Just like life, scrapbooking is always in-progress. I’ve embraced enjoyment of the journey and the satisfaction of each little victory. In this post I’m sharing a review of my current Project Life album status and my top intentions for the rest of 2014.

How to Finish Project Life

Finished | It’s no surprise that the most discrete project is the one that’s 100% finished. The album that covers my first 31 years was my first experience applying this structure to the past – and it works!

In-Progress | My 2011/2012, 2013, and 2014 albums are still ongoing. I would love to finish all of them this year, but I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before! I’m fine with adding more layouts later, but I feel like they need to have some of the basics documented before I forget even more!

Looking back, I probably would have done the 2011/2012 baby album a little bit different. I don’t love how it’s a massive two volumes, but I do appreciate how many not-so-great photos I included. Time softens the need for perfection. My plan is to complete it in two layers. The first layer involves going through social media postings to jog my memory and fill in as much as I can. (Most of the journal cards have been inserted blank.) The second layer will add more reflection to fill in the gaps.

For the 2013 album, I need to accept where it is and simplify. I tried too hard to reject the playful aspect of Project Life, which left me uninspired and burnt out before I really even started. I’m considering combining what I do have into one section of pockets and officially letting go of the original vision. (What do you think?) This would also help address that the album is quite full due to the number of traditional layouts. I have so many great photos I still want to include though.

For 2014, I feel excited about the evolution of my approach. It feels easier and more comprehensive, without being crazy-bulky. At the beginning of the year I mentioned that I want to scrapbook less this year. This week I’ve tried to explain why. If time and space are limited, I need to be more deliberate in my choices. And it follows that the choices I do make should be the fun ones!

Wish List | I am eager to apply the Project Life + Library of Memories approach to an album for my husband. I want to help him find the most important highlights of his growing up story with this simplified thought process. Getting him on board to help is another story!

Action Plan for Finishing

Here’s my step-by-step listing of the next 10 tasks I need to complete. I try to do this whenever I have a lot to accomplish, just like I write my grocery list in the order of the store aisles. It helps me know where I’m at and what needs to be done next, without losing focus.

  1. Finish January-May 2014 monthly spreads.
  2. Review of journal notes from 2011/2012.
  3. Review of Facebook posts from 2011/2012.
  4. Review of Instagram posts from 2011/2012.
  5. Review of Twitter posts from 2011/2012.
  6. Add any needed journal cards to 2011/2012.
  7. Final journaling for 2011/2012 to fill in gaps.
  8. Write down a plan for 2013 album.
  9. Catch up on any 2014 monthly spreads.
  10. Tackle first task on 2013 album plan.

What’s the first step on your Project Life action plan?


Thank you for joining me for Project Life Week at Simple Scrapper!