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The kids are home, the days are long, and the weather beckons you to step outside. You are snapping more photos than any other time of year, but where has all your scrapping time gone?

Share with us your secrets for re-gaining your footing and finding balance during the summer months!

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  1. Shannon

    I think the best thing is to not worry too much about it. The winter will bring lots of indoor time, and with it probably a lot of time to scrap. Write down anything you’re worried about forgetting to put in a page if you wait, and then go enjoy a waterslide knowing that the pictures, kits, and thought will be there for you when you get back.

  2. Jenn

    Secrets? You think I have secrets? LOL. When I figure out how to sleep, exercise, do laundry, clean my house, keep hubby happy, and still have time to scrap not to mention hang by the pool or all the other summer fun things, I’ll let you know!
    The one thing I do is try to download pics regularly, put them into folders , and add notes if need be. I’ll even copy a kit preview if I know what I want to use to remind myself. Then at least I’m ready to go when I have scrapping time!


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