Why go digital?
Scrapbooking brings your memories alive and provides an outlet for creativity. The traditional paper-based hobby can also require substantial storage space and a bank account to match. While there are many tips and tricks for frugal scrapping, going digital is a simple solution. To top it all off, the digital route can offer so much more design flexibility than your scissors and glue and eliminates all those imperfect handwriting worries. While digital scrapbooking is for anyone, type A perfectionists will find it particularly appealing!

Ready to know more?
Digital scrapbooking takes all of the paper scrapbooking essentials – papers, journaling, embellishments (ribbons, flowers, eyelets, brads, staples) – and brings them to your computer. Each item you would place on a page comes as an individual computer file (usually a .jpg or a .png). Then, you use design software to combine selected elements with favorite photos. In future posts, we’ll detail the pros, cons (and most importantly the price point) of the digiscrap software options. Don’t worry – you can get started for free!

Want to take the digital plunge? Try these links for more basic info: