6 creative reasons to use a template

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Using templates is a fool-proof path to great design. As with quick pages, there are easy ways to make them your own. Think of templates as a launch point and let your creativity run from there. Here are Simple Scrapper’s best reasons to use templates and let them work for YOU. Click on the layouts for full credits and don’t forget to check out the freebie and giveaway announcements at the end.

Bring perfect balance to your layout
White space layouts are often favorites due to their eye-catching design. But if you don’t have a great eye for what looks good, templates are a great way to get it right from the start. Use them for general placement and then burst out to create a page that is truly your own.

Streamline your clipping
We all love using little strips and blocks of paper, but it can be time consuming to create the shape and then clip to it. Start with foundational template pieces to get a head start on a great layout. Then build around it.

Create your own monthly desktop
While they are many beautiful quick page desktops, why not totally personalize it by starting with a great template and adding a calendar.

Find fun new shapes
Get out of the box, literally by finding templates with unique shapes, like flowers and torn paper. Don’t forget you can even drag and drop these layers to your next layout!

Promote what you believe in
Scrapping is both about memory keeping and art. Take that art to the next level by giving your layouts a promotional/persuasive spin.

Set your Project 365 scrapping on cruise control
With a great multi-photo template, you can get a head start on capturing daily life in a simple, compact way.

A freebie template for you
To test out these new ideas, we have an exclusive new template just for you! Tell us what you think of it by leaving some love in the comments.

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Upcoming on Simple Scrapper
Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, January 27), we’ll be hosting a fantastic giveaway where YOU can earn several chances to be one lucky winner of the Grubby Guy kit by FruityLoOp Sally for Inspiration Lane.

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  1. Tracy

    Thanks for the tips. I used to hate to start with a template, but now I love getting a little boost in the beginning to start the creative juices flowing.

  2. Tammy

    Always great tips. I love templates but have a really hard time using them. I still need to learn PSP better for sure.

    Tammy’s last blog post..Layout

  3. Amanda

    I’ve been a solid template scrapper lately. It’s allowed me to get my scrapping mojo back.

    Amanda’s last blog post..Mmmmmmm…..Donuts

  4. Lena Brandenburg

    I dropped in because I saw your blog in sweet shoppe’s blog train, but I was so surprised to see my layout! 🙂 Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    Lena Brandenburg’s last blog post..The One With The Big Reveal!

  5. Jennifer W. (Simple Scrapper)

    Mojo is important. Sometimes you just can’t get it to come together (and sometimes you can). Templates are great for those off days where you want to be creative, but you feel like a newbie again.

  6. Kim

    Thanks for the tips and the template! Beautiful layouts!

    Kim’s last blog post..Cherish Happiness

  7. Elaine

    Beautiful layouts, I’m not big on templates, can’t get them to work right but your’s look fantastic.

  8. Kresta

    Great post! I enjoy using templates occasionally as well.

    That Grubby Guy kit looks so adorable!

  9. Jaime

    When I first started out I refused to use templates (something about thinking I needed to own my creativity), but over time I have discovered all of the wonderful ways in which they actually boost my creativity! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips (and layouts!).

  10. jessie

    templates are so hard for me to use, and i always end up with something completly different then the template. i guess in that regard they are a good thing they get me scrapping

  11. Jacinda

    I’m a huge template fan. Especially when my mojo is lacking. Love the layouts you used as examples.

    Jacinda’s last blog post..Project 365

  12. Eve

    Great info today! I love using templates as a jumping off point. I can get a general idea on how I’d like a LO to look and most of the time it ends up not looking a thing like the template. LOL

  13. Laser

    Project 365 has me going – really has inspired me to scrap. Do you have a layout for the one shown for 2008 and the multi photos?

  14. roman

    Template looks great! Thanks!

  15. Giovana (a.k.a. MsRed)

    Let me confess something: I feel like if I use a template, I’ll be considered unimaginative, a “copycat” or something. I feel so bad! I kow it’s silly, but it’s so true!

    Giovana (a.k.a. MsRed)’s last blog post..Brazilian Pride LO

  16. Amber

    Fabulous template! Thank you!


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