This is a digital scrapbooking blog, yes, but about 1/4 of you do some sort of work which you call “hybrid”. I wanted to spend just a little bit of time introducing the concept of hybrid scrapbooking to those who may not be familiar.

What is hybrid scrapbooking?

Hybrid scrapbooking combines the use of a computer with traditional scrapping supplies like paper, scissors and glue. There are many ways you can “do hybrid”, including:

  • Altering a photo in Photoshop (particularly artistic changes) and printing for use in a paper layout
  • Typing and printing your journaling for a paper-scrapped page
  • Scanning a piece of memorabilia and printing to use on a paper-scrapped page
  • Printing out digital elements, cutting and attaching using traditional scrapbook or craft methods
  • Creating a digital layout, printing and adding additional physical embellishments

Hybrid can be any or all of these things at once. It is a way to combine the best of digi (flexibility, details) and paper (tangible craftiness)!

Examples of hybrid projects




Tips for hybrid projects

  • Invest in a great color printer for the best results
  • Always use photo-safe papers and adhesives
  • Try your hand at 8×8 layouts for easy full-bleed printing
  • Dig out that forgotten paper cutter for no-fuss trimming
  • Use copies of original photos to avoid losing precious memories
  • Remember the designer’s TOU if you’re doing scrap for hire/others

Resources for hybrid scrappers

In looking at some of these projects, I am craving some hands-on time with my misplaced glue stick. I love how hybrid adds another level of creativity, while retaining a lot of the flexibility perfectionism of digital. What do you think of hybrid? For those who love hybrid, what are some tips to keep it simple?