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It’s not hard to find great design inspiration right here in the digital scrapbooking community. You don’t have to step further from the gallery at Scrap Artist or the CTM enabling threads at Digiscrap Addicts to satisfy a taste for sweet digi goodness. But sometimes scrappers and designers alike need to refresh their creative energy with outside ideas. Here are eight new sources to help you make digi magic!

1. Traditional scrapbooking – In some ways digi has not yet reached the level of artistry found within the scissors/paper/glue scrapbooking community. In others, we’ve surpassed it. Revisit this old friend or discover it for the first time to truly “feel” the creativity.

2. Quilting blogs – Color blocked layouts use many of the same design concepts as pieced quilts. On top of that, modern, younger quilters are using the same fresh color palettes as digi designers.

3. Architectural Digest – Back in art class, this magazine was my go-to reference for great design. Both the ads and the content offer endless eye candy.

4. IKEA – This Swedish furniture chain for the frugal-minded is a wealth of inspiration with clean lines and fresh colors galore.

5. Stamping parties – Like paper scrapping, stampers have beautiful goodies for their craft.  Scale up from compact card-sized to a full layout, add journaling and you’re done!

6. Old photo albums – If you’re like many, there is a tendency to forget there was a world before digital cameras. Invest in a scanner so you can scrap that favorite photo from 1983.

7. Your journal – Remember your own stories with a visit to the past. Dig out that middle school diary and reflect on your experiences compared with your daughter’s.

8. Children’s artwork – Kids help us see the world from a totally different perspective, with fresh eyes and a tender heart.

Like with writer’s block, finding your scrapping mojo is often no further away than closing your laptop. Step outside and take in all the shapes, colors and stories YOUR world has to offer.

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1. Traditional scrapbooking
2. Quilt blogs
3. Architectural Digest
5. Stamping parties
6. Old photo albums
7. Your journal
8. Children’s artwork
9. Digital scrapbooking

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