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In a recent Simple Scrapper post, I discussed a few simple tips I’ve learned about drop shadows. An eagle-eye reader picked up on the fact that I use Photoshop Elements and my references to “default” drop shadows  are not relevant to Photoshop CS2/3 users.

In fact, Photoshop has just one default setting for drop shadows. According to Christine, it has these specs:

Mode:  Multiply
Opacity:  75%
Angle:  120
Distance:  7 px
Spread:  0  %
Size:  7 px

In the terms I used, this would be a 7-7-75 shadow – a perfect default to use for layered papers! However, if you want to create your own set of “defaults”, Photoshop has that feature built right in. Look for the “Show More Options “checkbox, and at the bottom of the expanded dialog click on the Save As Defaults button. You can save loads of time by figuring out what settings you use the most and setting up custom shadows.

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