May Work-a-Long Project: Task 1

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Are you ready to get started with this fun project? There is still time to get on board. I just love the idea of going through this together. I think the prizes will just be icing on the cake when you see what I have in store.

Task 1

  • Begin by brainstorming why you are passionate about your chosen subject. How does your subject inspire, motivate or build you?
  • Use a list format to journal these feelings about your subject. This is the page where you declare the importance of this subject in your life.
  • Include your subject and the first word from your four word description somewhere in the title or subtitle.
  • Build your story upon Template #1 below (optional, see reminders).

The Template

I went browsing through the gallery for a list-oriented layout from which to inspire your template for today. I came across iciclelady’s Five Reasons I Love You, which (by total coincidence) she created for Digi-Dare #124.

Download the template with a Free Membership


  • Submit a link to your entry by 11:59 pm Eastern on Tuesday, May 12.
  • Remember 3 out of 4 of your entries must use the templates.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive $20, $10 and $5 gift certificates to Gotta Pixel. One random participant will also receive $5.

My Project

I used Eva Kipler’s Tree Hugger, Dirt Lover kit, some stitching from Traci Reed’s Bad Sewing Machine, the Flux Architect font and Darcy Baldwin’s Jennifer font.


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  1. butterflygypsy

    love your layout. and the template (i did that digi-dare too). can’t wait to see everybody’s layouts.

  2. kimmerbean

    Thanks for sharing the great template. I just stumbled upon your blog today for the first time and I LOVE IT!

  3. Heather

    I love what you did with the template. Thank you!

  4. Candice S.

    Awesome layout Girl!

    I have chosen my subject which is going to be my daughter. She is in Boston this week and I miss her, she had to attend the funeral of her uncle (dad’s youngest brother). So, obviously she was the first important thing to come to mind. It’s funny though, because I ALMOST was going to do a layout about my love for Crocs (shoes)….and I would have had my FEET in my photo! Glad I didn’t do that!! It would have looked like I was following your idea!! I’ll save that for another week.

    I haven’t even chosen my kit yet. I have quite a few!! And there are soooooo many free kits at digi scrap addict for their “So you think you can design” contest. Some big names offering up big kits….check it out if you all haven’t!!

    I have a question…. Are we supposed to have our layout done by next Tuesday at which time you’ll give another set of instructions for a TOTALLY new page that we’ll build using the same kit?? (do I have it right?)…..

    I decided I will post my journey on my blog. I was a stampin’ up demonstrator and used my blog for all stampin’ stuff. However, I have decided to drop my demo status to pursue other opportunities.

    I have a suggestion…. we should for a Facebook Group…. Or a Twitter account for the Simple Scrapper Challengers (or something to that effect). Reason being, we can share our feelings, comments, pages, etc. all in one place…. Just a thought, obviously not a necessity. Let me know what you think.

    Meanwhile, will you just confirm for me if I was right about when our layouts should be done. I know this is a “loose” challenge, but it will really help me keep on track and it’ll make me scrap vs. surfing the net for the coolest layouts and supplies!!! LOL!

    candice1973 (at) comcast (dot) net

  5. Ruth

    Maybe this is a “durrr” question, but how do I use templates? I downloaded one of yours last month, and can’t figure out how to use it. I’m using PSE 6.

  6. simply sarah

    Wow – this looks like a fun project. I just dont know what subject to pick! Hmmm.. any ideas?

  7. Jennifer

    Candice – You are correct that you should have your layout completed by next Tuesday night and on Wednesday I will give out another template and set of instructions. You will use the same subject, the same kit and your second word to complete a new task. In the end, you’ll have 4 layouts with one theme and I might even give some ideas for finishing this up into a mini album if you like.

  8. Jennifer

    Ruth – Use your selection tool (arrow) to click on the item you want to “fill in”. Go to File>Place and browse to the item you want in that box or shape. Then hit CTRL-G (or CMD-G for a Mac) and this “clips” that file to the shape below.

    Everyone – I want to apologize that I don’t think I labeled this template very well (or at all). Sorry!

  9. Jennifer

    Simply Sarah – Perhaps you could think along the lines of Candice and her crocs? How about using digiscrap or the internet or your laptop as an object of affection?

  10. Jennifer

    Candice asked about having a place where we can chat about the WAL project. What does everyone think? Do you want a Twitter hashtag or perhaps a little forum here?

  11. Candice S.

    Are you able to do a forum here?? Without it being too much trouble? If so, that would be way cool. If it’s a ton of trouble, I kind of suggest Facebook or Ning vs. Twitter, only because both are a lot more interactive. I am not opposed to hashtage at all, I have just never heard of it. I am game for anything, really…. I just think it would be cool to keep in touch with each other… although, doing a forum here on your site might benefit you, Jennifer… in that I know I’d send people here just to check out my projects and then you have more traffic and you’re bound to reel in some more Simple Scrapper fans….

    Nevertheless, thanks for all you do!


  12. Candice S.

    P.S. I have found that checking the box (here on your blog) that asks if you want to be “updated on any other comments” has been REALLY helpful for me. If I had not checked that box, I would have had NO idea that Jennifer replied to all of us….

  13. Susan

    Well, my subject and first word do not make a good title, so will have to change them a little (Places We Go: go). Feels a little dorky! I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

  14. Candice S.

    Susan’s comment brings up a good point…. or should I say question:

    Jennifer, when you did the BEAUTIFUL layout you’ve shown us, can I ask you what your first word was from your list of four words? Was it “Life”….as shown in your subtitle? Or “Inspires” per your list.

    I just want to make sure I have the concept down. I am sure as long as I have my word somewhere, I’d be fine, but I am an inquisitive-type of girl!

    I am still working on picking which kit I am going to use! LOL! I am having fun looking through all of my stuff! I will post which kit I have decided to use later tonight! πŸ™‚

  15. Jennifer

    My list was: Life, Growth, Inspire, Peace

    The instructions say to use the first word you listed, in my case “life”, somewhere in your title or subtitle. This makes it a little more challenging.

  16. Candice S.

    that is what I thought…..that it was “life”

    I just didn’t recall seeing your list…. I am on board w/ all of the instructions….

  17. Zakirah

    Jen, I think either Twitter or Facebook would be awesome.

  18. Jennifer

    All the entries so far are so fun and so different, even though they all started with the same template.

  19. Candice S.

    the last 5 days have been jam-packed with so much stuff, I haven’t even begun to complete my layout. Here’s to hopin’ I can get it in before 11:59 PM EST which will be 9:59 PM for me! ACK!!

    I will complete my layout no matter what, but I do hope to get it in on time! That Gotta Pixel “reward” is lookin’ mighty awesome to this broke scrapper! LOL!

    I am working on my layout now! But, I must say, I am so new to this I am hitting a few “road blocks”!!

    I wanted to also mention that the layouts you ladies have submitted so far are AWESOME!!!!! SOOOOO VERY AWESOME!!

  20. Maria

    Wow!! The LOs are looking good!! Can’t wait till tomorrow to get the next part of the challenge. Good job everyone… I am hoping some more LOs will be posted by the deadline!

  21. Cammy

    I don’t have a user account at many galleries and I wanted to post comments to the layouts, so I’m going to do it here.

    Maria, I love the kit you’re using. Sigh…I wish I could travel more!

    Shannon, what an incredible inspiring topic you have chosen. I am filing that away as a topic to scrap. Your list melted my heart and reminded me of my own vows and how dear they are to me.

    Michelle, the photo is priceless! Oh, the patience it takes to have a puppy around!



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