This is a digital scrapbooking blog, yes, but about 1/4 of you do some sort of work which you call “hybrid”. I wanted to spend just a little bit of time introducing the concept of hybrid scrapbooking to those who may not be familiar.

What is hybrid scrapbooking?

Hybrid scrapbooking combines the use of a computer with traditional scrapping supplies like paper, scissors and glue. There are many ways you can “do hybrid”, including:

  • Altering a photo in Photoshop (particularly artistic changes) and printing for use in a paper layout
  • Typing and printing your journaling for a paper-scrapped page
  • Scanning a piece of memorabilia and printing to use on a paper-scrapped page
  • Printing out digital elements, cutting and attaching using traditional scrapbook or craft methods
  • Creating a digital layout, printing and adding additional physical embellishments

Hybrid can be any or all of these things at once. It is a way to combine the best of digi (flexibility, details) and paper (tangible craftiness)!

Examples of hybrid projects




Tips for hybrid projects

  • Invest in a great color printer for the best results
  • Always use photo-safe papers and adhesives
  • Try your hand at 8×8 layouts for easy full-bleed printing
  • Dig out that forgotten paper cutter for no-fuss trimming
  • Use copies of original photos to avoid losing precious memories
  • Remember the designer’s TOU if you’re doing scrap for hire/others

Resources for hybrid scrappers

In looking at some of these projects, I am craving some hands-on time with my misplaced glue stick. I love how hybrid adds another level of creativity, while retaining a lot of the flexibility perfectionism of digital. What do you think of hybrid? For those who love hybrid, what are some tips to keep it simple?

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. kelleighr

    What a surprise! Glad you like that layout!! Hee, hee!

    Yeah, I obviously LOVE hybrid.

    To keep it simple? Hmmm . . . grids. If you are going to do a hybrid layout, design in a grid, adding photos and patterned paper to the “squares”. Jessica Sprague does most of her hybrid layouts in grids, and it always looks great.

    Also, for projects, it’s all about the paper. Good paper=pretty project. Bad paper=nice project. Not terrible, but not gorgeous, either.

  2. aud

    one of the things I think everyone should remember about hybrid is that you don’t have to have a fancy graphics program to do hybrid projects. Microsoft Word is the perfect tool for creating so many different effects.
    In my book Paper + Pixels, my co-author May and I give you lots of tutorials for hybrid techniques using both PSE and Word.

  3. Jennifer

    Thanks for reminders Simple Scrapper readers about your book Aud!

  4. Fanat

    plus i am contemplating a blog and wodirenng how you did the very personalized and adorable heading at the top of your blog with your blog name and all that i can’t figure out how to do this maybe a future tutorial on your blog or just some help for a friend



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