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AC D Ring Green

So on my little editorial calendar, I’ve had it marked down since Monday to ask you all a very important question. But first, let me back up.

Last week, I put my September goals out there for all the world in digital black and white.  Central to 2/3 of my wishes for this new month is catching up with my albums. I’ve scrapped, but I’ve not booked… in a while.

I had already planned the invasion strategy. 1) Order prints from the next Scrapping Simply sale and then 2.) buy those adorable-looking 8×8 albums from American Crafts. I had done some browsing, and based on price, I choose the cloth type and not the corduroy.

Well on Sunday, I made my way to Michaels, armed with two 40% off coupons and an extra body (my husband) to help spend them. The plan was to return on Monday night with two more. Until I got the email.

I’d not even cracked the plastic on my new albums (mostly because I did not have a single 8×8 layout in hand) when my friend Christine (aka Listgirl) emailed me. She had seen on DST that I was looking for a good price on these albums, but wanted to warn me of their features (or lack thereof).

You see, these albums only have 2 rings and not the necessary 3 to hold things in place. It’s like having a great bra with straps that don’t adjust! I pulled off the plastic overwrap and, even without layouts in there, I could see that this album and I were not meant to be.

Sorry, 8×8 American Crafts Cloth D-Ring Album, I’m just not that into you.

So today, I wanted to reach out to all of you and ask (beg, plead) for the secret source of perfect 8×8 D-ring albums. Then, Listgirl totally stole my post! (100% forgiven honey!) In photographic detail, she demonstrates how American Crafts got it wrong with this one.

In a spirit of community and loving and support (and stuff), I want to ask you to support both of us today. Please share any insights you may have in the great 8×8 album search! Should we simply forget about the ease of D-ring and settle for postbound?

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  1. Cilenia

    Well… you asked! I won’t even use a postbound book anymore. I just don’t like the bulk and LOVE my library sewn binding books… so much that I became a consultant selling them this year. Hey, at least I get my discount and can spread the joy of these high archival quality REAL books. And, I get the added bonus that no matter what happens to it, I can get a replacement for half price for LIFE! It stays saved for me on the site for if I ever need it.

    I have now converted many of my paper and digital scrapbooks to my new found real books and couldn’t be happier! πŸ™‚

    FYI — LOVE your blog and have you on my home page as RSS. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing so much! Cilenia

  2. Beth

    Why not get the best? I started using Creative Memories albums because of their quality and they have 8 x 8 albums with the side slide in sleeves that I love. A lifetime warranty, too. I can also get a 12 x 12 album for those pages I want to do in the larger size.

    • Jennifer

      Since those are strap-hinge albums, does having the blank page between two digital prints add too much bulk? How many pages per album?

  3. Amber

    I agree that the CM albums are the best. They are expandable, as they use a strap hinge, and they are a true archive quality. Since the pages are buffered, you can add memorabilia and not worry about photo deterioration. Also, the album will lay flat when you have it open. (You can see the possible selections here:|173|174|&pageTitle=8×8+Albums&relatedItem=N&qtyOrdered=&productId=&itemSku=&act=&selectedCategory=187). The CM albums that have the slide in pages are limited to 12 pages, front and back, for a total of 24 possible, and are not expandable. (Here is the selection:|173|174|&pageTitle=PicFolio%40%408482%3B+Max&relatedItem=N&qtyOrdered=&productId=&itemSku=&act=&selectedCategory=191). On the other hand, they are definitely more expensive. It’s important to consider what qualities you need most. I’ve used post bound albums in the past, too, and they are definitely cheaper. CM also does digital photo books that are stitch bound (You can log in here and click “Pricing” in the bottom menu:

  4. photojenic

    Hmm….I never thought about page droop. I have one of those AC 8×8 from Michael’s too.

    But I don’t *want* to settle. I don’t like post or strap albums. Since I organize my layouts the Library of Memories way, post and strap albums cause me nothing but headaches. So maybe I must just settle for the AC ones (w/a 40% off coupon) until someone invents the perfect D ring. ;D



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