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A couple months ago I gave a detailed overview of “tagger” sized digital products. But, I get asked more questions about this topic than any other! Thus, I thought it might be a good idea to remind readers of that post and answer another question.

So, what does “tagger” size mean? What would happen if I use it on my full size 12×12 LO? Specifically, I just downloaded the cutest photo mask. Afterward, I saw that it was tagger size. What’s going happen to the photo I clip to it when I go to print it out? Will the resolution size of my photo change? Will it print nice or will it be ugly?

In general, its not a good idea to use tagger sized (72dpi) elements on your 12×12 layout, unless you’re scaling them super-small. You’ll just be disappointed with the end result – particularly if you print your pages.

However, shape templates (think bracket mattes and scalloped squares) and items like photo masks might turn out just fine. The lack of detail in these items often allows them to be scaled up with minimal pixelation. However, you’ll just have to try.

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  1. Marcie Howe

    Great article. I always wondered about tagger kits and what they were used for – now I know!

  2. Kathleen O'Neill

    Yours is the first site I’ve seen that tells exactly what a tagger kit is. I was thinking that they were the same as the others, the only difference being size, and that they might be useful for layouts smaller than 12 x 12. I spent quite some time searching the web for a mention of taggers, but every time I googled the word, I would just get companies that sold them. Thanks for pointing out so clearly the risk you run if you think of using them on a full size page, or one you might print out.

    The difference in price isn’t that great; I would rather buy a kit that could be used for anything and scaled down if necessary, but I suppose they also take up less space on a hard drive.
    I would have thought that the sites selling them might have given a little description of this; because obviously not everyone buying digital products is aware of what a tagger is.
    Anyway, thanks for settling the question. I had a bunch of tagger kits in shopping carts on a few websites that seemed to stock more of them than of full sized kits. If I had the choice, I usually went for the full size kit, but some designers had really cute things that only came in tagger size. After reading your description, however, I put them all back. Even if I don’t print everything I scrap, I like to keep my options open.
    I’m surprised at the popularity of these items, I had never even heard of them, and never known anyone who used them (hence the need for your answer).
    Anyway, thanks, you just saved me quite a bit of money and aggravation. You have a great site, sort of “Everything you wanted to know about scrapbooking but were afraid to ask.” And now that I think about it, you didn’t save me money at all, because I religiously checked out all the websites you mentioned that carried a lot of artsy or fantasy style kits. I loved most of them, bought from many of them, and now it’s hard to actually do any scrapping in between all the shopping!

  3. Karen C

    This was the information I was looking for today! I have downloaded freebies and purchased the matching kits trying to support the artist. Then, when I go to use them find out the items were not marked tagger sized and couldn’t use the items for the project I intended. Now I know that there is a reason for the smaller versions. I had thought, after the first disappointments, that they were “sample sized”. Perhaps, a chance to see how the artist’s items worked together (particularly in the case of freebies). When I would go back to get the regular sized items, they weren’t offered. So much disappointment! So- thank you! Thank you!


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