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Every season seems to have its own unique way of bringing busy times to our lives. Though fall offers a return to routines, along with it comes days that shoot by like speeding trains. Before long, its the holiday season and your inner peace has disappeared along with that trim waist you worked hard on all summer!

Of course, this last third of the year also offers longer sleeves, changing leaves, more time with family and endless reasons to bake! Oh wait, did you want to have time for scrapping? In my house, one-on-one time with my photo editor is hard won, competing for my attention with the Fall primetime lineup. But alas, I have one trick up my sleeve that makes digital scrapbooking easy as pie. (Yum, did someone say pie?)

How to make your own scrapping treasure chest

If you’re a parent (or were once a kid), you’re likely familiar with rainy day boxes and the like. Imagine a treasure chest chock full of everything you need to have some fun. All in one place.

I want you to take this concept and apply it to your scrapping. Create shortcuts to a template, kit, favorite items, and photos in special “to-scrap” folders. Add in a text file of journaling to have the project 110% ready to go. If you organize your photos and supplies by tags or keywords, create a special system just for this purpose!

There is no one path to assembling this type of kit. The key is to have everything you need for a new layout pin-pointed and at your fingertips. When you can carve out some time, sit down and start working. All of the left brain (logic) steps will be done and you can set your right brain (creativity) free with your best goodies!

This post concludes August’s Wind Down Wednesday series, where the goal was to help you get ready for Fall!

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  1. Dawn

    I love this idea! But what do you mean create shortcuts? How do I do that?

    • Jennifer

      If you right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) on any file, you will be given an option to create a shortcut to that file (alias for Mac). You can then drag that shortcut (alias) to a new folder.

      This method works best if you don’t tag your supplies using software, but rather, you use your computer’s file browser.

      Alternately, you could create a duplicate of the file, drag it to your “to-scrap” folder, and then delete that folder when done. This would only be advised if you have a lot of hard drive space!

  2. Dawn

    Awesome! Thanks for the info, I am really loving this idea and I will definitely start using it!



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