7 ideas for wrapping up 2009

Jennifer Wilson

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January 8, 2010

Whether your stuck on editing the summer vacation, finishing up your holiday pages or trying to sum up the entire year, these ideas will help you close the door on 2009!

1. Use quick albums. Even if you don’t use quick pages and albums all the time, these tools are priceless for creating projects you need to have done now! Check out the options at some of your favorite stores:

2. Use templates. Today’s post at The Daily Digi shows you how to quickly create a year in review album with a multi-photo template. Some of the best nuggets of this article are:

  • You can use just one template for an album, changing it around
  • Neutral background papers work great for album projects
  • Balance colors on your pages (think about triangles)

3. Delete more. Roughly 1/3 of your photos can probably be deleted. Choose the best and/or most memorable images (not necessarily the most technically beautiful) and move on.

4. Commit to less. If you’re serious about getting some scrapping done, consider whether your commitments (inside and out of scrapbooking) are helping you get there.

5. Shop your stash. Remember those holiday freebies you downloaded LAST YEAR? Find those and use them to  scrap this season.

6. Go minimalist. Forget scrapping and use a great photobook solution to compile your memories with simple captions.

7. Go retro. Send your favorite unscrapped photos to be printed. Use page protectors for 3×5 or 4×6 photos and merge these simple multi-photo pages into your album.

What’s on your to-do list for tying up the loose ends of 2009 memory keeping?

Side Note

I’ve temporarily removed the inspiration layouts from the sidebar. My Tumblr plugin isn’t making friends with WP 2.9.1 and possibly the plugin I’m using for the new template gallery. Rest assured; I’ll find a solution soon!

Photo by Andrew Beeston

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