Getting Started: Rock ‘n’ roll with freebies

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Need another reason to party? I’ve mentioned that digital scrapbooking can be less costly than the traditional paper hobby. This is, in part, because of freebies – quick pages, elements, even whole kits – that designers give away.

A quick google of the phrase “digital scrapbooking freebies” reveals an enormous number of relevant hits. They are simply everywhere. In fact, I’ve already shared the Shabby Princess’ great downloadable kits.

Why freebies rock

  • Low cost entry in digital scrapbooking
  • Introduction to a variety of designers
  • Complement kits you already own

Freebies do come with some minor strings attached. First, don’t forget to thank the designer for offering her work at no cost. Second, peruse the designer’s shop and consider making a purchase. You, the customer, is what keeps these designers rocking.

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