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I‘ve been thinking a lot lately about the years and years of personal and extended family photos I have tucked away. So many stories to tell and so little time. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and like I need to catch up, I see this history as an opportunity.

The memories and feelings of how we change over time, of how things stay the same but are also so different, are integral to our life stories. You may already be documenting your child’s evolution through time, but what about your story, or that of your marriage?

When you take a recent photo and dig up an older version for comparison, the stories begin to flow. Suddenly there is more to say about a simple portrait (or self-portrait) when you can witness how you’ve grown up, down, in or out!


Last night I put together this layout, asking if anyone has seen my skinny jeans. I know the extra pounds are there and its very liberating to put that story out to the world. This is who I was and who I am, right now.

Use this concept of comparison to fuel your creativity and spark new scrapping ideas. Who are you right now and where have you come from?

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  1. christie

    I love this page and I think it’s awesome that you have a healthy body image now. I am all about that. I’m in the same boat. In years and years of dieting, even at my lowest weight I never felt this good about myself – now 60 pounds heavier and I actually have a much better body image and am happier! I still want to lose weight, but I’ll never diet again, and I don’t feel bad about myself in the meantime which is awesome!
    I’ve never seen such a great before and after page 😀

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for your sweet comments Christie. A healthier perspective is certainly one advantage of getting older!

  2. christie

    Of course! I also think it’s brave. I have a hard time being FORWARD about the fact that I won’t diet and that I am happy the way I am. I worry about being judged like “HOW can you be happy looking that way”. I think it’s awesome not only that you made this page but that you shared it. I think it’s fantastic and you inspire me to do the same!


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