Resources for an Intentional Summer

Jennifer Wilson

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May 28, 2014

On Sunday I wrote about finding your summer sweet spot. The overlap between relaxed and inspired is a space ripe with possibility for memory making and memory keeping.

This back and forth between slowness and activity in the summer also needs a special kind of balance to make that intersection ever sweeter. It’s a mindfulness about how you’re spending time; it’s being intentional.

An intentional summer is one that fills you up without wearing you out. It feels easier because you’ve created enough space to feel prepared and transition easily.

Resources for an Intentional Summer

I could share just my ideas, but so much has been written on the topic. In this post I’ve gathered a collection of favorite resources for your simple, more intentional summer.

Let’s continue collecting in the comments. Share your favorite tip for cultivating an intentional summer (or a link to a great article) in the comments for this post.

Would you like a circle of like-minded friends to support your summer intentions? Registration for the Focus summer retreat is now open.

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