How to Find Your Summer Scrapbooking Sweet Spot

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When you think back to last summer or the one before, how did you feel about your scrapbooking? Did you take so many photos that you were a bit overwhelmed? Did you get a little off track, even if you had some extra time to yourself?

The sun draws us outside, but it also wears us out. Whether your summer is full of big adventures or wide open with possibility, most scrapbookers experience a shift in their energy and ability to get things done during these months. This can result in feelings of “Oh shoot, I should have kept up with this.” by the time fall arrives.

In this post I want to share an approach you can use to find your summer scrapbooking sweet spot. When you operate in this zone, you’ll not only be able to find that much-needed relaxation and renewal but also capitalize on the abundant inspiration that summer also offers.

This summer I want you to feel different, to feel accomplished and ready for whatever comes next.

How to Find Your Summer Scrapbooking Sweet Spot

One of the reasons scrapbooking gets pushed aside during the summer is a lack of clear context. In other words, lack of clarity about how it fits into your life amidst everything else. The rest of the year it’s a little easier. There are more predictable patterns to everyday life, including when you’ll spend time scrapbooking.

Summer is just different. You want to slow down and relish each moment as much as you want to go, go go, and check off everything on your bucket list. The patterns have changed and your energy for decision-making is being spent on what to pack for the picnic and finding those water shoes you know you have, somewhere.

Your summer scrapbooking sweet spot respects this shift and the balance of activity and rest. In fact, it can even help you enjoy your summer more as you become aware of the highs and lows of the season. To begin, consider this venn diagram:

How to Find Your Summer Scrapbooking Sweet Spot

On the left you have relaxation. Imagine that breeze, you can see it blowing the curtains and you can feel it on your skin. You want a break from responsibility, more quiet time alone and with your family, and intentional activities that renew your soul.

On the right you have inspiration. Imagine that endorphin rush after running on the beach to catch a frisbee. You want to feel totally alive, with a full life. You want to take time to go on adventures and really experience all that summer offers.

The thing is, the promise of relaxation isn’t always enough to motivate you to get started scrapbooking. And when you’ve got so much inspiration your brain is swirling, it’s difficult to find the pause button and focus. Thus the sweet spot is in the overlap.

How to Find Your Summer Scrapbooking Sweet Spot

When you intentionally operate in a space of feeling both relaxed and inspired (or at least visit it often), you’ll find focus for your scrapbooking – and it’s easier than you might think. Here are my five favorite ways:

1. Leverage the transition – Immediately after an adventure is the best time to start scrapbooking about it. When the memories are fresh, you will be more motivated to tackle your photos and do something with them. Let scrapbooking be an easy transition between activity and rest.

2. Recall summers past – Browsing your photo library is usually a sure bet for triggering inspiration on a quiet evening, and you can even amplify that effect. Sit down with your family to enjoy those images and remember previous summers. And with today’s TV technology, you can even recreate the old-fashioned slideshow.

3. Move slower, without stopping – When you’re continuously active, but at a slower and more intentional pace, you can accomplish more without feeling drained. This approach relies on momentum to pull you through energy swings, but it prevents getting too relaxed that you want to nap and too energized that you can’t focus.

4. Create a new routine – Just because your Friday night scrap date is now a backyard cookout, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a look-forward-to-it-all-week routine for your hobby. When you keep an open mind to adjusting instead of feeling frustrated, you’ll be able to couple the therapy of memory keeping with the excitement of anticipation.

5. Keep learning – It’s too easy to say that you should concentrate on just keeping up during the summer, but relaxing your expectations too much can result in not much accomplished. Stay connected and inspired about memory keeping with deliberate returns to your favorite modes of learning and engagement.

Think about the conditions that make you most likely to scrapbook, any time of the year. With those success stories in mind, what does your summer sweet spot look like? Leave a comment sharing one sure-fire approach you’ll use this summer to keep scrapbooking.

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  1. Kim McKelvey-Smith

    I’m focusing on selecting photos to scrap for certain albums and projects, putting them in folders by project name. Making my list/plans for each project and putting a copy in each photo folder. By doing this, I’ll be more likely to move to the next project once I have completed the still in progress two that I have.

    I am also working on a long-term plan for when I will finally have my own craft space – trying to decide exactly what crafts I am still physically capable of doing (and want to do) so that I can properly set up my room accordingly. This will also let me decide on what to keep, what to give away, and what to just trash.

    I am finding that putting things in writing and holding myself accountable on a daily basis is helping me to accomplish more these days.

  2. Barb in AK

    Every June, I meet with online friends from across America to scrap for 4 days. Because I have to travel by plane to get to this destination each year, I have to plan ahead what I’m going to take and what I’m going to scrap. It truly motivates me.
    Right now, I’m going through about 8 years of digital images which I have not organized. As I go through the photos, I decide which ones are “scrapworthy”, which ones need to be deleted, and which ones I will hang on to for a bit longer, but not scrap yet.
    It’s a GOOD FEELING to get these tons of photos organized. Now I can plan pages and be ready for the get-together in June.
    I want to keep that momentum going, even after the event.



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