My First DSLR: Planning for a vacation

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It’s now been just a month that I’ve had my new camera and I’m totally loving it. Here are a few shots from my recent trip to Vancouver. The first three use the 50mm f/1.8 lens and the last uses the kit lens.





In general, the biggest change from this equipment upgrade is taking better people pictures. I am more able to freeze action and maximize every ounce of available light to get the shot. I already could take great outdoor shots with my old camera. So what does this have to do with vacation photography?

It’s all too easy to return from a trip with hundreds (thousands?) of nature/building scenes. However, unless you’re a serious landscape photographer, these aren’t the images you will frame. Upgrading to my DSLR should allow me to do an even better job at capturing all the little moments of our trip. Here’s my plan:

1. Keep the 50mm f/1.8 lens on most of the time for focusing on my family.

2. Use my point & shoot with telephoto lens for getting closer to wildlife, waterfalls etc.

3. Bring an even older P&S (or waterproof if you have one!) for adventure activities – like whitewater rafting.

4. Charge my DSLR battery nightly and keep extra Lithium batteries on hand.

5. Carry a portable and regular tripod for taking group and low-light shots.

6. Plan to download and edit photos nightly.

While this isn’t a professional checklist, it’s my way of making the most of the equipment I have. While it would be great to have fancy lens for my new camera, I have to wait. By understanding the differences between my DSLR and my older P&S, I can take advantage of where each camera excels the most!

Will you take more than one camera on vacation?

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  1. Stan

    We currently take 2 – a Kodak Easyshare p&s for quick shots or one you can carry anywhere (pocket) and our Canon S3, our “serious camera”, for the really good shots. It refreshing for us to give the kids one of them and see what different pictures they take at the same event or trip!

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop


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