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Simple Tips week continues here at Simple Scrapper. This post will highlight easy ways to bring some of that burning passion in your life onto your scrapbook pages.

1. Continue writing love letters – Once we settle down, those traditions of dating often go by the wayside. Using your love scrapping as a great excuse to continue that devotion of letter writing to that special someone.

2. Highlight the little things – It is likely your partner will take a look at your album at some point. Make that special person in your life feel wonderful and totally appreciated by scrapping all the mundane details of love and appreciation.

3. Step outside the theme box – Lovey dovey themed kits are everywhere. While I love hearts to death and use them often, consider a different kind of theme for your love story. Did you have a wild west type of courtship or was your first date scuba diving?

4. Consider being kid-appropriate – Children seem to be fascinated with the their parents love story and the time before they arrived. Keep this interest in mind as you tell the story.

5. Explore co-op scrapping – For some, your partner may be willing to help create a layout. Perhaps one of you completes the design and the other, the journaling. Or for less interested partners, conduct a surreptitious interview for use on your page.

6. Scan older photos for your story – Use that scanner to bring older photos back to life. Showcase your early years through reflective journaling on your relationship.

7. Deliberately create a WIP – For many, your love story is still unfolding. Create a time-capsule-like project that you update as time goes by. Use multi-photo layouts to show how the two of you have changed through the years.

With our adorable children and other small relatives and friends, sometimes we don’t remember to take stock of the other important people in life.  If you’re waist deep in action figures and the toddler is eating everything in sight, take a moment to remember those wee ones were made with love. Then use one or more of these tips to help capture those precious memories in your scrapbooks.

How do you scrap your love?

Did you find this post helpful?

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    You always have such great tips and things for me to think about, love it!!



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