Welcome to Project Life Week at Simple Scrapper! Over the next six days I’m sharing what’s working (and not working) for me, peeks into my process, and a ton of tips to help you.

Project Life Week at Simple Scrapper

To kick off this week of posts, I wanted to review how I approach Project Life and pocket page scrapbooking. What I do is a little bit different than what you see elsewhere – within the industry and among everyday scrapbookers.

Broadly speaking, what I do is combine Project Life with Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories system. I’ve already written quite a bit on this, but I was asked recently to share a step-by-step guide to getting started with this approach.

Project Life meets Library of Memories

Step 1. Designate an album for a specific time period and a specific subject. The time period could be a year or multiple years and the subject could be your whole family, just you, just a child etc.

Step 1. Designate a time period and topic for your album.

Step 2. Inside of that album, use four dividers to create sections for Things We Do, Places We Go, People We Love, All About Us.

Step 2. Use dividers to create Library of Memories category sections.

Step 3. Decide which sections will have pocket pages and which ones will have layouts (or both). This is up to you. Consider these factors:

  • How many photos you take
  • The stories you like to scrap
  • The amount of time you have

Step 3. Decide which sections will have pocket pages, layouts, or both.

This week I will share more details on how my albums are configured and how that has changed over time. I do want to emphasize that the best structure for your albums may look a little or a lot different from mine.

How do you approach Project Life? Has your method of pocket page scrapbooking changed from year to year?