Capture the Season: 6 Weeks in Review

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This post officially concludes the Capture the Season class at Simple Scrapper, our offering for some sanity during the fast-paced holiday season. Did it help? What did you think? How can we make the 2010/11 edition even better?

A few thoughts

Project partners help keep you accountable. Make sure you check out her Aud’s new  shop at Design House Digital. Her new templates and delicious papers are my faves!

Public calendars are both liberating and challenging. I knew what I had to do, but you also knew when I didn’t do it. With only a few things to arrive late or slip through the cracks, I think we did a pretty awesome job overall.

Photos are the hurdle. We have templates and kits coming out our ears. If I can stay on top of my photo editing, I can stay on top of my scrapping. The organizing, tagging, and editing helps me know what I have and be ready for the next new kit. That said, I’m not sure I was wise to recommend waiting on that part. On the scrapping, yes, but not so much on the editing. I took over 500 photos in the month of December.

New goal: edit weekly. I still believe in batch processing, so a good solid hour of photo work every week at the same-ish time will help keep me caught up.  And this is one routine I will encourage you to keep through the next holiday season.

What did you learn from this experience?

My layouts

Remember when I said I had 3 done? That was true, but that was also yesterday. While I did employ the time savers mentioned, I stayed up a wee bit too late to get these finished for you. I wasn’t thrilled with how the Week 5 template came out so I switched it up. I also tinkered with Week 4 a little. I’ll offer alternate versions soon. You can see these also at my Sweet Shoppe Designs gallery.

Your layouts

Share your season with Simple Scrapper readers by including a layout of yours with your comment on this post. Look for the link to add an image URL and showcase your use of the Capture the Season templates! Here are some examples:

Thankful by NikkiARNGwife

Zoe’s wish list by esther_a

Capture the Season 2009/10

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Photo by jamesjordan

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  1. Robin

    Here’s one of the pages I did for Thanksgiving.[img][/img]

    • Jennifer

      Cute layout – the image looks just fine for me.

  2. Robin

    Oops. I obviously don’t know what I’m doing. If you can delete that, I’ll try again.

  3. Robin

    Now it looks ok. Before it was huge!



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