Welcome to the first month of Simple Scrapper’s 10×12 Project! Each month I’ll offer a free template with 10 photo spaces and challenge you to get caught up in your scrapping.

Use the template to scrap the top ten moments of the month, a personal top ten list or the top ten photos of a big event! This month I’m scrapping a layout using ten photos from my birthday weekend. After all, January is my birthday month, so the first 31 days are all about me!

Other Top Tens for January:

  • 10 movies that make me feel warm & fuzzy
  • 10 reasons I love winter in the place I live
  • 10 signs I’ve already broken my resolutions

The Project 10×12 January Template
The little lady in basic neutrals can be dressed up or down, depending on your style. Start with a great foundation and the possibilities are endless!

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[ credits: Snowy Sweetness by Kristin Cronin-Barrow & Meg Mullens ]