I’ve shared a lot of specifics about my approach to Project Life and how I’ve simplified the process over time. That said, what works for me may not be the perfect fit for you and your scrapbooking.

In this post I’m sharing some of my best tips and ideas to help you simplify Project Life in your own unique way.

Tips & Ideas for Simplifying Project Life

I’d like to begin with a reminder. While I hope my own work is helpful for you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed examining what others are doing. This is especially true if you’re consuming a lot of visual information.

I found that the more I turned inward for answers about pocket pages, the more clarity I found. Thus the core ideas I want to leave you with are encouragements to find out what works for you.

1. Define it for you – The term Project Life often comes with a lot of assumptions and expectations. I’ve even heard scrapbookers say “I could never do Project Life“, as if there was only one correct way to do it. At the core, Project Life is a system of products that allow you to scrapbook your memories in a different format: pockets. You have permission to choose what you put in pockets and how you approach creating albums.

2. Find your simplicity – Simple for one person can be complicated for another, so it’s more about the unique combination of products and workflow that make your Project Life process work for you. Make it as complex as it needs to be to fill you up and fit your lifestyle. When you dig deep in search of your own unique form of simplicity, you can find that holy grail of Project Life ease.

3. Stay flexible – What works perfectly for your life right now may not be a good fit in the future. Don’t spend too much time worrying about crafting the perfect plan for all-time. Embrace that how you do Project Life now will likely change in the future – and that it’s totally OK. Stay flexible to the ever-shifting landscape of your life to feel confident that you can always keep it simple.

Real World Tips for Project Life

Many of our members do Project Life in various forms and have these additional tips to share with Simple Scrapper readers:

  • Reduce design decisions with a kit. – Alissa W.
  • Write notes on your calendar/planner. – Katie P.
  • Make photo selections over coffee. – Tina C.
  • Limit the color scheme to 1-2 colors. – Kris B.
  • Use a visual planning worksheet. – Diana T.
  • Work on your project in batches. – Jenny S.
  • Remember more with the Collect app. – Gina K.
  • Create smart collections in Lightroom. – Jennifer E.
  • Prompt yourself with Oh Life emails. – Kim S.

How do you simplify the Project Life process? Leave a comment sharing your favorite tip or strategy that’s helped you get more done.


Project Life Week continues tomorrow with a review of my supply organization and creative workflow for pocket pages. I’ll also share a surprising fact about my layouts!