Ten photos to take this winter

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Each season offers unique opportunities to document the world around you. These ten photo ideas can help you remember winter 2010.

1. The snowman.

2. Icicles.

3. Snow boots.

4. Hot chocolate.

5. Comfort food.

6. A quilt or afghan.

7. The fireplace.

8. A wool sweater.

9. Mittens.

10. Snow on a pine tree.

Make sure to pop back tomorrow when January’s top ten template is unveiled. Here’s a sneak peek!

[ photo credits: wwarby, joelzimmer, micahtaylor, stephaniewatson, worththewhisk, chatiryworld, truthdevelopment, knittingschooldropout, kathrynivy, romainguy ]

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  1. June

    It feels like winter is going to last forever & spring will never come…but when spring hits…and then the dog days of summer…. it’s nice to be reminded of the chilly days & cozy moments of winter! Great list!

  2. trish

    Ten Photos to Take This Winter – the Hawaiian version
    1. Sand men
    2. Giant surf
    3. Slippahs
    4. Shave ice
    5. BBQ
    6. Beach towels
    7. The air conditioner
    8. Bathing suits
    9. Hula hands
    10. Lights on palm trees

    • Jennifer

      Not sure whether to thank you or be totally jealous!!

  3. ChrissyW

    love the post and can’t wait to see the template!


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