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I travel quite a bit for my work, making it feel like I am always coming or going somewhere. I’ve become quite the expert at packing light and breezing through airport security. One thing that never leaves my side is a laptop.

This week’s simple tip is this: remember that digital scrapbooking can be portable. Unlike its paper sister, digital doesn’t require a lot of extras, making traveling cumbersome.

Whether you’re globetrotting or jetting about town, a laptop can be the perfect productivity tool for your scrapbooking. Today’s notebook computers are more affordable than ever; so its something to keep in mind if your a time-crunched scrapper.

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  1. christie

    I totally agree! Until recently I had ONLY a laptop so i did all of my scrapping on it, and I loved that I could take it with me anywhere! Even to paper crops with my friends. We also got a netbook a few months back. While I can hook up my excternal hard drive to it, it doesn’t really have much power for scrapping, and Photoshop doesn’t fit on the screen that well…. so I would only use it for scrapping if I was desperate!! A full size laptop though I think is an amazing digital scrapbooking tool.

  2. Barbara

    My husband coined a phrase last week, accidentally turning a slip of the tongue into a cool new word: he meant to say “laptop” but instead it came out “scraptop.” Prefect!


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