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Over on yesterday’s post about Task 1 in the Work-a-Long (WAL) Project, I received several questions. I’ve answered all that have been posted, but this brought up some questions in my mind.

Do you go back and read the comments again to get answers? Do you check the box to be notified of follow up comments? Threaded comments will be coming soon, will that help? Do we need a Twitter hashtag, Facebook group, Ning community, or our own little forum here at SS to discuss the project (or other things too)? Is there another way we can connect better?

All opinions are welcomed!

As a reminder, Simple Scrapper answers your questions every Saturday. Ask anything (seriously, anything) here.

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  1. blurooferika

    I check the notify me of follow-ups box if I have asked a question or am really interested in a post. I don’t do Facebook or twitter (not enough time in the day and these are a major time suck!) so I wouldn’t participate if the forum were hosted there–just my two cents.

  2. Dawn

    I also checked the notify box of updates and check back when I get one! I like the idea of a little forum. And I am just learning face book and I am not sure how to get notified of say new posts without having to check everything, which I don’t do because like the poster above me said…it just takes too much time and I don’t have that.

  3. Cammy

    I think if would be simplest for everyone to use the “notify me” box. Not everyone has accounts at Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  4. Jennifer

    For me, I think the question boils down to, do we have enough to talk about to bring on an integrated forum? I’m not looking to be another hub for chit chat, but I do want to help everyone learn and grow in digi. The idea of Simple Scrapper is to help you find more time for what you love.


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