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Few of us are blessed with countless hours of scrapping time. But when we do carve out 30 minutes, we quelch the guilt of “me” time like hammering those gophers in the back room of Pizza Hut. We can find a few precious moments to scrap or participate in the community, but we are wracked with feelings of “I should be doing X” instead.

X can be cooking dinner, doing laundry, spending time with your spouse or children, reading, exercising, etc. You get the picture. But when did our hobbies become something to feel guilty about?

They didn’t! All this guilt does is take you out of the moment. It prevents you from focusing your creative energies on making a beautiful layout, a layout that celebrates your family, your love, even you.

So stop it already!

There’s that saying for moms, “cooking and cleaning can wait…”. I know you’ve heard it. It’s all about focusing on what’s truly important. If digital scrapping is important to you, expand this idea to those pages just crying out to have a home in your scrapbook.

It’s truly OK to carve out “me” time. Having that time is important for you to be a happy, sound-minded mom, spouse or friend. Stop the guilt in its tracks. You are worth it!

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  1. Steve

    But sometimes, life gets in the way. You have to do laundry sometimes, and you have to make sure your kids get fed when they are your responsibility. I think its a matter of balance and being efficient as much as it is anything else. It makes the time you do find, that much more rewarding, and I think you hit the nail on the head, you have to be honest about what’s important to you (not what someone else thinks should be important to you).


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