. I'm looking forward to see what you do.

[00:08:59] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, I'm hoping by the second half of June that those products have all arrived at my doorstep, but we'll see.

[00:09:07] Helen DeRam: Yes.

[00:09:09] Jennifer Wilson: Okay. Um, let's transition to talking about this project. We have been on a journey this year and I was just thinking as I was you know, mentally preparing for this episode that I love that we have different creative approaches. We're in different like seasons of life. We have different perspectives on this. And I think that's what makes it so much more interesting to have these conversations.

[00:09:33] Helen DeRam: Yes. I, I agree. We're coming at it from different angles. And I feel like I, I like all the journaling and introspection that you do. And I like, um, that, you know, I can do that, but I can also just make something pretty and use lots of photos. So it's been really interesting.

[00:09:55] Jennifer Wilson: So, um we're two seasons into it. Like how would you capture how you're feeling about it? Are you excited to continue? And how does that affect kind of, cause you're doing, I guess maybe we need to back up here. You're doing four smaller projects and I'm doing one. I can't quite say bigger, but I'm doing everything in one, um, kind of art journal book.

[00:10:18] Helen DeRam: Right. Yes. So I'm doing a, um, a similar mini album for each season. It's a 49 and Market quad folio album. I, I love it. I'm, um, it's working out really well. Winter is, it's like 95 percent done. I have one little thing left to do for it. And my spring one is coming together. So I work on the prompts and, you know, that's incorporated into what I'm doing.

[00:10:48] Helen DeRam: And then I'm also adding additional photos into the inserts in the album. I'm loving it. It's, I love the interactive pieces of it. And a few family members that I've shown the album, you know, they're, they just. It's fun to watch them go through it and like, you know, I have a little notebook and in the notebook, there's a pocket, in the pocket, there's a picture and there's some journaling and it's just all these pieces. And it's been a lot of fun just being creative in a different way with all theinteractive parts of it. So yes, I'm definitely enjoying it. Looking forward to putting the summer one together, finishing the spring one. So yeah, I'm really liking it. How are you feeling about it?

[00:11:37] Jennifer Wilson: It's like, it's definitely ups and downs. There's more positive in general. Um, I am kind of treating the prompts as like just a, here's a reflective pause in the week. Sometimes it includes a photo. Sometimes it includes some stickers or stamping. It's a lot of journaling. It's a lot about how I'm feeling in the season.

[00:11:57] Jennifer Wilson: Uh, and that was way the case for winter. Uh, definitely the case for spring and just trying to like, notice more of these shifts. But I think because it's not as a cohesive of a project like you're doing, I, like, I don't feel quite as connected to the creative aspects of it. Like, I could just be journaling on my computer and be totally fine with that. And actually some of our members are doing that type of thing. They're doing some sort of digital journaling as a response to the prompt. And they're saying, that's how I'm participating. And that is totally okay. Um, sometimes they do multiple weeks at a time.

[00:12:39] Jennifer Wilson: Uh, there's different perspectives on kind of being caught up. Like, some don't care at all. They're just picking the prompts that resonate and adding them to whatever format works for them. And others really trying to make, take a more holistic perspective to it and, and really take it on as a challenge.

[00:12:57] Helen DeRam: Yes. And I love that. I love that this project is that way, that you can, that you can do, you know, a little bit of it, or you can do a lot of it and do it in your own way. That's been really neat to see.

[00:13:11] Jennifer Wilson: So has anything surprised you about doing this project?

[00:13:15] Helen DeRam: I think the thing that surprised me most is, you know, with that weekly prompt and making sure we get it done and posting it in the community. Some weeks, that has been rough, especially because spring has been so busy.

[00:13:31] Helen DeRam: But because of that, I'm, you know, I guess I don't know how to say this. Like, I'm surprised that I'm getting it done. You know, having that weekly, um, assignment is helping move me forward. And it's, you know, making me do it. And then I'm also, you know. Adding to my album outside of that as well. So I guess part of me thought, like, I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this. So I'm surprised, pleasantly surprised that I am able to do it. And I am able to get it done as well as, you know, other layouts that I'm working on and other projects. So it's a little bit of a, a juggling act as all of our scrapbooking projects are. But it's been, I feel really good about it that I've, that I've been able to work on it. What about you?

[00:14:25] Jennifer Wilson: Well, actually I have a follow up question first. Do you think that it has impacted kind of the flow of your photo management and I'm assuming in a good way?

[00:14:34] Helen DeRam: It has, I've been able to look at my photos across the season. Rather than, you know, if I was doing a Stop the Blur or Project Life type of thing. Where it's more granular, I'm looking at a day, I'm looking at a week. And I wanted to, when I do that. I want to include too much sometimes. So just this past weekend, I sat down and, um, I wanted to look at all of spring so far. So I go in Lightroom and I just select that section of dates. And because I'm able to kind of see everything all at once, it's easier for me to select the photos that I want to document, that I want to put in my album. So it's made, it has made that process easier for me.

[00:15:23] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, nice. Cause that's one of the things we talked about in the last episode is, is doing the weekly Stop the Blur was just not sustainable for you. Um, you loved the outcome. And it perhaps even the experience of doing it. But it was way too time consuming for you to feel like you were at all caught up in any sense of the word.

[00:15:45] Helen DeRam: Right. Right. And part of me, so having said all this, part of me is like, well, maybe next year I could do Stop the Blur. I don't know. We'll see. I just, I just, you know, I love seeing it, what everyone's doing on Instagram. You know, there's a lot of people that are able to keep up with it. And, um, I think it's great. I love seeing it, but I am using that product as well as those concepts in my album, so I do feel, you know, I don't feel like I'm missing out, I guess.

[00:16:14] Jennifer Wilson: That's good. That's awesome. Yeah. Um, my surprising thing, I think. It's, it's kind of more of a reminder. And, and I may have said this last time as well. It's that when I allow myself to respond to a prompt, and just write. Eventually something like a light bulb moment, a meaningful thought, something comes out of it. And I don't necessarily always give myself permission to, to do that.

[00:16:44] Jennifer Wilson: Like even with regular scrapbook journaling, you know, especially if we're, I have, I've already drawn the lines or I have a card that I'm trying to put my journaling in. You don't ever get past that initial, um, I don't know, whatever the, the initial dump of, of just facts to get to the feelings and the application of the ideas.

[00:17:05] Jennifer Wilson: And so this has given me some more space to just explore and realize, yeah, if you sit down and start writing, eventually some things start to make sense. And I think that's, that's something that's surprising that I did not expect to come out of this project.

[00:17:21] Helen DeRam: Oh, very good. And I love reading your journaling. It's always very insightful and I feel like you are very in tune with your feelings in the season and in the moment. And it's inspiring. So I try to do that with some of the prompts as well and really just kind of sit with my thoughts and how I'm feeling, and capture that moment.

[00:17:44] Jennifer Wilson: Awesome. Um, yeah, I'm so glad to hear that it's been, uh, beneficial to you and I hope it has been to the others that are, that are flipping through our, our pages, um, each week as well.

[00:17:56] Helen DeRam: Yes. So has doing this project changed the way that you're experiencing the season?

[00:18:01] Jennifer Wilson: I feel like my eyes are more open. Like in a literal and figurative way. I am just noticing just like the shift in obviously all the natural world outside. The shift in the light in our house, even the temperature in our house. Yeah, it's like, it's almost, it has become a deeper part of me , of an awareness, I guess. It hasn't necessarily changed many of my behaviors. But I don't know if I can say that's true. You know, my husband and I started walking, um, every morning after Emily leaves for school and we're walking together.

[00:18:42] Jennifer Wilson: I'm really, really enjoying it. And it's, it's nice to have a buddy to do it. Um, to, to get the other one out the door. And we were just talking this morning about how, like, I wish, you know, this morning it was like 57 degrees and it was sunny and it was beautiful. And I'm like, I wish this is what it was like in the end of January. Because we're going to still have to be doing this at the end of January. And it's not going to feel the same as it does today.

[00:19:11] Helen DeRam: Right, right. Or even that way all summer long. You know, because it can get so hot and humid where we are. So that's what we say, like, Oh, I can't all summer, all summer be this way.

[00:19:24] Jennifer Wilson: Well, and yeah, and he was like, well, we are going to Southern California, isn't that what it's like? They're mostly here. And I'm like, yeah, but you know, no, I don't want to live there. I don't like the cost of living there.

[00:19:34] Helen DeRam: Right. Right.

[00:19:36] Jennifer Wilson: But yeah, the heat, he's, he was also saying like, um, we might have to start going before I shower because now I'm sweaty and we're, and I'm leaving for work. So, um. So yeah, I, I would say it has changed the way I experience it. It's. It's subtle, but I think there's enough significance to report. And that's only with just this like very simple touch once a week. I'm not spending as much time on it as you are. And so I think this is something that it doesn't have to be a huge thing to have an impact.

[00:20:11] Helen DeRam: Right. Right. I think for me, um, it's definitely noticing more. And in my mind, I've always feel like I take so many pictures of the sunset or so many pictures of the flowers. And then when I go through my pictures, I'm like, oh, I don't really have that many photos.

[00:20:35] Helen DeRam: But, but I was thinking and this is kind of maybe a weird thought, but because I think I like, I think I have that many photos, like somehow those, that experience and those images are captured in my mind. Like, I, I'm noticing. I'm noticing that I'm noticing things, if that makes sense. Like.

[00:20:57] Helen DeRam: I feel like I have every sunset in my mind and every flower that's blooming in the yard. So I am even more in tuned, especially in the springtime with nature and what's happening. And I just love seeing the change. So I think it's tuning me in a little bit more.

[00:21:17] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. I've been paying more attention to the different types of birds. And I think we talked about that last time. And then I had a meeting at work where we ended up talking about how apparently bird watching is a millennial hobby, um, nowadays. Um, With, yeah, I, that makes both of us laugh, of course, because we are not millennials. And, um, yeah, but I've been like noticing trying to like Google or even use Google Lens to identify birds and, and plants and flowers outside. And, um, yeah, it's been, it's been interesting. It's just that, like, Um, I can see myself noticing, as you said, like I can see myself doing things and making decisions. Um, that type of clarity, uh, is really helpful. I think.

[00:22:09] Helen DeRam: Yeah. Yeah. My last time we talked about the app that recognizes bird sound and my

[00:22:15] Helen DeRam: cousin picked up, she picked up on it and she's like, have you seen this app? I was like, yes. And she sent me the big long list of birds that were in her yard. And I was like, is this your bird girl summer?

[00:22:30] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah. I think that's really cool. I think I might want to have a bird girl summer. So, um, Are you wanting to change anything for next season?

[00:22:40] Helen DeRam: I think, , as I move through the prompts and we've kept them sort of similar, and we may do that again for summer, you know, we change up a few things. But every time I do one and I complete it, I think, oh, next time I want to do it this way. Um, I want to focus, you know, even more on the season. Like I'm, I'm doing, um, one of the prompts is kind of about remembering or documenting the week. I'm, I'm doing like a mini, mini, mini Week In The Life for each season. And the first one did in winter was just kind of a general one and I thought, oh, you know, for spring, I'm really going to dial it in more to pick up on the seasonal things that change our routine for a Week in The Life. So, um. So yeah, just kind of tweaking them to be more, even more focused on the season if possible. What about you?

[00:23:39] Jennifer Wilson: I don't know. I'm, I'm thinking about that. I need some sort of like repetition, like something that I do as part of it every week as that almost like the easy, like, even easier at entry point. Like, if I can just, for example, one of our members, um, stamps the weather in one of her planners. And so, like, that's something that's very easy, specific, tangible, it meets, like, all of, all of those benchmarks of something that's doable. And so, even just, like, recording my mood, I'm sure I can find some stamps for that. Like, what is my mood this week as kind of the prerequisite for starting into the prompt, giving it more context? Um, I think something like that might be helpful for me.

[00:24:23] Helen DeRam: Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea. I like that. And I haven't, I haven't, done, you're making me think, oh, I need to do that too. Cause um, that'd be nice to see that in the album as well.

[00:24:37] Jennifer Wilson: Well, and yours is so like, all encompassing, holistic, like, not necessarily chronological.

[00:24:44] Helen DeRam: Right. Which I like.

[00:24:47] Jennifer Wilson: Um, it doesn't, correct, correct. And it's beautiful that way. So it may be that there's certainly ideas that will, work for your approach and that might not too.

[00:24:58] Helen DeRam: Yeah.

[00:24:59] Jennifer Wilson: Um, like I could see that I probably, I haven't been dating my pages, but because it's very like this like weekly journal entry that it would have been beneficial to date my entries and I could still go back and do that.

[00:25:11] Helen DeRam: Right. Did you try any new techniques?

[00:25:15] Jennifer Wilson: I, I experimented with this at the end of winter and I've used it a lot more this time and it is printing large photos on the like, what are we calling it? Transparent sticker paper.

[00:25:29] Helen DeRam: Yes.

[00:25:30] Jennifer Wilson: Translucent sticker paper. And it has been so fun. I have, I have learned that I almost always smudge it. It has, it doesn't, the ink does not stick as well as you think it would, even letting it sit for a day. So I've ended up putting, like, uh, die cut pieces or stickers or, uh, chipboard pieces on top of the photo. Because I end up sticking my hand on it and peeling some of the ink off. But, the overall impression is very beautiful, um, particularly with like with nature type photos. And it's just a very easy way to get photos into the book without a lot of bulk. Because it makes it so much flatter than incorporating a real four by six photo.

[00:26:15] Helen DeRam: Right. Right. Yes. And it's, it's so beautiful. I love seeing that. I did some of that and I don't know why my printer was acting funny and it was like fading out the bottom half of the picture. And I printed it so many times and it just was doing the same thing over and over. And finally I was like, okay, printer, You win.

[00:26:38] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah.

[00:26:39] Helen DeRam: Stuck them down with the like faded out bottom. And I was like, actually, this looks really, really good. So I don't know if I can replicate it. But.

[00:26:50] Jennifer Wilson: Was meant to be.

[00:26:51] Helen DeRam: Yes. Yes.

[00:26:54] Jennifer Wilson: Were there any techniques that you tried?

[00:26:55] Helen DeRam: I've been making a lot of little books. Um, so some of them I use like a pattern paper outside and just kind of fold it in half and, you know, put paper on the inside and sew them together. Recently I used those like four by six, um, photo protector flips, like I have multiple ones of those. And they have adhesive, so I kind of stick them together. And then I just have a front and a back pattern paper. I staple it all together on the side and then put washi tape over where I've stapled. And it's like a little mini photo book. I know maybe that's not like a technique, but it was just a new way to make a book, for my album. So.

[00:27:37] Jennifer Wilson: Like a technique to me.

[00:27:41] Helen DeRam: Yeah, so I'm doing a lot of that. And just like figuring out different ways to make little books, I think, is what I've been doing.

[00:27:50] Jennifer Wilson: That sounds like, that sounds so fun and so up your alley. Um, I, I feel like I lack some patience right now. Um, and like I've been doing, I was counting. Let me, let me preface this. So recently I photographed a whole bunch of layouts. And as I was looking at all these pages since last October, the vast majority of them were completed at crops. And the other like three were completed for like Simple Scrapper events.

[00:28:21] Jennifer Wilson: And so. I am needing, I'm in that season of life where I need to get away to be able to like, to, to focus and have patience to, to do something. Um, and that's okay. That's, that's going to happen for, for a lot of people. Um, but just kind of being aware of that has been, has been helpful in making decisions. Like for this project of what is, what like what's going to meet the need and not add to the pile.

[00:28:51] Helen DeRam: Yes, I agree. Because otherwise it's just a long list of things that becomes a longer list and it can be frustrating. But.

[00:29:01] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. So are you looking forward to anything for the summer, whether it's, you know, memory making wise or specifically for this project?

[00:29:10] Helen DeRam: Like I said before, I'm kind of looking forward to a hopeful slow down. You know, the days where you just kind of sit outside. It's a beautiful day. You have nothing to do. You're, you know, I, I'm looking forward to that. Um. And hopefully some more time scrapbooking. I would like to, you know, officially finish my winter and spring album. And I have intentions of, um, videotaping them, to put them up, whether they're on Instagram or YouTube. Um, just generally looking forward to the summer, you know, and, and just kind of enjoying whatever it brings. No big plans. So, what about you? I know you have your vacation coming up.

[00:29:56] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. And then, you know, hoping to have that kind of a little bit quieter change of pace will still be toting Emily around and that's, that's the season we're in for sure. Um, but just having a little bit more spaciousness in the days, I think will create opportunities for that. You know, the sitting outside, hopefully this year is a little bit less buggy than last year. Um, we ended up not eating outside hardly at all last summer because the mosquitoes were always, always pretty bad.

[00:30:26] Jennifer Wilson: But yeah, just a little bit more laziness. And then also a little bit more like allowing that feeling of contentment to trickle back into the house so that my scrapbooking is getting some attention too. I have a number of projects that I'd like to finish before the end of the year. Um, and so I think as long as I can kind of keep soaking up the best parts of the season, that will, that will come back to me. Um, in terms of what's happening here in my office.

[00:30:59] Helen DeRam: Yeah, that sounds good. And then, yeah, scheduling some crops maybe to, uh, to get some focused work in as well. I think, um, I'm planning one with my sisters in July, so.

[00:31:16] Helen DeRam: Hopefully I'll be able to get some nice work done there. So you mentioned insects. I just have to ask you, have you experienced any cicadas? Cause we haven't really yet.

[00:31:25] Jennifer Wilson: No. I mean, I think I heard one the other day down the street and I'm like, I think that's what it sounds like, but really no. I mean, people are saying kind of outside of town. Um, like we have a place called Allerton. It's like a big nature preserve park that there's a lot of them there. Um, and people who live kind of in more rural areas are finding them in their trees, but not, there, I, there really aren't that many in our neighborhood if, you know, maybe a couple. So it's kind of strange. I was really expecting like just total chaos.

[00:31:57] Helen DeRam: I know we were too. And you know, maybe we, it just hasn't happened in our area yet, but we'll see. Maybe we'll have to add some sort of thing to the summer album. That's a cicada related.

[00:32:12] Jennifer Wilson: Well, and this applies to you too. I noticed that the Illinois State Fair is having a cicada art competition. And I think there's like divisions for all ages and different formats. Um, But a specific, you know, they do, they do this every year as part of the fair, but they're doing a specific one this year for cicada related pieces.

[00:32:32] Jennifer Wilson: So that sounds, that sounds fun. We always go to the state fair to have a booth for, for their university work. Um, but I'll have to go and, and check that out. Looking at the artwork is always my favorite thing to do at the fair. Cause I'm, I'm not as much of a fan of, uh, farm animals, I guess.

[00:32:51] Helen DeRam: Yes. Yeah. Well, at least they have the art section, right? We'll have to check that out. Yeah.

[00:32:58] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, it'll be cool. So when we finish recording here, we're going to actually talk about some of our ideas for how to switch things up for summer. So I'm really looking forward to that. And we also plan to, to regroup and have this conversation again, kind of taking you along on the journey, um, for the Aligned class, which is available exclusively for our members.

[00:33:20] Helen DeRam: Yes. Looking forward to it.

[00:33:22] Jennifer Wilson: Helen, again, thank you for your time and for everything that you do. I've loved being a partner with you on this project. And to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to scrapbook your way.

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We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


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