What you need to know about digital piracy

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Do you download current run movies from the internet? You know they are there, but do you do it? I bet your answer is likely no. You know its wrong and you can get in trouble. But, have you emailed a freebie to a friend?

Your thoughts on this might be a little more ambiguous. It’s hard to know what’s allowed and what’s not when you’re just starting out in digital scrapbooking.

Simple Scrapper has compiled some basics on what you need to know about digital piracy.

First of all, what does piracy really mean? Piracy is the theft, reproduction, or redistribution of a copyrighted work without the permission or knowledge of the creator/copyright holder.

Here are the understood rules, as they pertain to digiscrapping:

  • Don’t share kits (or other items) you purchased with others outside your family that lives in your household.
  • Don’t share freebies. Yes they were free, but they are not yours to share. Linking to the original offering is OK.
  • Don’t share quick pages you made with purchased or freebie items.
  • Always credit the designer when posting layouts to galleries.
  • Use only commercial use (CU) or “scrap for hire (S4H) friendly” items if you scrap for others and get paid for it.
  • When designing a masthead or other elements for your blog, use only CU or S4H (if allowed) items if the blog contains advertising.
  • Always check the designer’s terms of use (TOU) or email the designer directly if you are uncertain.

It’s best to err on the side of conservatism when it comes to using your digital elements. Though our community is large in numbers, it is close-knit and feels small. Ask questions and consider what is most fair to the designer.

For additional information, Simple Scrapper recommends Jen Strange’s Stop Digital Piracy Blog.

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