4 ways to take the pain out of journaling

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There has been a lot of discussion within the digital scrapbooking community on the relative merits of art and memory-keeping via journaling. While there is no one right way to scrapbook, adding even the smallest bit of journaling can leave a story behind for the next generation. Previously, we’ve offered a few sources of inspiration to help stretch your writing skills. In this post, I’ll share my four best tips to make journaling fun and easy.

1. Just write – Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation or making 100% sense. Just start writing and lets your words flow out of you. Then, go back and shape your writing a little. Face imperfection head on.

2. Feel the guilt – Keep your kids or other family members in mind when you write. What do you want them to remember or know about the story? What memories do you want to pass down?

3. Keep it simple – You don’t have to write a novel to journal well and beautifully. Craft a few sentences that highlight who is in the photo and what the memory means to you. A few notes can easily fit into any layout.

4. Use a great template – With lots of journaling, your words become a design element unto themselves. To ease the “where do I put this?” burden, seek out amazing templates with spots all-ready for your precious moments.

To help you get started with pain-free journaling, I’ve designed this brand new template. You can use this template or one of our others to enter the giveaway for $5 to the Sara Ellis shop!


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How do you make journaling easy on yourself? What helps you get words to (digital) paper?

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. Christine (supertwinkle)

    For this year at least, since I’m taking photos and blogging daily, I get a lot of my journaling on my pages right from my blog posts. Can’t be easier than copy and paste! Plus then the “journaling” really occurred on the day the events happened, so it’s fresh on my mind and I don’t lose some details that might be lost if journaled later on.

    Christine (supertwinkle)’s last blog post..Strawberry Fields Forever

  2. Abby

    Thank you for the template!

  3. Mags

    What a great template!
    THX for sharing!!
    🙂 Mags

    Mags’s last blog post..Spring Things LAYOUT Share

  4. Kathy

    Thank-you so much for the wonderful template

  5. Nikki Rose Ty

    Thanks a lot for the tips. Journaling is such a pain… I never know the right things to say!!! But… it doesn’t have to be perfect, right?! I will definitely start carrying a notebook around to note ideas and memories for the events I will be scrapping.


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