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In January I shared how I am using a combination of the Project Life products with the Library of Memories organizational system to complete my daughter’s baby book. I settled on my approach more than halfway through 2012, so the project has been worked on mostly in retrospect (in contrast to the right now approach of Project Life).


Four months into 2013, I’m quite far along (perhaps 80%) with the project but still not done. While I’m still creating layouts for this album, I found my interest in pocket pages to be more focused on 2013. Here’s what I’ve accomplished to date:

  • Added decorative intro pages & dividers
  • Selected & printed subset of 1200 photos
  • Organized images into LOM categories
  • Printed & inserted Paislee Press journaling cards

In this video, I walk you through the entire album, showing how it’s organized and where there is still much to do. This project is very focused on words and photos, because there are so many stories to document from her first 17 months. This year’s album has more creative touches, which I’ve enjoyed. (Update on that one soon!)

I am ready to really dig in and finish this off as I don’t want it to linger into the second half of this year. Here’s what’s on my to-do list:

  • Divide into two albums
  • Print December photos
  • Make 6-10 more layouts
  • Gather social media anecdotes
  • Add lots of journaling
  • Add more memorabilia

Are you working on any pocket-page projects, including Project Life? How is it going for you? Also, I’m curious, how has your pocket-page scrapbooking impacted how you work on or look at layouts?

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  1. Alissa W

    This is brilliant!

  2. Claire T

    Love this! It works far better than I expected using the combination of LOM and PL! What a fab record for Emily and clearly seeing your IG feed today, it is something she loves already!

    • Jennifer

      I am so surprised with how into it she is as a 1 year old.

  3. Linda Walton

    I love your PL/LOM album for Emily, Jennifer! This is what I have planned for my six, now, adult children.

    Becky Higgins is currently addressing the request for photo pages to house photos for those of us that have a lot of “older” photos to scrap. I had purchased a pad of 12×12 white card stock to matte my older photos on and am now re-evaluating my strategy! It would, naturally, take extra time to cut the card stock and to adhere the photos! So, in the mean time, I am going to round up my stock of 4×6 photos (plenty of them too) and go from there. Always a method to my madness!

    Next step … FOCUS! XO

  4. Susan

    I’m using Project Life approach for my family’s yearly album. I have finished our 2012, and I’m working on our vacation album, with PL style.

    I never work on weekly approach, or the current theme. But I really like the template and with journal cards, which means more photos and stories. Thus, I use PL as yearly album and vacation. Maybe more in the next time. 🙂

    I use it digitally, so I printed a complete 12×12 page with PL format. And put full digiscrap LO which I have completed in the past to go into the album.

    Working on it PL style gives me an in-depth look that I am keeping memories. I’m not only making beautiful LO but I’m going deeper. So I looked back at my LOs, and find that I was mainly creating beautiful LOs with minimal stories. So in the future I will still working on the album PL style and maybe add full LOs (but not necessary) if I think I need a LO (although I don’t think I will need full LO if I have it in PL style, but let’s wait for it in the future 🙂 )

  5. Debbie Piercey

    Jennifer, this is brilliant. I was listening to some older Paperclipping Roundtables and Stacey Julian mentioned your system of PL + LOM. I’m am so glad I looked your blog posts and video up! I have three granddaughters that we are help raise & this would be a perfect way to get some albums completed for them to have when they are older. Thanks for sharing! Your album is amazing and your little “E” is absolutely adorable!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Thank you!



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