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From a quick look around the galleries, you all don’t have much trouble scrapping your adorable little ones. It’s a kid frenzy in digiscrap-land! However, this post will offer some ideas you may not have considered as well as provide a great launchpoint for new moms and stepmoms.

1. Use a reference scale – Ever seen a photo of a small item next to a penny or quarter? Use a larger inanimate object, like a big stuffed teddy, to show your child’s growth progression.

2. Look back – Use a current photo to tell an “I remember when…” story and reflect on how your child has changed.

3. Keep a pocket journal – Kids say the darndest things, right? Capture those funny little moments word-for-word by always having a little notebook handy.

4. Don’t delete – Save those photos where you child is crying or angry or has that stubborn look to share a story about that emotion. Often the best memories come from imperfect photos.

5. Work the oddball angle – Shoot photos of feet, hands, toys, or a giant mess. Get down on their level. Think outside the beautiful face box to tell the rest of the story.

6. Pull out the pro shots – Not every layout must capture a whimsical moment of play in the crisp outdoor light. Scan pro shots (for your own use, of course), use digital copies or take your own with a backdrop to give your scrapbook the formal touch.

7. Leverage the power of black & white – Like the graphic in this post, black and white photos can capture emotion in a way that color cannot match. Don’t forget to use this tool once in a while to create a striking image.

We scrap our family so often, its quite possible to get into a rut. Explore the galleries, participate in challenges and use these tips to take your kid-scrapping to the next level. I’m a big fan of the scraplift and of templates, what are you tips for scrapping children?

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