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by | Nov 27, 2008 | Getting Started with Scrapbooking | 0 comments

Much of my reasoning for launching Simple Scrapper was layed out in the first post. As my interest in this hobby grew, I quickly realized my mostly-food blog was no place for digital scrapbooking. Most importantly, I wanted to offer a go-to resource with simple tips and clean design that would appeal to budding digiscrappers like myself. I am sure you’re wondering, well who are you?

I am Jennifer W., a born-again crafter living in the heart of the midwest. I grew up with colored pencils, mod podge and an ancient sewing machine. I also love learning how to be frugal and live a simple, productive life. When I started exploring the digiscrap community, I found it difficult to find just what I wanted in a neat little package. Being a true Capricorn and an artist, I decided to create it myself.

My goal is to cull the internet for the best this community can offer, so you don’t have to. Simple Scrapper will always offer essential nuggets of wisdom that you can trust. If you like what we’re offering, don’t forget to subscribe to the feed!


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