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Scrapping Simply is a digital photo printer with a coincidentally similar name as this blog. It was also total coincidence that it was the first 12×12 printer that Simple Scrapper tested. The experience was so outstanding, it just might be the last.

I initially selected Scrapping Simply to test due to its low prices and a few recommendations from DigiShopTalk members. The Web site was nicely designed and it appeared to be a professional operation.

I navigated to their site and easily located the ordering area. After selecting the files I would print, the uploading process was straightforward. I was even able to upload without first registering on the site. Due to the large size of the files, the upload did take approximately 30 minutes on a high speed connection.

I completed my order and did not experience any technical problems from start to finish. I did have to re-size one layout that was too large (greater than 15 MB). My only complaint is that this limitation was not clearly stated. However, it was not a deal-breaker for me and the print quality was not impacted.

Scrapping Simply uses only the highest quality archival photo paper and offers an amazing price of $1.99 for a 12×12 print. I ordered 32 matte prints on January 18th and received them on the 23rd. They came bundled in 3 plastic sleeves within a cardboard box. I removed my prints and was so impressed with the crisp, bright pages. They were of superb quality and just beautiful!

Scrapping Simply offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have a few pick-up locations in Utah or will mail the prints for $5 shipping.

Scrapping Simply gets an A+ and top recommendations from Simple Scrapper for unbeatable prices with fantastic quality results. You can trust your memories with this company!

Have you tried Scrapping Simply? What did you think?

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  1. Robin

    I’ve been uploading my to Costco and picking them up locally, but I’ll have to check this out. It’s less expensive if I have a big enough order.

    Robin’s last blog post..Changes

  2. admin

    If we had a Costco here, I would likely use it for time sensitive layouts or albums, even if the price was a little more. I often hesitate to use digiscrapping for gifts as it takes real planning to have everything ready in time.

  3. Jennifer W.

    I did not dimensionally re-size any of my layouts and was very pleased with the results. Only on one did I even notice they had been cropped slightly, but perhaps I just tend not to scrap at the edge.

    Jennifer W.’s last blog post..Review: Printing with Scrapping Simply

  4. toad toed princess

    Taking advantage of Scrapping Simply’s sale last week I uploaded 52 12×12 layouts. The site was smooth and easy to use which made things great from the start. My glossy prints were packaged very well and arrived quickly, about five days. Looking at their product, it was clear to me that Scrapping Simply delivers the best quality available. I suspected each print was monitored through the process and asked when I called with my thanks for a great job. I was right! Now that’s the kind of service I appreciate. My only regret is not having more layouts print ready for the sale price. 🙂 The regular price is a steal any day. I’m just a penny pincher who loves a good deal. I’ll return to Scrapping Simply from now on thanks to Simple Scrapper.

  5. Shannon

    Scrapping Simply is actually fairly near were I live. They are the scrapbooking arm of a professional photography shop, hence the excellent quality. They were extremely helpful when I went in the shop, as well.

  6. Lisa

    I have used a different printing company to print my 12×12 prints, but I am switching to the “true” size so needed to switch companies. I am already disappointed in Scrapping Simply because I sent an order on Saturday and I needed the prints by Thursday morning so I was very delighted when I got a notification that they were shipped on Saturday because I figured they would actually ship out Monday morning so I would get them by Wednesday. Well, it’s Thursday morning and no sign of my prints. I called the company and was informed they don’t actually ship them until Monday night or Tuesday morning. Since they don’t use any kind of tracking method, nobody really knows. I will be looking for somebody a bit more reliable in the future.

  7. Karen

    I spent about 6 hours one day using Scrapping Simply to do my scrapbook pages. I saved them in the shopping cart, and then the next day they disappeared! It happened again the next day! So I searched their website and blogs to find out if anyone else had experienced the same thing… couldn’t find a thing so i contacted them through their online support and received no response, so after 2 days i sent another message through the online support. today i go in to check on the status of my message and they closed my support enquiry off without even responding to me!!! I am VERY disappointed that nobody has responded, as I was prepared to spend hundreds of dollars to do up a few holiday albums. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL!!! Has anyone had a similar experience??? Or am I the only unlucky one! Scrapping Simply – if you are reading this, please respond!

  8. Karen

    I have received a response from Scrapping Simply – they apologised for the lack of response (due to typo in email when they sent me a response) and they explained that items only save temporarily in shopping cart and they are trying to fix it. so in the meantime, i just write a note on each order i submit so they hold them until i am done. i will give them a go as i love their templates – i cant find anyone else with such a great range of templates.



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