Last year fell apart for me, in terms of Project Life success. While a not-quite-right album structure was partially to blame, so was my insistence on avoiding design.

Through my own stubborn refusal to admit I care about how things look, I was ignoring a simple solution right in front of me. In this post I’m sharing how I’ve structured my Project Life workflow.

Project Life Organization & Workflow

While I’m a big fan of the Project Life core kits, I am a bit fickle and easily bored. I also like having something new to play with and even more so I like not having to coordinate products myself!

I’ve subscribed to the Studio Calico Project Life kits since last January, but it took me most of the year to realize how much I liked keeping them all together.

Using December’s kit, I began an experiment of seeing what I could create with the kit – and whether you could even make layouts primarily from this collection of supplies. You can:

Using a Studio Calico Project Life kit for a layout.

So each month I also pick up the coordinating 4×6 paper pad that I can use in pockets AND on layouts. When my box arrives, I stand everything up so that it’s easy to finger through.

I love touching everything and find it helps me remember what I have.

Project Life Organization & Workflow

And here’s the best part…

As I print photos I tuck them inside the box as well. Here you see bordered photos I’ve printed for layouts. (I don’t use borders on my pocket pages, so that’s how I tell the difference.) I love having little page kits ready and waiting for me!

Project Life Organization & Workflow

After I complete the monthly spread with each kit and do a couple of layouts, the supplies will get divided up into my stash.

Side note: Because I don’t differentiate Project Life supplies from layout supplies, my stash has everything together and is organized by item type. 

Organization of scrapbook supplies for Project Life and layouts.

So how do I approach creating the monthly spreads for Project Life?

I start with the photos. I love having a compact photo printer and go to great lengths to make sure it’s always plugged in!

I keep photos organized with Lightroom and automation, so as soon as I spot a great one I get it printed right away. If I’ve got a batch I’ll put them in the corresponding box. If it’s just one I’ll just pop it in the album.

Project Life Organization & Workflow

When it comes time to complete the spread, I sit down with my photos and my kit. I pick out my favorite journal cards and start moving things around on the page, just like I would with a layout. Once I commit to placement, I’ll add just a few embellishments and my journaling.

A simple, completed spread for Project Life.

While I will sometimes remember something I need to add to other months, I try hard to really focus on just these two pages. When you can concentrate and push off distractions, getting things done becomes easier.

Here’s what my workflow looks like as a list:

  1. Import photos from camera to Lightroom
  2. Drag into appropriate month folder
  3. Delete all unwanted images
  4. Light editing on keepers for exposure
  5. Print photos for PL and layouts
  6. Insert photos into monthly page
  7. Choose journaling/filler cards
  8. Add embellishments to page
  9. Add journaling to photos/cards

How do you organize your supplies for Project Life? Do you have a workflow you tend to follow?


Tomorrow we’ll conclude Project Life Week with a look at my action plan for the rest of this year.