What is your scrapping style?

Jennifer Wilson

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March 25, 2009

When you browse a gallery, some layouts stand out as fantastic and others just blend in. What makes a layout great varies from person to person. We all value different elements of design, based on our personal preferences. This post will help you identify your style, locate style icons and discover designers who mesh with your style.


  • white space
  • clean design
  • 1-3 photos
  • heavy use of element clusters
  • bright & colorful graphics


  • white space or full page design
  • shabby/grungy graphics
  • visible brush strokes
  • tends towards realism in elements
  • uses photo masks and opacity layering


  • full page design
  • lots of extractions
  • shows a scene
  • ethereal quality


  • full page design
  • layered papers and ribbons
  • lots of journaling
  • may or may not have element clusters
  • chipboard titles

Certainly, we all try out different styles from time to time. But, there is likely one or two that appeal most to you. What do you think of this style categorization?  What is your scrapping style?

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  1. Beth

    Thanks for including good examples of “traditional” scrapping — ’cause that’s what I do and what I love! That kind of scrapping is, to me, what seems most enduring … what my kids are going to enjoy looking at later on in life. They’ll see the pictures (and I pack a lot onto a page, usually — filling the page) and the journaling and remember. It’s not as eye-catching or unique as some other styles, but it can still be well done and a pleasure to look at (and create!)

  2. Amanda

    I don’t think I have found my style yet, but I am looking forward to it!

    Amanda’s last blog post..Ketchup

  3. Tiffany

    I certainly have the traditional as well as the minimal distressed style. I am not a huge fan of the fairy tale for me, but it is fun to look at.

    Tiffany’s last blog post..Another baby page of mine.

  4. Shannon

    I’m glad that you gave these styles names. It makes it easier when I’m showing someone a page to say “that something is a fresh/artsy style than to say “You know,t he kids where they put lots of flowers and branches and stuff right around the photos.”

    I am a paper-style scrapper. I think that some of that it because I like to try to use from 2-10 photos per page and it seems to lend itself to that.

    Shannon’s last blog post..Ummm…. hi?

  5. Zakirah

    Great discussion!

    I’d consider my style as traditional/paper style. I love layering papers and usually seek for inspiration from paper magazines or galleries.



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