We want to help you balance the demands of daily life with a passion for creativity. To do this, Simple Scrapper incorporates concepts from the simplicity and productivity worlds to inspire and assist you. Peter Walsh (as seen on Clean Sweep and Oprah) is one of many luminaries whose guidance YOU deserve.

Let’s begin by channeling this fantastic Aussie organizer and life coach. Watch this YouTube video or one of the videos on his site. Get his voice into your head, running out your ears. Use that voice to read this post from here forward and consider these thought-provoking questions.

What is your vision for the life you want to live, and do your life choices reflect that vision?
Are you playing with your kids, pets and/or significant other? Are you having enough sex? Are you getting enough exercise and eating the right things? Take stock of your world and make sure that digiscrap is in balance with the rest. We’ll still be here when you get back, promise.

When purchasing something new, ask yourself “Do I really need this?”
Do you have unused kits just waiting in the wings for you? Do you have an item that is similar? 20% off a $6 item really isn’t that much. Skip some of the sales and put that hot new item on your wish list.

Are you giving your memories the honor and respect they deserve?
Are your layouts piling up on an EHD? Choose a fantastic printer, an album and get those pages onto your coffee table. Do you feel compelled to scrap every.single.photo? Focus on the best memories and tell your story with journaling. Are your photos in multiple places and not tagged or categorized? Invest in some software and begin a daily practice of putting everything in its place.

Give genuine thanks and praise to your loved ones.
We’re all friends here, right? Then treat every comment you write like it’s to your best friend. Leave more than “nice layout” by offering specifics about what you like. On blog posts, share some of yourself in return. Be authentic in all that you do.

Look at what you have, ask yourself “Is this adding value to my life? Is it beautiful? Is it functional?”
There are A LOT of freebies out there. When first starting out, you might be compelled to snatch every one. But do you actually use quick pages or templates? Is this item your scrapping style? Consider your stash like a closet and de-clutter seasonally. Your harddrive will thank you!

Simple Scrapper strives every day to help you fit scrapping into YOUR life. Use these concepts to evaluate where you are and set a course for your future. There is no one perfect way to digiscrap, but Peter Walsh-style simplicity is one way to bring more pleasure to this amazing hobby.