Why scrapbook?

Jennifer Wilson

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November 25, 2008

It’s pretty tempting and all-too-easy to place prints in a simple sleeve album or even easier to just leave them on your computer in a digital slide show. But there is something different about scrapbooks. They are a tangible way to honor your photos and record those special memories.

With a scrapbook you can pick out the best photos, the ones you will want to look at again and again. Then you choose all the elements that will complement the photo, making it stand out and perhaps enhancing the meaning or message. The whole creative process, from selecting a photo to finishing a page, can be a therapeutic emotional journey. You are simultaneously putting the past to rest while cherishing the best moments.

There are many reasons people start scrapbooking. I love expressing my creativity while advancing my own goal of an organized photo record. Others focus on the archival process of preserving family photos. The Scrapper’s Guide asked this same question: Why do you scrapbook? Their community has shared page after page of their own journey to this hobby. What brings you here?

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  1. TracieClaiborne

    “You are simultaneously putting the past to rest while cherishing the best moments.” – I love that!!!! I may have to quote you on that in my podcast, The Scrap Gals Podcast. We are thinking of doing a show on this topic and if we do, I’ll definitely point people to your site, as I have before. Love your work! To answer your question, I scrap because it combines my love of story telling + beautiful patterns + photography + typography all in one valuable package.



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