Scrapping your season: Part 3

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Wow, time flies – didn’t I just put up that Christmas tree? One more day until Capture the Season officially concludes.

In Part 1 of our Capture the Season wrap up, we tackled your amassed holiday photos, and in Part 2, we got organized. Now that you’re back in a routine, use that precious scrapping time to get things done!

Step 3: Your Layouts

I can report that I’ve completed three of my six Capture the Season layouts and that I plan to have them all ready for tomorrow’s post! In the end, I’ll have spent a fraction of the time I normally do on six layouts, because of a few tricks.

1. Repetition. I chose to use different products on each layout and they’re not especially color coordinated. Since I wanted this series to still flow, I’m using the same fonts, stitching and a piece of brown kraft paper in each layout.

2. Baby Steps. Having my photos edited and flagged in advance makes scrapping super quick. Even if I don’t know exactly which photos go where, having jpegs-at-the-ready is so helpful.

3. Planning. Knowing which products I’m working with for each layout, particularly the set of basics, makes the actual scrapping that much more creative. I can focus on my placement and shadows and not decision making.

4. Batch Processing. Each time I move on to the next layout, I drag over the elements I want to remain consistent. I know the location of all photos, templates and kits for the project so I can combine assembly line speed with my artistic flair.

5. Motivation. I really want to get caught up and say goodbye to 2009. Having this goal in mind helps me work harder and stronger.

How are you holiday layouts coming along? What is helping you finish off 2009 and get going on 2010?

P.S. If you like templates, you can take a sneak peek of the resource I promised to develop.

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