Project Life + Library of Memories Album Approach

This approach has now been codified as The Divided Album in our free PDF guide, Combining Layouts and Pockets in a Scrapbook Album.


Project Life + Library of Memories is an album approach and recurring blog series at Simple Scrapper.

Project Life is a modular system of products created by Becky Higgins. Library of Memories is a non-chronological memory keeping approach developed by Stacy Julian.

Here’s a video I created for a Big Picture Classes Pajama Party that introduces the general concept.

These are the posts I’ve shared thus far featuring my combined album approach:

  1. My PL + LOM Approach
  2. Preparing for 2013
  3. 2011-2012 Album In-Progress
  4. 3 Steps to Getting Started
  5. 2013 Album In-Progress
  6. 2014 Album In-Progress
  7. Organization & Workflow
  8. Get-it-Finished Planning