How to protect your investment

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So you’ve been shopping all week. Maybe you even purchased an amazing kit you had to have RIGHT NOW. You downloaded the files and started scrapping. Wait, hold your horses!

What would happen if you hard drive got fried in a lightning storm? Or your toddler decided the laptop would make a nice boat in the tub? Do you have a Plan B?

Simple Scrapper has a backup plan for you. Keep this multiple barrier approach in mind to protect your favorite goodies.

  1. Upload your layouts to multiple galleries – start with My Scrapbook Art and DigiShopTalk‘s open galleries.
  2. Upload your layouts to at least one gallery or FTP site that accepts full size images, like Flickr.
  3. Burn your layouts to a CD or DVD at least twice a year – don’t forget to send it to your mom or keep the disk at work!
  4. Back up your supplies on an external harddrive (EHD) every week. Even better, back up daily if you don’t mind being tether to the EHD. Prices are coming down, so stock up on the gigs.
  5. Sign up for an online daily backup service, like Mozy. It does the work for you.

The important things to remember are:

  • Have a backup for your backup
  • Don’t keep all your backups in one physical location
  • Automate your system to make it fail-safe

If you have a routine and put as much on autopilot as you can, your supplies will be safe from any disaster. Carry that peace of mind into the rest of your life and protect other valuables for an uncertain future. Isn’t it worth it?

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  1. Christine (supertwinkle)

    Hi Jennifer! What a great site you’ve got going here! I’ll be adding you in my google reader. Yes, backup is SO important! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost all my photos, layouts, and documents. I use Carbonite because I don’t use EHD, but if I decide to get EHD’s I would use Mozy.

    Christine (supertwinkle)’s last blog post..Lunch with old friends

  2. toad toed princess

    I use Carbonite because it is simple, has no limits for backup amounts, was the least expensive ( only $103.00 for three years), offers free trial, has additional free coverage time from Kim, issues free credits for friend referral and has remote access when I am away. Oh, it’s easy to monitor and restore my files too.



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