Why do you scrapbook (or not)? In the 5th episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable, the panel discussed common rationale for not scrapbooking. We’ve all heard the reasons and for certain, we’ve all felt that we too just can’t get it done. Letting go of “catching up” and feelings of guilt is essential wisdom every scrapper needs to hold close.

This conversation, and the Roundtable podcasts in general, have me thinking about digital scrapbooking with fresh eyes. As someone who scraps 100% on my computer, I too easily take for granted the most basic productivity benefits of choosing digital.

Banish Overwhelm

The prevalence of coordinated digital kits virtually reduces the stress of mixing and matching. Sets of basic alphas, stitching and date stamps let you personalize the page kit with less indecision. Layered digital templates, quick pages and photo storyboards also facilitate great design and set your scrapping on a successful course.

Let Go of Perfectionism

You’ll never again be scared to place an item, as “undo” is at your fingertips. It’s easy to crop, stretch, nudge or rotate any paper or embellishment to make it just how you like. And best of all, if you don’t like it – just another click can flip, re-color or move the item. That paralyzing feeling of perfectionism is virtually eliminated.

Find More Time

With less supplies to find, get out and put away, memory keeping the digital way can be super fast from start to finish. More importantly, the “save” button allows a scrapper to step away and revisit a page — but sans any clutter. With a laptop (or even an iPhone), you can take scrapbooking anywhere you go.

There are great creativity-launching opportunities for scrap-blocked memory keepers by dabbling with computer and mouse. Similarly, those who scrapped using traditional methods a year or more ago may realize that digital design has provided fresh new skills to tackle scissors and glue.

Whether you’re a die-hard digital fanatic who would love to return to her roots or a true paper devotee, there is something to be said for mixing things up. The flexibility of digital not only makes scrapping easier, but can broaden your horizons to new creative pastures.

For 3 easy ways to get started with digital, check out my first blog post over at Club Creating Keepsakes.

Photo by tambako