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In May, I would love to launch a stash-busting work-a-long project for Simple Scrapper readers, complete with great prizes. But first, I need your input. What kind of project do you want to do? How do you want it to be run? Here are some of my ideas:

  1. Simple life. simple scrapping. I’ll guide you through making a journaled mini-album focusing on your journey as a scrapper.
  2. Simply organized. We’ll work together on a spring cleaning/ home decluttering project that you’ll document with a mini album.
  3. Surprise challenge. I would create a layout, but not share it. I’ll provide weekly descriptions (like a speed scrap or recipe challenge).
  4. Puzzle sketch challenge. I’ll provide a sketch template one quadrant at a time.
  5. Your theme mini album. I’ll provide journaling prompts and 5×5 templates to help you tell a story of your choosing.
  6. 6×12 birthday calendar. We’ll work together to create a 6×12 refrigerator calendar listing important birthdays in your life.
  7. 1 kit. 6 photos. 4 layouts. You’ll choose one kit hiding in your stash and we’ll work it 4 ways over the month.
  8. Focus on the photos. I’ll provide 4 photography assignments and templates for 4 accompanying layouts.
  9. Scrapping bee. We all create layouts on a single theme and showcase as a unified piece of art.
  10. Your brilliant idea. I really do want to hear from you. What can the Simple Scrapper community build together?

1134525_person_pyramidI want us all to collectively shape the face of this project. Simple Scrapper is all about fitting digi into your busy life. What kind of project will be most rewarding to you?

While a lot of details are up in the air, I do know that Gotta Pixel is generously sponsoring the prizes. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners – judged by a panel of experts – will receive $20, $10 and $5 gift cards to the Gotta Pixel shop! A random participant who completes the entire project will be chosen to win a $5 gift card as well. Hopefully that is some fantastic incentive to keep you scrapping all month long.

For now, bring your ideas to the table. No idea is too silly or too far out. I can teach and provide the templates, but let’s make this our project!

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  1. breeoxd

    i really like the idea of one kit 4 ways. that would be awesome!

  2. Shannon

    I like the 1 Kit, 4 Ways idea. I also like the Simply Organized ideas.

    Another idea:
    We choose a unifying theme for ourselves and then you provide a series of templates (I’m a template freak right, now, you know) that we can each use to scrap our theme.

    Shannon’s last blog post..Yesterday… all my troubles were successfully ignored

  3. chigirl

    I love this idea, especially the Surprise Challenge and the Scrapping Bee challenge. Looking forward to reading more…

  4. blurooferika

    I think the 1 kit 4 ways is a great budget-extender. I also think the scrapping bee is an excellent way to demonstrate the creativity and unity in this already very welcoming community.

  5. Christine (supertwinkle)

    Hi Jennifer! I like the decluttering, organizing project, documented in some way… a mini album or scrap pages.

    Christine (supertwinkle)’s last blog post..Holey Batman!

  6. Anne

    I love the organizing project! I seriously NEED help with getting myself to get my house organized so it makes sense… and this might make it fun enough that I actually get it done.

  7. Krista

    I like the mini album with the journaling prompts.

    Krista’s last blog post..Being Crafty

  8. Deb

    I like the ‘Your theme mini album with journaling prompts’ and the ‘6×12 birthday calendar’ ideas, they both sound like something I might actually be able to acheive. Fun!

  9. Michelle

    I’m with the others above- love the idea of using a kit 4 times!

  10. Lisa

    I also like the idea of the same kit being used 4 ways. I download so many freebie kits with hopes of using them, and then can’t come up with ideas on what to do with them!

  11. Candice S.

    I am a huge fan of idea #7, and it looks like I am not alone!!! I also saw a challenge recently that I have worked on kind of “behind the scenes”! Meaning I didn’t really submit my layout, but I followed along with the challenge rules. It was a progressive layout…..each day the challenge moderator would give you instructions, e.g., start with 3 photos, 1 bg paper, and 2 other paper strips/borders/or whatever….and then then once that was over, they would give you another set of instructions, but you COULD NOT move anything from the previous set of instructions. It was quite fun and challenging…..really made you think about where to place your items!

    All of your ideas are splendid and I look forward to whatever you come up with. You know I am a huge fan! Hugs to you, Jennifer!!!


    Candice S.’s last blog post..Featuring a Fabulous Easter Kit!!

  12. Jo

    I like the your theme mini album and the 1 kit 4 layouts one.

  13. Cammy

    I like 3,5,7, and 8. But really, I’m up for anything. Count me in!

  14. butterflygypsy

    i think they all sound like great ideas too me! But here are my favorites in order of preference.
    #7, #5, #6, #3, #1

    I like the 1 kit 4 ways idea, only hesitation for me is I am not sure I can put 6 pictures on the layouts. I typically stick with 3-4, so it would force me. And #5 and 6 i like equally and I think they would make great gifts.

    I also participated in the challenge that Candi described and it was a lot of fun. Challenging but fun!

  15. Marlie

    #8 is my favorite but they are all great, lets just work through them all!

  16. Carola

    I like 7 and 8.


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