Do you like your water clean or dirty?

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Two days ago, scrapping comrade Cathy Zielske called her readers to action on an issue that is very important to me: clean and safe drinking water.

Before moving to the Midwest last year, I worked for 4 years at the US Environmental Protection Agency in their program to protect America’s drinking water. During this time, I learned so much about the issues here at home and abroad. When I read Cathy’s post, I knew this was a cause I would certainly support.

charity: water began as a grassroots effort to help just one community, but grew to be a high profile campaign to provide clean drinking water for millions around the world. Here’s one of their videos, which you may have seen on TV:

Will you join Cathy, myself and 127 (and counting) others in reaching a goal of $5000? Scrapbookers for Clean Water is just over half way there! Click here to help us take one step further. 100% of your donation directly funds clean water projects in developing nations.


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