Today I’m flying to California to visit one of my best friends. I’ll be around off and on to check in, but I wanted to leave this post open for a great discussion. Plus, I’ve got even more fresh new content lined up all weekend.

Today, let’s talk photo books!

  • What are the pros and cons of a bound photo book vs. printed layouts?
  • Do you create photo books? For what types of memories?
  • What do you love or hate about photo books?
  • What companies/services do you use?
  • Do you upload layouts or use their templates?

I created a photo book for my wedding and another for a big family vacation. I choose the photo book because there was no way I could ever scrap that many pictures. But, this is YOUR post – head over to the comments to share what YOU think! And don’t forget to take a little while to enter our giveaway.